The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 8-24, 2008
Athlete Biography
KoreaKOR - Korea
Date of Birth: Aug 15 1975 Height(cm/ft in): 185cm / 6'1"
Gender: Male Weight(kg/lbs): 76 kg / 167 lbs
Place of Birth: (Korea)
Residence: Okchon (Korea)
Sport: Archery
Event(s): Men's Individual | Men's Team
Historical Results
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Olympic Games
1Team2004Athens, GRE
5Individual2004Athens, GRE
World Championships
1Team2005Madrid, ESP
1Team2003New York, NY, USA
1Team2001Beijing, CHN
1Individual1993Antalya, TUR
2Team1993Antalya, TUR
3Individual2001Beijing, CHN
World Cup
1Team2007Ulsan, KOR
1Individual2006Antalya, TUR
2Individual2006Shanghai, CHN
3Individual2008Antalya, TUR
World Cup Final
1Individual2006Mérida, MEX
Schedules and Results
Date Time Sport Event Location Result Reports
Aug 9 2008 15:30 Archery Men's Individual Ranking Round Olympic Green Archery Field 4 Reports
Aug 11 2008 12:55 Archery Men's Team 1/4 Eliminations
KoreaKorea vs PolandPoland
Olympic Green Archery Field 224-222 Reports
Aug 11 2008 16:25 Archery Men's Team Semifinal
KoreaKorea vs ChinaChina
Olympic Green Archery Field 221-218 Reports
Aug 11 2008 17:25 Archery Men's Team Gold Medal Match
KoreaKorea vs ItalyItaly
Olympic Green Archery Field 227-225 Reports
Aug 13 2008 15:43 Archery Men's Individual 1/32 Eliminations
BrazilTRAININI Luiz Gustavo - KoreaPARK Kyung-Mo
Olympic Green Archery Field 99-116 Reports
Aug 13 2008 15:56 Archery Men's Individual 1/16 Eliminations
Chinese TaipeiKUO Cheng Wei - KoreaPARK Kyung-Mo
Olympic Green Archery Field 110-111 Reports
Aug 15 2008 11:22 Archery Men's Individual 1/8 Eliminations Olympic Green Archery Field Reports