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How to Eat Well for Less

In a country where food-supply mainstays are corn syrup and white flour, American diets are cheap and plentiful. However, it's ...more »

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Learn to be a great first-time parent

New Parent Guide

A new baby is an exciting, but scary event for first-time parents. Baby-proofing the house, diaper changing and all-nighters are necessary steps to becoming good parents. Listen to expert advice on ways that new parents can get ready for their baby. …more »

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To be the absolute best in the world--it's a dream that drives Olympic hopefuls around the world. Every kid swimming her first ...more »

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A simple brownie can turn an ordinary sundae into something extra special. Combine your favorite baked treat with any of a ...more »

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Richard Burke Take Your Best Vacation Photos Ever
Summer is in full gear and as more time is spent outdoors, what better way to capture these memories than with photos. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to take better outdoor shots, or if you're interested in sharing your summer photo ideas, our eHow Expert Richard Burke is here to help. Send in your questions, share your own tips and let's see if we can bring the artist out of you. more »