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intermediate Tip #1497: convert between C /* */ comments and C++ // comments

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created:   January 31, 2007 16:14      complexity:   intermediate
author:   Paul Ivanov      as of Vim:   5.7

I'm using a stubborn ansi C compiler and found having to do old /* */ C-style comments annoying, especially if i wanted to add a short little two word comment. (WARNING: this does not deal with multi-line /* */ comments)

So now I just write // C++ style comments, and hit use \c to convert them to C style comments before compilation, and \C to convert them back to C++ after compilation (easier on the eyes, \ is my leader)

put this in your .vimrc:
"c++ // to c /* */ comments
map <leader>c  :%s/\/\/\(.*\)/\/*\1\*\//<CR>/
"c /* */ to c++ // comments (WARNING: this does not deal with multi-line /* */ comments)
map <leader>C :%s/\/\*/\/\//<cr>:%s/\*\///<cr>

alternatively, you can make commands out of these regular expressions:
command! CtoCpp :%s/\/\/\(.*\)/\/*\1\*\//<CR>/
command! CpptoC :%s/\/\*/\/\//<cr>:%s/\*\///<cr>

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Additional Notes

info at bertram dash scharpf dot de, February 1, 2007 3:53
The patterns become slightly more readable when
you use another delimiter than / and \v:

%s:\v//(.*):/*\1 */:
%s://\(.*\):/*\1 */:

Remove /* and */ at once. Avoid trailing spaces.

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