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Welcome to my homepage. As of right now (1/6/99) I don't have much to put up here in the way of a massive datafile (i.e. my total invntory). It would be nice if I could post it all here so you could find out for yourself what books I have available at any given moment. Every day I add and subtract entries, so I'd need to be able to easily make a new posting just about every day if I was going to be able to have it all here now. I still use an old Mac LC without modem for my business. It's done very well for me, but it doesn't share data with this (the family) computer. I can envision greater potential if I made a few upgrades. If I can someday get all my data transferred to a new computer then maybe I'll be in business. I'm starting to look forward to it. But until then if you're not already on my mailing list, you can have me add you to it. Just e-mail your name and address to me at I can also be reached by phone/fax at 515-984-6749. Note that I only have one line, so if someone's using the modem you may get a prolonged busy signal. Moreover, the fax answers the phone automatically after six rings. If I'm home and taking calls I'll answer the phone before the fax does. Feel free to send a fax any time of the day or night.
My mailing address is PO Box 440, Pollk City, IA 50226 USA. I send out new 60-page catalogs every 7 weeks, and it takes six or seven catalogs to run through my entire inventory.

If you'd like to contribute something to put up here to interact with me semi-publicly and with other visitors to this site, I'd love to have you e-mail something along. One thing that's different from my regular catalogs is that I don't need to try to cram information into such a small space here. If I only have one copy of a book to sell, for example, I don't always try to do much of a sales job in my regular catalog. Here, potentially, I can go on at somewhat greater and more informal length. I'm sure you'd bear with me! But for now, I won't be mentioning those singleton (usually used-book) new arrivals much except maybe in a general way. I can't be letting this internet exercise take away from my regular chores, like my ability to fill orders in a timely manner. You see, I'm totally a one-person enterprize here. I do the book-packing, the book-pulling, the book-cataloguing--everything--myself.

One thing I can do until something better can be acheived is to offer something of a "Bookseller's Diary" to let you know what's showing up hereabouts and what I'm up to that you might be interested in hearing about. I've already gone on as long as I should on this first day, so I'll be adding new entries (and transcribing back entries) as we go along.

For now, thanks for visiting, and return often!


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I took Catalog 118 to my printer in Ames today.

I recieved small shipments from Mark Ziesing: BLACK BUTTERFLIES and BACK IN THE USSA. And Gryphon: PAPERBACK PARADE #51 ($7) and a self-published collection. The publislher (Gary Losivis) asked if he's sent his GRYPHON SF & F READER already--the answer is no, not yet. But I had already sent him a new re-order with that on it, so I'm sure it will be here eventually.

- New books from Dennis McMillan Publications (Kent Anderson and Jon A. Jackson) and a new issue of PURPLE PROSE (dedicated to the pulp ADVENTURE).

- Catalog 118 went out today to the zipcode (USA) addresses. I wait a day to send out the international catalogs, because even the surface-postage ones seem to beat out the bulk mail for speed. Also it's too much work getting the extra catalogs ready to go out the same day. They have to be sealed on all sides. Instead of stuffing envelopes, I seal the sides with scotch tape. When you have 135 or so to address, postage-stamp, and seal on three sides, it can be a chore.

- Happy New Year! I spent much of the day trying to make good on my resolution to get my desk cleared off and kept clear. That meant paying a bunch of bills and answering varoius queries.

- I faxed out orders to Indiana Univ. Press (new edn of RIDDLEY WALKER), Henry Holt (Karen Joy Fowler book) and Harvard Univ Press (a collection of Robert Christgau pieces from VILLAGE VOICE--for myself mostly, but I ordered a couple extras to put in the catalog.)

- I finally got around to ordering a book by Rachel Pollack from Cambrian that's been out since October. I hope it's still available. Here's what the publisher e-mailed me about it back then:

BURNING SKY is out. The print run is 300 copies, hardcover, signed and numbered, full cloth, acid-free paper, and so on. It is her collection of her short work and a fine book. I've priced it at $29. There is no paperback or trade edition planned, but if this hardcover sells out relatively quickly I might consider it (but probably not -- the goal is to interest a major publisher in doing a trade edition, probably in 2 or 3 years at best).
-- Andy

- It's a fairly short-discount item, so I can only offer discount-plan members (and wholesale accounts) a 10% discount on this one.

- Thanks to my son Neil, this homepage actually got put up yesterday. This is by no means representative of the work he's capable of doing. When he gets the chance, he'll add navigational tools and links. And we'll see what else as time goes along.
- Today the poetry collection by Michael Bishop from Edgewood called TIME PIECES ($12) finally showed up. It looks good. I also got an order ready to fax to Publishers Group West. I need more copies of PERFECT HOST--my best seller. I managed to find a few more things to get too. I needed a 100+ mixed-titles order. Carroll & Graf had some titles I find I'd missed. There's their BEST NEW HORROR 9 scheduled for February. And there's a new Lucius Shepard from Four Walls Eight Windows scheduled for March and a Rudy Rucker books about Silicon Valley in April. Those will be nice to be able to say I have on order, and even better to have in hand when the time comes.

