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Dragon fire arrows -Lit- Dragon fire arrows -Lit- [ Submit Correction ]
Members? Yes Quest? Yes Tradeable? Yes Stackable? Yes
Examine: Dragon-headed fire arrow. Weight: 0.00 kg
Category Quest Sub-category Equipable
High Alchemy 480 gp Low Alchemy 320 gp
Location Underground Pass. Speak to Koftic before the bridge to get damp cloth. Use this on Dragon arrows to get Dragon fire arrows. Then make into Dragon fire arrows by using them on a fire.
Uses Can be used as range ammunition. Designed for shooting down the bridge during the Underground Pass quest. Dragon arrows can only be fired from the Dark bow.
Notes Can make multiples, even after the quest if you enjoy the fire aspect of the arrows. However, a lit arrow does no extra damage nor give any extra bonuses than a normal arrow of the same type.
Links Ranged Guide , Underground Pass Quest
Credits n_odie, pokemama
Attack Defence
Stab 0 Stab 0
Slash 0 Slash 0
Crush 0 Crush 0
Magic 0 Magic 0
Range 0 Range 0
  Summoning 0
Strength 0 Prayer 0




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