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The TUC believes that everyone should be able to retire in dignity with a decent pension. We campaign for better pensions for today's pensioners and work to ensure that people still at work can look forward to decent pensions. Here is where you can find our detailed briefings and reports on pensions policy. To find out more information about your pension rights, go to Know Your Rights.

Member Trustee Network This subjects also provides information for [Member Trustee Network] and how to [join].

The TUC provides its own stakeholder pension scheme, providing working people and their families with a first class way to save for retirement. To find out more go to [TUC Stakeholder Pension Scheme].

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The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Member Trustee Newsletter - August 2008
The latest issue of Trustee News : Conference report – taking the long view, Fourth international union trustee meeting , Core of fund managers still keep votes secret, Myners advisory group must not be industry talking shop, Pension centenary, Research shows progress towards more MNTs', Pensions Bill and Personal Accounts update, TUC calls for full review of buyouts model to safeguard members' interests, Growing interest in promotion of corporate standards
11 August 2008

TUC Fund Manager Voting Survey 2008
A Survey of the voting and engagement records and processes of institutional investors
23 July 2008

The member voice in pensions governance
Progress to one-third member nominated trustees and beyond
PDF version available for download
21 July 2008

Member involvement on pension scheme boards continues to grow
New TUC research reveals today (Monday) that 86 per cent of pension scheme boards now have one-third of their trustees nominated by members and many are moving towards 50 per cent representation.
20 July 2008

TUC Member Trustee Network annual conference – 27th June 2008
Copies of the workshop presentations from the TUC Member Trustee Network Conference held on the 27th June 2008
4 July 2008

Brendan Barber speech to the 2008 Member Trustee Network conference
I want to talk today about your work in a changing economic environment; about how during this period of financial turbulence, the role of member nominated trustees is even more important; and about how there is a real need for engaged investment at what is a time of stock market uncertainty.
PDF version available for download
27 June 2008

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