- New arrivals today: a re-supply of THE DREAMS OUR STUFF IS MADE OF: HOW SCIENCE FICTION CONQUERED THE WORLD by Thomas M. Disch ($25 hc), SCIENCE FICTION BEFORE 1900: IMAGINATION DISCOVERS TECHNOLOGY by Paul K. Alkon, Twayne's Studies in Literary Themes and Genres ($33 short discount), EXQUISITE CORPSE by the ubiquitous Poppy Z. Brite (2nd printing tpb, $11)--described as a romance novel in a bad mood in the front-cover blurb by Dennis Cooper.
- Also, a re-supply from Cemetery Dance Publications, including SPREE by Lucy Taylor (in their Short Novel series, $30; short discount), AUTUMN DEAD/CRY OF SHADOWS by Ed Gorman ($35, short discount), LIVE GIRLS by Ray Garton (boxed, $65; short discount), plus a bunch of CEMETERY DANCE back issues, to replace ones I'd run out of. I haven't checked to see if any were unavailable that I needed, but I think some of the books have turned up out of print now.
- My attempt to fax the Publishers Group West order went unsuccessful until I discovered I was getting the number out of their winter/98 catalog instead of win/99. I thought the former was a new one because I hadn't seen any of the books in it. Seems I missed out on it totally at the time, although I did find a few books in it now. I guess I'll still order them, and see if they are still available. Most of their books seem to be of the new-age, self-help variety. They all claim authoritativeness, but how can they all be correct, especially the ones that bring UFOs into the equation? I'll check on a couple things and get that order out.

- I spent the morning cataloguing books for someone with a mega-trade order. I'm hoping I don't get too bogged down. But it's good to have some turnover in books. These don't look to be a choice batch, for the most part, but hopefully the ones of lesser quality and interest I might have priced attractively enough. Many would be pretty good to have if they were a lttle bit cleaner.
- A new broadside by Bruce Boston from Talisman--CONFESSIONS OF A BODY THIEF--an original narrative poem on 10x16-inch paper mounted in a folder, signed and limited to 100 copies ($4) came in.
- I've had a look at the new postal rates and they don't look bad at all. Book rate is actually going down, as I think bulk rate is too. The one-cent rise in first class postage has to be the smallest increase percentage-wise in history. All the more reason to use e-mail and fax, I suppose. I've found that if I fax before 8 am, the night rates are in effect. It's actually cheaper than the post office. Plus you can't beat the speed,

- Today I have to get a bunch of book pulling done and see if I still have time to get some orders processed. I won't have time to sit down at the computer and work on this homepage, but I'll try to work on some of the stuff I'd like to put in here.

- As usual, I didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted to. The big trade order ended up taking much of my time after I got everything pulled. I had to process orders this morning and do the packing over noon. The only thing that came in was CEMETERY DANCE #30 ($4). It's dubbed the 10th Anniversary Issue and it has fiction by Norman Partridge, Ed Gorman (a novel excerpt), Dennis Etchison, Poppy Z. Brite, Douglas Clegg and Joe R. Lansdale. There's a Stephen King interview by Tyson Blue, and a conversation with Ramsey Campbell by Stefan Dziemianowicz. Columns are by Brite, George Clayton Johnson, Tyson Blue, Ed Bryant and there are some book reviews by various.

It was not until this morning that I finally got the PGW fax sent out. It was no use doing it on the weekend anyway. I decided to keep in place all the win/98 books I blithely ordered. I couldn't find any spr/99 catalogs. I should have checked more of the publishers websites. That will leave something for next time, I guess.
I also faxed another order to Rounder, this time for multiple copies of the two Black Top cassettes (no CD avail.) on Christgau's A-list: Robert Ward FEAR NO EVIL and Neville Brothers NEVILLE-IZATION. At clearance prices I can put them in my catalog at maybe $2.50. I hope they show up!

Here's what came in today:
- Three books from Cemetery Dance publications--Richard Matheson's THE TWILIGHT ZONE SCRIPTS (a 655-page boxed edn $75) and two more in the Short Novel Series (411 by Ray Garton and RIGHT TO LIFE by Jack Ketchum @ $30). All are signed/ltds. (short discount). "Still to come (in the next 7-10 days!): BIOFIRE, LYNCH and THE WINCHESTER HORROR"
- Also in today is the new WEIRD TALES (#315, $4.95) with stories by Tanith Lee, Ian MacLeod, Thomas Ligotti, Ramsey Campbell, Lawrence Watt-Evans, among others.
- GHOSTS & SCHOLARS 27 ($7) came in today. Also, a new reprint of THE BONES OF THE OLD ONES and Other Lovecraftian Tales by Jeffrey Thomas ($5). "This printing has 4 extra pages, different cover stock--colored--than the 1st printng, and it's been out of print for almost 4 years."

A new issue of MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY'S FANTASY MAGAZINE (#42) came in today, with stories by Deborah Wheeler, Laura Underwood, Charlene Brusso, Richard Purtill, and an interview with eluki bes shahar.
Dennis McMillan Publications weighs in with news about his latest book: NO GOOD FROM A CORPSE by Leigh Brackett ($35). Quoth Dennis: "This is a hell of a good-looking book, in addition to being the best hard-boiled detective novel ever written by a woman, to my knowledge (just thought I'd throw in that 'sexist' remark for good measure)." He expects to be sending out books around Jan. 24.
Regarding future publications from DMP: "THE DIFFERENCE (THE HOMBRE FROM SONORA), including 'Jake Dover as Existentialist' by Charles Willeford will be out in April, followed by SHAME THE DEVIL by George P. Pelacanos (ltd. ed.) in June, and WRITING AND OTHER BLOOD SPORTS by Willeford in July or August."

