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Australian Shipping Board (1946 - 1961)

Commonwealth of Australia
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Function: Sea Transport, Advisory or Regulatory Body and Maratime Industry
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The Australian Shipping Board was established in 1946 for the purpose of controlling shipping. In 1956 the Australian Coastal Shipping commission was established, taking control of the functions and property of the Australian Shipping Board. The Board was allowed time to complete their affairs and finally ceased to exist in November 1961.

Reference/Legal Number(s): CA 130
Status: Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
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Previous and Subsequent Entities

 1942 - 1946 Commonwealth Marine Salvage Board
       1946 - 1961 Australian Shipping Board
             1956 - 1974 Australian Coastal Shipping Commission
                   1974 - 1989 Australian Shipping Commission

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