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Epic's Capps On EA Partners: 'They Give Us What We Want'
Epic's Capps On EA Partners: 'They Give Us What We Want' [08.15.08] Epic president Mike Capps sat down with Gamasutra to explain why the studio signed its new IP with Electronic Arts and its EA Partners label, explaining of the world's largest publisher: "They give us what we want, checklist-style."
415,000 <i>Age of Conan</i> Users Drive Funcom's $13 Million Q2
415,000 Age of Conan Users Drive Funcom's $13 Million Q2 [08.15.08] Norway-based Funcom's Age of Conan has sold, both digitally and at retail, over 800,000 copies, the company says, and now has 415,000 customers, propelling the company to second quarter revenues of $13 million.
Kotick: Warner Comments On Game Music Royalties Not 'Respectful'
Kotick: Warner Comments On Game Music Royalties Not 'Respectful' [08.15.08] Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is returning fire after recent comments by Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman that video games should pay more royalties to the music industry, comments Kotick now says are not "respectful of how much we�ve done to bring new audiences into the market."
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Co-Op Creators: Resident Evil 5's Anpo and Takeuchi Tag-Team Interview
Co-Op Creators: Resident Evil 5's Anpo and Takeuchi Tag-Team Interview [08.15.08] 2009's Resident Evil 5 is perhaps Capcom's most-anticipated title - Gamasutra talks to producer Jun Takeuchi and director Yasuhiro Anpo on tech, tools, and making the game for a world market.
Sponsored Feature: Introducing DirectX 11
Sponsored Feature: Introducing DirectX 11 [08.15.08] In this sponsored feature, part of Gamasutra's XNA microsite, Microsoft's Kevin Gee explains in-depth the new features of DirectX 11, from improved multi-threading to Shader Model 5.0 and beyond.
Beyond AIML: Chatbots 102
Beyond AIML: Chatbots 102 [08.14.08] Industry veteran Wilcox is creating NPC text chatbots for online world Blue Mars, and this technical article discusses his adventures in AI markup language to create effective human-text interaction.
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Industry News

August 7, 2008

Ubisoft Files $10M Suit Over Assassin's Creed PC Leak

Ubisoft Files $10M Suit Over  Assassin's Creed  PC Leak French publisher and developer Ubisoft is suing disc manufacturer Optical Experts Manufacturing (OEM), blaming the North Carolina-based company for the leak of the PC version of Assassin�s Creed onto the Internet earlier this year.

According to Ubisoft, the pirated version of the game was downloaded 700,000 times, compared to retail sales of just 40,000 units. The company is claiming a loss of revenues as a result of the leak and of reputation � since a bug was intentionally placed in the pre-release version for security reasons.

Pirated copies of the PC version of the game were widely available online six weeks before the game�s release in April 2008. According to a report by consumer website GameSpot, an employee was allowed to take a copy of the game home and then subsequently posted it online.

In so doing Ubisoft alleges that OEM ignored pre-arranged security measures and that the company has already admitted to causing the leak. Ubisoft also ascertains that an OEM manufactured copy of the game was found at the employee�s residence, after tracing copies of the pirated version to the same address.

GameSpot reports that Ubisoft is seeking $10 million, citing copyright infringement, breach of contract and negligence on the part of OEM.

POSTED: 05.24AM PST, 08/07/08 - David Jenkins - LINK


Raphael van Lierop 7 Aug 2008 at 10:17 am PST
I hope OEM feels the sting. Other than leaks from internal QA departments, most games are pirated weeks before release because of leaks at the manufacturer. Simple security procedures could prevent this from happening, and it costs our industry tens of millions in revenue per year.

Andrew Young 7 Aug 2008 at 11:59 am PST
I've never seen such a noticable impact from piracy until the most recent years. And the worse thing is, they have all these measures to try and prevent it and companies like this go ahead and mess that up. Human will power to stop themselves from taking the leaked games is never going to happen. Its the people that are creating these accessible files that are the ones that need to stop.

Bill McGann 7 Aug 2008 at 6:37 pm PST
I guess this is why some games, such as BioShock, are choosing to leave the games main executable file off the discs (and only putting it up for download on the actual release date).

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