The Henry Holt books came in: BLACK GLASS: SHORT FICTIONS by Karen Joy Fowler ($23), GHOST TOWN by Robert Coover ($24) and GUIDED TOURS OF HELL: NOVELLAS by Francine Prose ($23) from the Metropolitan Books imprint of Holt. One copy of GUIDED TOURS got a bit bumped in transit, so I'll be putting that at $13. Others I may have ordered must be out of print now.
I find I could have ordered FSG books along with the Holts. They are both owned by VHPS, the German conglomerate that also owns Tor and St. Martin's. I think the plan is for all these imprints to ship from the same place, when they can be ordered together. That can be an upside for me as a book buyer, but tell that to the warehouse people whose jobs have become redundant.

1/15/99 (Friday):
- Harvard University Press answered my purchase order by sending me a discount schedule instead of books. It seems I didn't order enough copies to reach the discount level I desired. I'd have to get at least ten copies. Instead of doing that, I went ahead and picked up the book I wanted at Borders, since I was in Des Moines for provisions anyway. The book--GROWN UP ALL WRONG: GREAT ROCK AND POP ARTISTS FROM VAUDEVILLE TO TECHNO by Robert Christgau--is a one I'm personally very enthusiatic about, but I'm not so sure about the others on my mailing list. I'll file the information Harvard sent me. Maybe I'll be able to send them an order that fits their guidelines.

1/16/99 (Saturday):
- In today from Necropolitan Press, a re-supply of W.H. Pugmire's TALES OF SESQUA VALLEY: WEIRD TALES OF LOVECRAFTIAN NIGHTMARE AND DARK FANTASY ($5), TERATA: ANOMALIES OF LITERATURE edited by Jeffrey Thomas ($5).
- Today is Neil's fifteenth birthday!

1/17/99 (Sunday):
- I got a few books pulled and orders processed, but not as much as I should have. I have a few orders to publishers I need to send out--St. Martin's/Tor, Koch International (CDs), Anamnesis, White Wolf come to mind.

1/18/99 (Monday):
- It was a postal holiday, so I had an extra day to get caught up on things. But I'm afraid I squandered my time. UPS delivered the new issue of MYSTERY SCENE #62 ($6.45) with Joyce Carol Oates and Lawrence Block on the cover, with articles by or about Ann Rule, Anne Perry, Barbara Michaels, J.A. Jance, Joe Gores, Carole Nelson Douglas, Richard Laymon, Sherlock Holmes' London and TV Past: Harry O.

1/19/99 (Tuesday):
- Sure enough, a couple more new Cemetery Dance Publications came in today: BIOFIRE by Ray Garton ($50) and #5 in the Novella Series (LYNCH by Nancy A. Collins--$30).
- Also, some books from Indiana University Press: BLADE RUNNER by Scott Bukatman (British Film Institute Modern Classics, $10.95; illustrated; 86 pages; 103 footnotes; movie credits; bibliography). "He situates the film in terms of the debates about postmodernism which have informed the large body of criticism devoted to it."
- RIDDLEY WALKER: EXPANDED EDITION by Russell Hoban with Afterword, Notes, and Glossary ($12.95).
- And TO WRITE LIKE A WOMAN: ESSAYS IN FEMINISM AND SCIENCE FICTION by Joanna Russ ($13.95, still 1st ptg) is now back in stock.

Andy Watson of Cambrian called to say he's sending BURNING SKY by Rachel Pollack now.

1/20/99 (Wednesday):
- Three big boxes from Publishers Group West showed up today. But alas, the book that really precipitated the order--PERFECT HOST by Theodore Sturgeon--is listed on the invoice as back-ordered. Often that means the book will be arriving separately in a few days, but I'll have to check on that. I have several people in line waiting for copies, so I wish it were here now. There were a good number of books came in, though, including many from Carroll & Graf. Quickly, here's a rundown. All of these get the 30% discount if you're in the "Membership Discount Plan":
Acker, Kathy PORTRAIT OF AN EYE: THREE NOVELS, Grove Press '98, 1st US collected edn, (1st published as three separate works in paperback between 1975 and 1980), tpb $14
Beksinski, Zdzislaw THE THE FANTASTIC ART OF BEKSINSKI, Morpheus, 11/98, 1st edn, (surreal art), hc in dj $24.95
Burgess, Graham, Dr. John Nunn & John Emms THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST CHESS GAMES, C&G; '98, 1st US, (improve your chess by studying the greatest games of all time), tpb $10.95
Ellison, Harlan "REPENT, HARLEQUIN!" SAID THE TICKTOCKMAN, Underwood Books '97, 1st separate trade edn, (the classic story, illustrated by Rick Berry), hc in dj $17
Gorman, Ed THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: A MYSTERY, C&G; '99, 1st, hc in dj $22.95
Gorman & Greenberg (eds) LOVE KILLS, C&G; '97, 1st, (gathers together more than two dozen first-rate tales of the variety of ways in which love can kill), tpb $12.95
Gorman, Greenberg & Larry Segriff (eds) CAT CRIMES THROUGH TIME, C&G; '99, 1st, (original stories by Carole Nelson Douglas, Peter Crowther, Jon L. Breen, Bill Crider, Doug Allyn, Bentley Little, etc.), hc in dj $24
Gorman, Pronzini & Greenberg (eds) AMERICAN PULP, C&G; '97, (mystery stories; argues that the digest magazines that ran concurrent with the great paperback-originals era were the true "American Pulp" era; a nice 550-page compendium with some name authors, like Marcia Mullar, Donald E. Westlake, John Jakes, John D. MacDonald, Ed McBain, Mickey Spillane, and Many Others), tpb $12.95
Gorman, Lee Server & Greenberg (eds) THE BIG BOOK OF NOIR, C&G; '98, 1st, tpb $19.95
Haining, Peter (ed) THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF MOVIE DETECTIVES & SCREEN CRIMES, C&G; '98, 1st US, (first published as two hardback collections, CRIME MOVIES and CRIME MOVIES II by Severn House in 1996 and 1997; here are original stories of crime and detection that were the inspiration behind some of the best-loved screen successes), tpb $10.95
Jones, Stephen (ed) THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR: VOLUME NINE, C&G; '98, 1st US, tpb $10.95
Pronzini, Bill BOOBYTRAP (A "Nameless Detective" Novel), C&G; '98, 1st, hc in dj $23
Ruff, Matt FOOL ON THE HILL, Grove Press '98, 2nd, (the magical storytelling tour de force that since its original publication in 1988 has become an underground classic), tpb $12
Self, Will GREAT APES, Grove Press '97, 1st US edn, (hallucinogenic novel imagines a world subject to a complete species reversal), hc in dj $24

