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Facts of aggression committed by the Russian Black Sea Fleet
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1.     The landing force consisted of 4000 military personnel, battle tanks and other military hardware have been disembarked by the Russian Black Sea Fleet vessels in port of Ochamchira. The personnel have advanced towards the Kodori Gorge and attacked territory controlled by the Georgian side, while the battle tanks and other military hardware have advanced towards Senaki;

2.     The guided missile cruiser has committed missile attack on Kodori;

3.     On August 12 at 17.00-18.00 saboteurs have mined and exploded Border Police Coast Guard vessels that were not of military purpose. The Coast Guard vessels granted to Georgia by friendly countries in 1993 being in non operational condition were exploded as well.

4.     The attack has been performed by 15-16 naval ships, including Guided Missile Cruiser "MOSKVA”, Landing Ship "Tsezar Kunikov” etc;

5.     During communication with the captain of the port Poty vessel "Tsezar Kunikov” was using call-signes "BIGEL156”, "BIGEL159” etc.


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