detailed gay rape stories

I love checking out those candid photos of women going about their daily business, unaware that they’r being photographed. It fuels my fantasies that the woman’s being stalked by a sadistic rapist who’s meticulously plotting her abduction, and that not long after the photos are taken she ends up tightly bound and gagged in the back of a van, being driven off to a remote hideout where an extended period of stringent bondage, rape and hard torture (and maybe more) awaits her. It particularly works for me if the women in the photos are fairly ordinary rather than model types. Anyone else indulge in this? If so what do you imagine happening to her? Stalked office worker 3.jpgDescription:Filesize:420.44 KBViewed:132 Time(s) Stalked office worker 2.jpgDescription:Filesize:335.35 KBViewed:89 Time(s) Stalked office worker 1.jpgDescription:Filesize:334.21 KBViewed:80 Time(s)

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