- And these items are now back in stock:
Beckett, Samuel HOW IT IS, Grove Press, no date (copyright 1964), tpb $10.95
Di Filippo, Paul FRACTAL PAISLEYS, 4 Walls 8 Windows '97, 1st edn, hc in dj $20
Gorman & Greenberg (eds) THE YEAR'S 25 FINEST CRIME AND MYSTERY STORIES: SEVENTH ANNUAL EDITION, C&G; '98, 1st, hc in dj $25
Newman, Kim JUDGMENT OF TEARS: ANNO DRACULA 1959, C&G; '98, 1st, (continues the vampire history of ANNO DRACULA and THE BLOODY RED BARON), hc in dj $22.95
Swift, Jonathan ABOLISHING CHRISTIANITY AND OTHER SHORT PIECES, Manic D '98, (11 outrageous commentaries and short stories by the English language's greatest satirist; includes A MODEST PROPOSAL), tpb $11.95
- And these mass-market paperbacks from Carroll & Graf:
Aldiss, Brian LAST ORDERS, '90, (stories; in Masters of Science Fiction series), $3.95
Bingley, Margaret SEEDS OF EVIL, '90, (in Masters of Horror series), $3.95
Campbell, John W. THE MOON IS HELL!, '90, (in Masters of Science Fiction series), $3.95
Carr, John Dickson THE DEVIL IN VELVET, 2nd('94), (Pronzini intro), $4.95
Stockbridge, Grant THE SPIDER: MASTER OF MEN! #4, #6 & #7, (the original web-ster; two reprints from 30s pulps in each volume), $5.95 each

1/21/99 (Thursday):
- No book shipments came in today, but that's okay after all that arrived yesterday. I wanted to see what it would be like putting up a fairly large number of books as I did with the PGW order that came in. It's like having to catalog twice, but it seemed to go well enough. I'm a fairly quick (if sloppy) typist, so it doesn't take a real long time to spew out a bunch of words. Hopefully some of them will be of interest. How many people will order anything, we'll see. But at least I get the feeling I've put out the word on books coming in, instead of having it wait for next catalog to come out (some time in the middle of February).

1/22/99 (Friday):
- Gryphon books arrived in today's mail. Here's what's new: THE WHISPERING GORILLA by Don Wilcox ($20): the first world book publication of a science fiction legend which first appeared in FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, 5/40, plus THE RETURN OF WHISPERING GORILLA by David V. Reed (from FA, 2/43). This edition sports an introduction by Philip Harbottle.
- GRYPHON SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY READER #1 edited by Philip Harbottle ($20) featuring stories by Jack Williamson, E.C. Tubb, Philip E. High, John Russell Fearn and many others.
- Back in stock: THE FORTRESS OF UTOPIA by Jack Williamson, SF Rediscovery Series #17, reprinted from STARTLING STORIES, 11/39 ($15), THE AMAZON'S DIAMOND QUEST, Golden Amazon #4 ($15), GRYPHON DOUBLE #17: THE PRICE OF SPACE and THE GIRL FROM MARS by Jack Williamson ($10), THE RETURN: DUMAREST SAGA #32 by E.C. Tubb ($20), WRITER AT LARGE by Richard A. Lupoff ($15), the AUSTRALIAN VINTAGE PAPERBACK GUIDE by Graeme Flanagan ($20), SATURN PATROL by E.C. Tubb ($15)
- Also, PSYCHOTRONIC #29 ($5) came in today. It's your "end of the century viewing guide". This 96-pager features Marc Lawrence of THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, Cornell Wilde of THE BIG COMBO, Jesus Franco on working with Orson Welles, Larry Tambyln of the Standells, and Greta Gynt of DARK EYES OF LONDON.

