18th Military Police Brigade
"Ever Vigilant"

18th Military Police Brigade rapidly deploys and conducts Military Police combat support operations in support of EUCOM and CENTCOM regional military objectives or in support of NATO and UN Military operations. Provides trained and ready forces in support of V Corps validated operational requirements.

Headquartered in Mannheim, the 18th Military Police Brigade is within a 30-minute drive of the V Corps Headquarters in Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany. The Brigade's subordinate units are dispersed throughout central Germany with the 709th Military Police Battalion headquartered in Hanau and the 793d Military Police Battalion headquartered in Bamberg. Hanau is approximately a one-hour drive from Mannheim and Bamberg is three hours.

The Distinctive Unit Insignia was originally approved 1 Jun 1966. It was amended on 9 May 1985 to update the description and symbolism of the insignia, consisting of a square, one point up, divided horizontally, the top half yellow, the bottom half black, bearing a red lion's head guardant, mouth black and tongue blue; and attached below the square a silver scroll inscribed "EVER VIGILANT" in black letters. The background represents the day (yellow/gold color) and the night (black) over which the strong watchful eye of the military police, here represented by the lion's head, is in constant vigilance.

The shoulder sleave insignia was authorized on 1 Jun 1966, consisting of a a shield with a yellow border a green field bearing the yellow silhouette of a Roman fasces charged with a green sword point up. Green and yellow are the colors of the Military Police Corps. The fasces, an ancient symbol of the magistrate's authority, and the sword for the military are combined to symbolize military law and order.

The 18th Military Police Brigade was constituted 23 March 1966 in the Regular Army as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 18th Military Police Brigade. On 20 May 1966, the 18th Military Police Brigade was activated at Fort Mead, Maryland. Members of the Headquarters and Headquarters detachment deployed to Vung Tau Republic of Vietnam on 7 September 1966.

On 26 September 1966, the Brigade assumed operational control over all non-divisional military police units in the Republic of Vietnam. The Brigade was composed of three major subordinate elements; the 16th Military Police Group at Nha Trang, and the 89th Military Police Group and 8th Military Police Group (Criminal Investigation) at Long Binh.

The 16th and 89th Military Police Groups were composed of seven military police battalions, containing a mixture of military police and infantry companies. The units were stationed throughout every corps tactical zone in the Republic of Vietnam, ranging from Da Nang in the north to Soc Trang in the south. The total strength of the Brigade numbered more than 5,000 personnel.

Members of the Brigade performed a wide variety of missions including evacuation of prisoners of war, security of vessels and ports, convoy escort, security of vital installations and VIPs, maintenance of discipline, law and order, and direct support to combat operations.

One of the Brigade's finest moments came during the TET Offensive of 1968 where the 716th Military Police Battalion, which included the 527th Military Police Company presently with the Brigade, was the principal force that defeated the Viet Cong's attack on Saigon.

The Brigade completed its valiant service in Vietnam and was inactivated on 20 March 1973 in Oakland, California. The Brigade was redesignated on 16 August 1985 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 18th Military Police Brigade and activated in Frankfurt, Federal Republic of Germany.

During 1990-1991, battalions from the Brigade deployed to support VII Corps in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and V Corps in Operation Provide Comfort. Elements of the Brigade have also deployed to support Operation Provide Promise and Operation Joint Endeavor in the former Yugoslavia.