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   The presence of dogs at Google has been a unique, and to some a treasured part of our workplace culture.  Dogs can be a valued and important part of employee's lives and their ability to keep a dog in their workplace may enhance the quality of their work life.  Keeping dogs in the work place, however, must be considered a privilege and as such, requires complete responsibility on the part of the pet owners.  Dog owners are expected to recognize that not all employees or visitors like dogs in the office, and in some cases people with allergies cannot tolerate being in close proximity to animals.

To be respectful of all workers at Google, while attempting to allow Google employee dog owners the ability to bring dogs to work when appropriate, the following policy will apply:
  • Approval from your manager prior to bringing a dog to work. Bringing a dog, or other pet, to work should be viewed as a temporary solution. Appropriate exceptions for service animals are permitted to provide accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Dog owner needs to check with manager, team members, and neighbors prior to bringing the pet to work.
  • Any employee with any concerns may speak to Google's Human Resources department confidentially.
  • Dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated. All dogs must be supervised and cannot be left in Google facilities overnight or while the owner is not present. Dogs must stay with their owner or designated watcher at all times and should be kept in an employee's office when the employee is working there. Dogs are not allowed in bathrooms, break areas, the cafe, in meetings, or on the sand volleyball court. Any behavior, which interferes with another employee's ability to work, will be cause for a pet to be taken home (interference is in the eye of the beholder). Aggressive behavior, such as growling, barking, chasing, or biting, is unacceptable and the pet will have to be taken home on the first complaint. Employees with allergic reactions to dogs may ask the owner to refrain from bringing the dog to the workplace if the presence of the dogs makes it difficult for the allergic employee to work. Pets with evidence of fleas will be asked to go home until the problem has been alleviated. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets at all times. If a pet has more than one indoor "accident" they will be asked to go home. Employees are financially responsible for any damage or cleaning to Google facilities, this includes damage from accidents, excessive pet hair and odor removal. Owners must maintain adequate liability insurance against dog mishaps. Google assumes no responsibility for any pet.
  • Google may amend this policy at any time without notice.
Following these guidelines mentioned above should allow dog owners to enjoy the company of their pets while allowing all Google employees to feel safe and secure in their work place.