1/23/99 (Saturday):
- CRAWDADDY #21, win/99 ($4) was in today's mail. The cover piece by editor Paul Williams is on R.E.M. There's also Miles Davis, Baby Lemonade, Costello & Bacharach, Patrick O'Leary on Randy Newman, Ted White on The Beach Boys, Mose Allison, Rough Guide CDs, Wilco & Bragg, Anna Egge, and Michael Fracasso.

1/24/99 (Sunday):
- I only got orders sent out to a couple CD sources today: Lovely Music and Koch International. A lot of it's for a special orderer and myself, but there will be a few items, I hope, for the catalog.

1/25/99 (Monday):
- Copies of BURNING SKY by Rachel Pollack from Cambrian arrived today. A 409-page 300-copy signed and numbered edition, it is a bargain at $29. It's the author's first collection of stories. This looks like something readers of her award-winning novels will want to have. From the jacket blurb: "The twenty-seven stories in BURNING SKY re▀ect both the range of the author's interests as well as the continuity of her recurring themes of unorthorthodox sexuality and the subjectivity of experience, peppered with her wry sense of humor, across the impressive spectrum of her imagination."
- Also, the paperback edition of MEMORY by Lois McMaster Bujold ($6.99) showed up rather unexpectedly. It's a Miles Vorkosigan Novel, and probably very entertaining.
Also, a ▀yer from Cemetery Dance Publications. They've put out some 5 or 6 books in the past couple weeks. THE WINCHESTER HORROR by William Nolan is imminent. This ▀yer announces another eight books or so. I hope their customers' pocketbooks can keep up with that kind of production.

1/26/99 (Tuesday):
- When I went to upload the newest journal entry in my webpage yesterday, it turned out the whole thing was gone. I don't know if I did something wrong, but it was disappointing to think I've been mentioning my URL on invoices and in e-mails while the thing doen't even exist. I suppose these things happen with the internet.
- I got an order sent off to Kent State University Press for Bleiler's SCIENCE FICTION: THE GERNSBACK YEARS as well as the earlier SCIENCE FICTION: THE EARLY YEARS. These are $65 and $75-ticket items, probably short discount as well. I remember I had some trouble getting the latter book when I had it brie▀y before. I could have sold a bunch more than I did, but I didn't re-order it for some reason. I can't find my old paperwork, but I'm hoping for the best this time.
- Also, a largish order went out to Random House. I kind of went crazy getting books for my personal "Western Canon" collection (as dictated by the Harold Bloom list). Random House had Modern Library and Everyman Library. Now I have maybe eight Dickens novels to add to an already groaning shelf. I'm looking forward to seeing what get here. I just wish I could sit back and read the stuff.
- As part of the Random House order, I pre-ordered THE SUBSTITUTE by Thomas M. Disch, his next horror novel. When I tried to do the same thing with THE PRIEST before it came out, I got a bunch of copies of THE PRINCE by Machiavelli.
- Since I was on an ordering roll, I got one out to Houghton Mif▀in as well. The noteworthy items from them are the Mariner trade paperback editions of ANGRY CANDY and SLIPPAGE by Harlan Ellison. Speaking of Harlan, I saw he was scheduled to be on the Tom Snyder late night show a couple weeks ago. I had my VCR cranked up, but there was someone on he was thanking for showing up on short notice. He didn't say what happened to Harlan.
- Then again I sent an order to Indiana Univ Press. I still need the hardcover of their new edition of RIDDLEY WALKER. I also found a couple crazy little things in their new catalog. I'll let you know.

1/27/99 (Wednesday):
- Today's new arrival: SALT SNAKE & OTHER BLOODY CUTS by Simon Clark from Silver Salamander (tpb, $15--20% discount to Members of Discount Plan). It's one of 860 SIGNED copies. The hardcover I don't expect will be issued for a while, if this title runs true to pattern. This full-length collection of Clark's short fiction "long overdue" and is "by far the largest book published by Silver Salamander".

1/28/99 (Thursday):
- A few new CDs came today from Lovely Music (30% discount if you're in the Discount Plan). Back in stock are VERNAL EQUINOX by Jon Hassell ($15.98) and PRIVATE PARTS (THE RECORD) by Robert Ashley ($15.98). New to the catalog will be ATALANTA (ACTS OF GOD): AN OPERA by Robert Ashley 2-CDs with full libretto booklet ($31.98).

1/29/99 (Friday):
- I'm doing the printouts of New-Arrival Paperbacks for a new set of insert sheets to go in with orders starting Monday, along with the Drumm Booklet list and Membership Discount Plan information. The latter two items I'll try to get transcribed for this webpage some time. The new insert sheets means I have another 207 paperback entries catalogued. Let's see--it took me from Nov 20 til now to get that many. There are probably times when it's taken me longer. Still, it points up the fact that I need to be cataloguing more. I think the total of books catalogued has been slipping over the past couple years, at least with the mass-market paperbacks. There are actually some empty shelves that need filling.
- A restocking of MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY'S FANTASY MAGAZINE #40 ($5.95--30% discount to members of discount plan) showed up. It's still got a cover story by Esther Friesner and an interview with Robert Holdstock by Darrell Schweitzer.

1/30/99 (Saturday):
- I got an order sent out to Donald M. Grant. Besides trying to restock whatever titles I'd run out of, I may have orders in for their March releases: two Edgar Rice Burroughs books and a big-ticket edition of THE CROW. Donald M. Grant doesn't always send along book orders sent in prior to release, so I'll wait and see.

