The Complete Guide to Creative Thinking


This comprehensive “Creative Thinking” course – divided into fifteen instruction modules - explores the mystery surrounding the ability to think creatively.  The Course reveals dozens of effective ways and unusual techniques with detailed instructions how to become more creative. 

  • Become the leader in your field. 

  • Think more creatively than others. 

  • Use your creative imagination to think of original new ideas. 



This “Creative Thinking ” course will show you how to do this.

Creativity is the key to success in everything you aim to achieve.

This comprehensive Course shows you how to use dozens of special techniques & unusual exercises to think more creatively and become much more creative.

Once you have completed this Course you will be able to look at situations from a completely different perspective and see opportunities not obvious to others.

Your new skills will give you the competitive edge in your field.

The dozens of effective techniques and unusual exercises in  this detailed course will ignite your dormant creative spark and stimulate your creative imagination. 


What is creative imagination?  

Creative imagination is the ability to form mental images of situations or conditions you have never actually experienced.

Your creative imagination is an untapped source of power buried in your subconscious mind.

 Creative imagination can be compared to the “Genie” in Fairy  Tales and myths.   It is similar to a powerful force trapped in a bottle, waiting to be released, ready to obey your every command. It is a force everyone possesses but few know how to set free.

This “Creative Thinking” course will give you precise instructions how to release the captive  “Genie” imprisoned in your mind.

 Creative imagination is a mental faculty and an important life skill. But it is a skill most people neglect to develop. 


To  achieve success in life and reach your full potential, it is a skill you must nurture and develop. This Course will show you how this can be done.


Creative imagination and inventions.  

Many people are under the impression that the ability to use creative imagination is  a natural gift, an  inherited talent.  

They believe only people who are born with this gift are able to become famous inventors, scientists and Nobel prize winners. 

They feel creative imagination is the quality that distinguishes  a genius from ordinary mortals.       

This is certainly not so.  

Edison, one of the most successful inventors, regarded as a creative genius by many, had an interesting comment to make about genius.


“Genius is one percent inspiration and    ninety-nine percent  perspiration”


When Edison was asked to comment about his lack of success in  inventing an electric light bulb after having tried so many times, he responded:


“I have not failed but successfully discovered    6,000 ways that  won’t work!”


Thomas Carlyle, the famous Scottish philosopher and author also believed that  persistence was the most important quality in the achievements of people regarded as geniuses. He described “genius” very simply and very explicitly.


“Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains”  

The most perceptive observation with regard to genius was made by the renowned American psychologist and author, William James,  whose theories  became the basis for the “behaviorism” school of psychology.   Williams James referred to “genius” in the following  terms.

“Genius…means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an inhabitual way”

Creative imagination is the capacity to view situations from a completely different perspective.  Or, as described by William James, “in an inhabitual way”.

It is the ability to ignore obstacles and visualize exciting opportunities

Your creative imagination will enable you to recognize problems and  find  innovative solutions to these problems;  not allow yourself to be overwhelmed and discouraged by them.  

Creative imagination will help you remove the mental roadblocks on your road to success.   

Is creative imagination a faculty that can be developed?


Every successful invention and discovery begins with an imaginative idea that originates in the human mind.   This has been so since the beginning of time.

 From the first glimmer of the creative new idea to the successful end result, the process is always the same.  

First , the inventor  recognizes and identifies a need for the  new product or service.  

If the need is an urgent one, this is a strong motivating factor.

Next, the inventor looks at every aspect of the situation to determine how this need can be met.  

This is done from every possible angle.   In many cases from an entirely different and original perspective that no one has thought of before.  

This is followed by the process of visualizing a satisfactory and successful end  result.   

The final stage in the process is trial and error . 

This requires experimenting with a number of different techniques to  determine the most effective way to achieve the desired result.  

The same stages in the process have continued from earliest times until the present day.

The Bow & Arrow: One of the earliest examples of man’s creative thinking.    

The bow and arrow is an example of early man’s ingenuity, born out of an urgent need; the need to feed  and defend himself.

It is important to note that “need” is an important ingredient of creative imagination.        

When primitive man invented the bow and arrow, several thousands of years ago, he used creative imagination to visualize how the flexible branch of a tree could be used in an entirely new and original fashion. 

He formed a mental image of the branch being bent into a certain form with sinew tied to each end.  

It was also necessary for him to visualize which sinew would be most suitable for his purpose.  He had to experiment with a variety of sinews from  different animals. 

The early invention of the bow and arrow was the result of looking at a situation at a new and original fashion. The same creative process has continued to the present day.

Creativity and creative imagination provide inventors, innovators, artists and designers in every field with unique life skills that enable them to put their original ideas into practice.

The source of inspiration and creativity.

The existence of a definite need is certainly an important motivating factor in many inventions and discoveries.  But it is not the only source of inspiration and creativity.  

Most successful artists, poets, painter, writers and composers are motivated  not by need, but by a burning  desire for self-expression.  

They believe that the source of their inspiration is a powerful force drawn from their unconscious minds.  

Not only does this powerful, inner force drive and inspire them to express themselves artistically, it is also the source of their creativity.  It is directly responsible for the success they are able to achieve in their chosen field.     

They are convinced this intense intuitive feeling guides and directs them to follow a certain path.   By listening to their  “inner voice” they are able to create something new and  original.

Intuition and success

The ability to use intuitive power as a means of self – expression is not  restricted  to the world of art, literature, music, sculpture and related artistic fields.  

Many people who have achieved remarkable success in the commercial world, created business empires and amassed huge fortunes, feel  the most important factor in their success  is because business, to them, is an ideal form of  self- expression.  

When one compares the lives of successful artists and business people, one often finds another fascinating similarity.

