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Floating buildings? It sounds like a crazy idea, but it became a reality last month in the heart of the Russian countryside. It's been tried and tested elsewhere and it could be the solution to some of the most serious problems that the 21st century throws up. We also look at why the Russians are following the Brits to Bulgaria to buy real estate and what it really means when developers claim that they're offering 'green' homes.


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Business: RenCap Cuts RTS '08 Target to 2,350
Renaissance Capital on Monday slashed its year-end forecast for the benchmark RTS Index from 3,000 to 2,350 and increased its equity risk premium for the country from 4 percent to 5.5 percent in a sign of continued investor jitters.

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United Russia Creates Post for Putin

15 April 2008By Anna Smolchenko / Staff WriterUnited Russia on Monday voted unanimously to create a new party leadership position, which it will offer to Vladimir Putin, a move likely to cement the outgoing president's grip on power after he leaves office next month.

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15 April 2008
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