1/31/99 (Super Sunday):
- This day was a waste, and I spent maybe fifteen minutes watching the game.

2/1/99 (Monday):
- Shipments in from Houghton Mif▀iin, Talebones, Necropolitan, Koch International:
From Houghton Mif▀in (30% discount to members of discount plan) I now have SLIPPAGE and ANGRY CANDY tpbs at $13 each. Also, a Mariner tpb of BOB THE GAMBLER by Frederick Barthelme ($12)--a "darkly funny love story" that is a NEW YORK TIMES Notable Book. Plus THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES: 1998 edited by Garrison Keillor (tpb, $13), THE BEST AMERICAN ESSAYS: 1998 edited by Cynthia Ozick, 3rd printing (tpb, $13), THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES: 1998 edited by Sue Grafton (tpb, $13).
- Back in stock from HMCo are THE FOURTH DIMENSION: A GUIDED TOUR OF THE HIGHER UNIVERSES by Rudy Rucker, 14th printing (tpb, $14), IN SEARCH OF DRACULA: THE HISTORY OF DRACULA AND VAMPIRES, COMPLETELY REVISED by Raymond T. McNally & Radu Florescu, 4th printing (tpb, $14.95) and THE ATLAS OF MIDDLE-EARTH: REVISED EDITION by Karen Wynn Fonstad, 6th printing (tpb, $22).
- From Necropolitan, it's more copies BONES OF THE OLD ONES AND OTHER LOVECRAFTIAN TALES by Jeffrey Thomas, the 2nd printing I mentioned earlier. This 70-page booklet is $5 (30% discount to Members of Discount Plan).
- TALEBONES #14, winter 1999 ($4.50--30% discount to Members of Discount Plan), includes Stefano Donati, Elisabeth Devos, Amy Sterling Casil, Bruce Boston, Syne Mitchell, Ken Rand's interview with Connie Willis, and reviews by Ed Bryant, Janna Silverstein, and Duane Wilkins.

The Koch CDs I'm carrying are:
- MIDDLESCENCE by Amy Rigby ($15.99). Robert Christgau gave this an A-minus in his "Consumer Guide" in VILLAGE VOICE.
- Also, two CDs from Music Club ($10.99 each): THIS IS HUEY "PIANO" SMITH (all of the original Ace recordings from one of the seminal figures of New Orleans R&B;, including "Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu") and THIS IS SKA! (the best artists from ska's first wave--Desmond Dekker, the Skatalites, the Ethiopians, Don Drummond--making a joyful and life-affirming dance music for the "Man In The Street"). Both of these got straight A grades by school-master critic Christgau.
And back in stock is APOLOGETICA by Daniel Lentz ($16.99) from New Albion.
- Koch CDs are discounted 20% to members of Discount Plan.

2/2/99 (Tuesday):
- I got an order out to Night Shade for NECRONOMICON FILES by Daniel Harms ($30--20% member's discount). Also, I should be getting their John Shirley book (REALLY WEIRD STORIES) when it comes out. "The book is at the printer as we speak and should be here by the 1st of March," says the publisher.
- Still another book from Cemetery Dance Publications arrived: THE WINCHESTER HORROR by William F. Nolan (#6 in their Novella Series)--price is $30 (10% member's discount).
- And a big box from Kent State showed up with both massive volumes in the Bleiler series. In stock now are SCIENCE FICTION: THE EARLY YEARS ($75) and SCIENCE FICTION: THE GERNSBACK YEARS ($65). I thought these might be short-discount items, but I'm able to give 30% to discount-plan members! These books provide complete coverage of the genre from earliest times to 1930 and from 1926 through 1936.
- I sent an order to Tattered Pages for their Hugh B. Cave titles DAGGER OF TSIANG and ESCAPADES OF THE EEL, plus an attempt to re-stock some of their earlier titles I had sold out of.

2/3/99 (Wednesday):
-A bunch of books from Random House (Vintage, Knopf, Modern Library) came in today. These are all discounted 30% under the MDP:
Bester, Alfred THE DEMOLISHED MAN (tpb, $11)
---VIRTUAL UNREALITIES: THE SHORT FICTION OF... (2nd printing; tpb, $14)
--- & Roger Zelazny PSYCHOSHOP (2nd printing; tpb, $12)
---MY DARK PLACES: AN L.A. CRIME MEMOIR (5th printing; tpb, $14)
Lethem, Jonathan AS SHE CLIMBED ACROSS THE TABLE (3rd printing; tpb, $12)
---GIRL IN LANDSCAPE (tpb, $12)
Millhauser, Steven MARTIN DRESSLER: THE TALE OF AN AMERICAN DREAMER (5th printing; tpb, $12)
Mooney, Ted EASY TRAVEL TO OTHER PLANETS (2nd printing; tpb $12)
---TRAFFIC & LAUGHTER (2nd printing, $12)
Polito, Robert SAVAGE ART: A BIOGRAPHY OF JIM THOMPSON (hc in dj, $30)
Roth, Philip ZUCKERMAN UNBOUND (2nd printing; tpb, $12)
Russell, Mary Doria CHILDREN OF GOD (hc in dj, $23.95)
Sacks, Oliver AN ANTHROPOLOGIST ON MARS: SEVEN PARADOXICAL TALES (10th printing; tpb, $13)
Sturgeon, Theodore MORE THAN HUMAN (tpb, $11)
---TO MARRY MEDUSA (tpb, $10)
Thompson, Jim THE ALCOHOLICS (5th printing; tpb, $9)
---THE CRIMINAL (4th printing; tpb, $9)
---CROPPER'S CABIN (4th printing; tpb, $10)
---THE KILLER INSIDE ME (3rd printing; tpb, $10)
---A SWELL-LOOKING BABE (6th printing; tpb, $9)
---WILD TOWN (4th printing; tpb, $10)
Vachss, Andrew BORN BAD: STORIES (9th printing; tpb, $12)
---DOWN IN THE ZERO (6th printing; tpb, $12)
---SHELLA (6th printing; tpb, $12)
---STREGA (4th printing; tpb, $12)

