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James Maynard Keenan Cooks Up New Side Project Puscifer
Welcome to James Maynard Keenan's creative subconscious... that's how he describes his new side project Puscifer - the industrial/experimental mash of Maynard's misfit musical ideas which he hopes sounds like "a smooth but firm hot buttered pelvic massag". Check out the first three tracks right now as featured through MySpace.
Ever wondered what James Maynard Keenan's creative subconscious sounded like?

Welcome to Puscfier - the space which Tool's vocalist says his "Id, Ego, and Anima all come together to exchange cookie recipes".

Bottling up the musical ideas that have not yet found a home in bands Tool and A Perfect Circle, Maynard lets them loose in what he calls a "playground for the various voices in my head".

So far he's also recruited A Perfect Circle's Tim Alexander, Audioslave engineer Jonny Polonski, actress Milla Jovovich, and alt-rock singer/songwriter Lisa Germano, Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave hombres Brad Wilk and Timmy C and electro producer Lustmord (aka Brian Williams), who's put his industrial spin on tunes that Maynard says "are turning out excellent".

Oh, and Satan also makes the cut.

Maynard says the aim of Puscifer is "to make music that sounds like a smooth but firm hot buttered pelvic massage".

Intrigued? Sample the first three tracks including the revised version of 'The Undertaker' (which featured on the 'Underworld: Evolution' soundtrack) plus check out his blogs on his MySpace page now and see if you can crack their millionth viewer...

Check out Puscifer here.

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James Maynard Keenan Cooks Up New Side Project Puscifer
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