In many instances these people who have achieved success in business make use of a technique very much the same as artists who have achieved fame and recognition in their particular field. 

Many successful business people often attribute their success to their ability to make important decisions based on a  “hunch” or intuitive “gut feeling”. 

It is a feeling they are unable to explain but they instinctively know it is the correct decision to make.

Intuition – an important source of creative power.

Intuition is a significant source of creative power.  It can be described as a wisdom and understanding unrelated to experience or reasoning. 

Intuition  can be compared to a “sixth sense”, an ability to know instinctively what course of action to take based on a mysterious source of knowledge.

Intuitive power and the “sixth sense” that some people appear to possess to a more marked degree than others, is a faculty that has been examined in great detail by the world’s leading psychologists. 

It is interesting to read what Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychologist had to say about this unusual quality.

Jung and Intuition.

The renowned Swiss psychologist, Jung, attached a great deal of importance to intuition. In his important work,  “Psychological types”, Jung wrote:  

“The psyche…consists of a number of different psychological functions…  among these we can distinguish four basic ones: sensation, thinking, feeling, intuition …. I regard intuition as a basic psychological function that mediates perceptions in an unconscious way…… Intuition enables us to divine the possibilities in a situation….”  

Can you learn to use your intuitive powers?

Yes!   You can!   

Intuition is not a special talent or gift that only a few are lucky enough to have. It is an important, basic psychological function. It is an under-utilized, dormant talent most people never realize they possess and few know how to use effectively.

There are special processes and techniques you can use to develop your intuitive powers. 

This comprehensive Creative Thinking Course examines this mysterious, elusive quality of intuition in great depth and shows you unusual ways to develop your natural intuitive gifts.  

Here are only a few  of the  subjects dealt with in this detailed 149 page  “Creative Thinking: course that will give you greater understanding of the mysterious nature of intuition.  


  • The hidden meaning of myths, fables & fairy tales.

  •  How to understand the underlying message in the“Rumpelstilskin” fairy tale.

  •  Jung and his attitude to the controversial subject of alchemy.  

  • Unusual aspects of “luck” and why some people appear to be “luckier” than others.

  • The use of Quartz crystals and power beads.  

  • Gold and spiritual values.  

  • Extrasensory perception.  

  • Telepathy.  

  • Biofeedback  

  • Synchronicity  

  • Plants, “green fingers” and “healing hands”.  

  • Lessons to be learned from birds and animals.  


You have the potential to become as successful as any distinguished person you envy and admire.

If you have not managed to achieve the goals you set for yourself, it is because you have not yet learned how to use your dormant intuitive powers and made full use of your latent creative power. 

Creative power will help you become more successful in  everything you attempt to achieve!

To achieve success in your own field, you have to operate in a more original, more distinctive and different way than anyone else.

You have to stand out from the crowd; make yourself instantly recognizable.   You have to be identified as the leader; the dominant figure in your field. 

This applies to all forms of business, manufacturing or marketing a product and any special service you provide.

When you have completed this Course you will be able to use your creative power to:

  • Identify gaps in the market you hadn’t noticed before.  

  • Find  profitable niche markets you might  have  overlooked    

  • Discover innovative and original  ways to  promote yourself as the recognized  expert  and specialist in your particular field

  • Find new applications for your product or service that you hadn’t thought of previously.  

  • Develop a service related to the one you are presently offering but one that is more specialized and original

  • You'll be able to identify a special segment of the market you had overlooked.  

  • Devise a strikingly original and creative advertising campaign.  

  • Package and market your products or service in more original and distinctive ways.  

  • Introduce ingenious promotional ideas to dramatize the use of your product or service  

  • Solve difficult  problems by approaching  from an entirely different perspective.


These are only a few of the many ways your newly-developed creative powers will help  turn your dreams of success into reality.  

 “The Complete Guide to Creative Thinking”

is a  comprehensive Course in Creative Power available as an e-book you can download immediately.

You will find dozens of effective ways to think more creatively revealed in this detailed course.

You will discover how to listen to your “inner voice” and make intuitive decisions that will guide you on the road to success.

This course consists of 15 detailed Instruction Modules.  

Special techniques and precise instructions to develop your creative power are clearly described, step-by-step.

Here are just a few comments made by people who have put the ideas set out in this  Creative Thinking Course into practice. 


I think some of the ideas you suggest are very crafty!   I found the section that deals with myths and fairy tale most interesting, especially the "Rumpelstilskin" fairy tale.   This is a story I am  familiar with because as a child it was one my my favorites bedtime stories but I never realized the hidden depths until you drew my attention to this.  You have made me re-examine a great many of my pre-conceived ideas and made me think less rigidly.  As a result I have managed to come up with some great new ideas!

Esther Howard      Boston


The terms "creative thinking" has been bandied around so often that it has become something of a cliché.  But I had no idea there were actual techniques one could use to develop one's creative powers until I read your  book.   The methods you suggest  are very easy to follow - and I found them very effective indeed.   I am already beginning to see positive results.

Peter Y.      Vancouver. Canada.


What I particularly like about this Course was the absence of the usual motivating platitudes and lack of real "meat".   You get right down to giving practical "how to" methods.   I  was intrigued with your treatment of  "luck".    It  made  me re-examine some of  my ideas.  The practical suggestions are very useful indeed in my particular line of business.

Richard L.   Sydney, Australia.   


Follow the guidelines and innovative techniques, set out in  the e-book

 The Complete Guide to Creative Thinking”.

 and you will also start to think more creatively. 

You will be able to see situations in a completely different light and be able to put your creative ideas into immediate action.

Use these highly effective techniques.  Creative ideas will  soon begin to flow from your fertile imagination.  The goals you have set yourself will become a reality.    

Achieve your true potential. Live a life that is richer, fuller, more satisfying and more productive.  

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