And these came in from Publisher's Group West (30% discount to members of Discount Plan):
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses DIRECTORY OF LITERARY MAGAZINES: 1999, Asphodel, tpb $12.95 Haining, Peter (editor) THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF 20TH CENTURY GHOST STORIES, Carroll & Graf '98, tpb $10.95
Infante, G. Cabrera INFANTE'S INFERNO (an autobiographical novel by pre-Castro Cuban great), Marlowe & Co., tpb $14.95
Koja, Kathe EXTREMITIES, FourWallsEightWindows, hc in dj $20
Rosset, Barney (editor) EVERGREEN REVIEW READER, Four Walls Eight Windows, tpb $24.95
Wilson, Robert Anton RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SITTING NOW, Ronin, 3rd printing, tpb $12.95
- On top of all this, the new issue of THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE #18 ($6) came in.

2/4/99 (Thursday):
- Only one book came in today: a paperback from Del Rey: COMMENCEMENT by Roby James ($5.99--30% member's discount).
- I spent much of the day setting up links for the titles I've gotten in. This seemed to go well. I think it's a great feature. If I can get proficient at it, maybe it won't take so long in the future.

2/5/99 (Friday):
- I got an order sent out to Advent today, to replace several sold-out titles--especially the De Vore awards compilaton and the revised IN SEARCH OF WONDER by Damon Knight.

2/6/99 (Saturday):
- I did the printout, reductions and layouts for Catalog 119 today. It goes to the printer on Monday.

2/7/99 (Sunday):

2/8/99 (Monday):
- I took catalog 119 to the printer today. It will be ready Friday, but it won't go out until Tuesday. There is a postal holiday on Monday.
- NO GOOD FROM A CORPSE by Leigh Brackett arrived from Dennis McMillan Publications. In addition to the novel it contains eight more stories and a bibliography with screen credits. Introduction is by Ray Bradbury, afterword by Michael Connelly. 564 pages. $35 (20% member's discount). We'll see if this is still around when it's time to compile next catalog. Looks like a sell-out to me.

2/9/99 (Tuesday):
- Something from Rounder finally showed up, but instead of the ten-each of the two critically aclaimed cassettes I was trying to get for re-sale, only one of each showed up, although ten was on the invoice and was the amount I was charged for. Putting myself in the mail-order customer's place sometimes can make me realize what it feels like to wait three or four weeks for something to show up, and then have it not be as ordered. Indeed my larger order which I see was charged on the same day to my credit card by Rounder still has yet to appear. But I'm not concerned about that. I told them to ship the cheapest way, so that means I was ready to wait. I do hope they can straighten out the eighteen more cassettes I am owed. I strapped on my portable cassette player for my run today with one of the two playing in my ear: Robert Ward FEAR NO EVIL. I cruised along quite blissfully, let me assure you. I hope I do get more so I can put it up here at a bargain price, because for my money it's the greatest kind of stuff--straight-ahead New Orleans R&B.; I would have gotten the CD but they didn't have any CDs for that title listed in their clearance sale brochure.
Also, a shipment from Advent came in today. Now I have IN SEARCH OF WONDER: ESSAYS ON MODERN SCIENCE FICTION by Damon Knight ($20), HUGO, NEBULA & WORLD FANTASY AWARDS by Howard DeVore ($14), GALAXY: THE DARK AND LIGHT YEARS by David L. Rosheim ($18) and THE SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL: IMAGINATION AND SOCIAL CRITICISM edited by Basil Davenport with Heinlein, Kornbluth, Bester and Bloch (tpb, $8) back in stock. Discount is 30% to discount-plan members.
- And, from Sirius Fiction, a re-supply of VANCE SPACE ($5), plus--related to Gene Wolfe--LEXICON URTHUS: ADDITIONS, ERRATA &CETERA;: vols. 1 ($1), 2 ($1) & 3 ($3). Also, LS-2: LANGUAGES OF THE LONG SUN WHORL ($5) and NS-1: A SYNOPSIS OF SEVERIAN'S NARRATIVE ($5). All these are 20% member's-discount items.
VANCE SPACE, published in 1997, " a 52-page booklet surveying a few dozen of the many planets in the SF of Jack Vance. From 'Aerlith' of THE DRAGON MASTERS to 'Zeck' of WYST: ALASTOR 1716, featuring a star map of the Oikumene and a Timeline tracking historical events of thirty novels."

