Georgian troops leave Abkhazia, Russians in Gori

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) — A top Georgian official says his country's troops have completely left the separatist province of Abkhazia. The head of Georgia's national security council is saying that 50 Russian tanks have entered the strategic Georgian city of Gori.

Temur Yakobashvili, the Cabinet minister for reintegration, said Wednesday that the troops had been driven out by Russian forces from the small part of Abkhazia they had held.

A Russian general on Tuesday said the Georgians had been driven out but by separatist forces and not the Russian military.

Georgia and Russia have agreed to a cease-fire that calls for both country's forces to pull back to positions they held before fighting broke out last week over the separatist region of South Ossetia. It was unclear how long that repositioning could take.