The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 8-24, 2008
Athlete Biography
United StatesUSA - United States
Date of Birth: Dec 4 1977 Height(cm/ft in): 183cm / 6'0"
Gender: Male Weight(kg/lbs): 77 kg / 170 lbs
Place of Birth: Dallas, TX (United States)
Residence: Fort Worth, TX (United States)
Sport: Athletics
Event(s): Men's 4 x 100m Relay | Men's 100m
Historical Results
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Olympic Games
24 x 100m Relay2004Athens, GREdid not participate in final
World Championships
14 x 100m Relay2007Osaka, JPN37.78
14 x 100m Relay2003Paris Saint-Denis, FRA38.06
2200m2003Paris Saint-Denis, FRA20.31
Golden League
14 x 100m Relay2007Zurich, SUI38.40
7200m2004Zurich, SUI20.66
8100m2007Brussels, BEL10.30
8100m2004Zurich, SUI10.19
8200m2004Brussels, BEL20.64
Super Grand Prix
14 x 100m Relay2008Monaco, MON38.41
14 x 100m Relay2008London, GBR37.80
2100m2008Monaco, MON9.98
24 x 100m Relay2008Stockholm, SWE38.21
24 x 100m Relay2007London, GBR38.65
Grand Prix
2100m2008Athens, GRE10.14
2100m2006Helsinki, FIN10.32
3100m2008New York, NY, USA10.07
Schedules and Results
Date Time Sport Event Location Result Reports
Aug 15 2008 10:25 Athletics Men's 100m Round 1 - Heat 6 National Stadium 2 Reports
Aug 15 2008 20:06 Athletics Men's 100m Round 2 - Heat 4 National Stadium 2 Reports
Aug 16 2008 20:13 Athletics Men's 100m Semifinal 2 National Stadium 4 Reports
Aug 16 2008 22:30 Athletics Men's 100m Final National Stadium 8 Reports