2/10/99 (Wednesday):
- A straggler from my Random House/Houghton Mif▀in order arrived: HEAVY WATER AND OTHER STORIES by Martin Amis, Harmony 2nd printing, hc in dj ($21)--30% discount to discount-plan members.
- Another member of the DNA stable wended it's way here today: PIRATE WRITINGS #17 ($4.95--30% discount to members) with new fiction by Chris Bunch, "FAX" by Paul Di Filippo, Piccirilli interview, and more.

2/11/99 (Thursday):
- At last, the re-supply of PERFECT HOST: VOLUME 5 OF THE COLLECTED STORIES by Theodore Sturgeon ($27.50--members' price: $19.25) came in. Also there was CLASSICAL WHODUNNITS edited by Mike Ashley (Carroll & Graf, tpb $9.95--members' price: $6.97)
- From Donald M. Grant came a re-supply of several titles I was out of, but nothing new. Here's what came in: BLACK COLOSSUS ($20), CURIOUS QUEST OF B. FFELLOWES ($30), DOUBLE MEMORY ($34.95), FAR ISLANDS ($17), FIELDS OF SLEEP ($15), FUR MAGIC ($30), HOUR OF THE DRAGON ($30), INTO THE SUN ($15), JEWELS OF GWAHLUR ($20), LAST ADVENTURER ($25), MAGICIAN OUT OF MANCHURIA ($25), MRS. GOD ($25), MESSENGER OF DESTINY ($20), TIME AND CHANCE ($35), THE TOTEM ($24.95), WONDERFUL LIPS OF THIBONG LINH ($15), YELLOW FOG ($30). Also, I received TO QUEBEC AND THE STARS (waterstained special, as new $15) and WIZARD AND GLASS (as new, $55). New books are discounted 20%, "as new" by 10% to members of the discount plan.
- Also, says Donald M. Grant, "We have on order for you to be invoiced when published: AVEROIGNE CHRONICLES, THE CROW, MARCIA OF THE DOORSTEP, YOU LUCKY GIRL (both ERB trade editions). We will keep you informed about publication dates."
- And from Gryphon Publications today, three E.C. Tubb books: THE STELLAR LEGION, THE WALL, and EARTH SET FREE (originally: SPACE HUNGER). All are first US editions. They were previously published in the UK in 1953-4. Each sells for $15 (member's price: $10.50). In the box were more copies of THE WHISPERING GORILLA/RETURN OF THE WHISPERING GORILLA by Don Wilcox and David V. Reed ($20--member's price: $14).
- Finally, James Van Hise sent his THE FANTASTIC WORLDS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT ($17.95--member's price: $12.57). This assembles a whole slew of b&w; art and articles reprinted from various fanzines. It's well-produced, much like Van Hise's other productions (ROBERT E. HOWARD, EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS and PULP MAGAZINE THRILLERS--all still available at the same price as the HPL collection).

2/12/99 (Friday):
- I'm picking up Catalog 119 at the printer today, weather permitting. Neil got let out from school early yesterday because of the bad weather--high wind, ice, blowing snow. It looked like he might miss school today and I'd have to put off my trip to Ames for the catalog, but there weren't any school closings today, and I managed to get to Ames and back all right.
- A new issue of THE EDGE ($6--members price: $4.80)) came in. It says it's Issue 1, but I could swear I've had earlier issues. It's dated 1998 anyway. Looks like a good issue, as usual, though: stories by Graham Joyce, Monica Stasiak, Michael Moorcock, Chris Petit; interviews with Jonathan Carroll, Iain Banks, Ken MacLeod & Graham Joyce; plus columns, reviews of book, film & video.

2/13/99 (Saturday):
- DARK REGIONS/HORROR #11 ($4.95--member's price: $3.47) arrived at the post office today, featuring fiction by P.D. Cacek, Peter Crowther, James Dorr, C.S. Fuqua, Shikhar Dixit, Steve Eller, Jeffrey Thomas; and interviews with Ed Bryant and Charlee Jacob. A nice fat 112-page issue.

2/14/99 (Sunday):
- I tried hard to get caught up on everything today, but fell far short. Actually, though, I'm ready to pack up most all of the orders that need to go out. I have the luxury of waiting until Tuesday, since Monday is a postal holiday (President's Day). I still have maybe three orders that require me to catalog boxes of books sent for trade, but otherwise it's all ready to go. Tuesday should be fun with all the packaging and catalog labeling.

2/15/99 (Monday):
- As I write this now, it's 8AM, so I don't have much to say about today yet. I plan to work on e-mail, update my webpage, look up a few things on the Internet. I used to do all that in the evening when Neil already had the computer going, at odd times when I'm not cooking dinner and he's not using the computer--but that doesn't always work out. The computer doesn't get freed up for my usage all that readily sometimes. Moreover, I'm sometimes very tired by then. The prospect of my trying to work on the Internet during heavy-traffic times, when I'd rather be reading a book or sleeping, often ends up with my not bothering at all, with another day sliding past for the e-mail to pile and webpage grow more stale.
- The post office was closed, but UPS brought a new book from Indiana University Press: THE HUNDRED THOUSAND FOOLS OF GOD: MUSICAL TRAVELS IN CENTRAL ASIA (AND QUEENS, NEW YORK) by Theodore Levin with musical compact disc included (tpb, $24.95--members price: $19.96).

2/16/99 (Tuesday):
- Some stragglers from Random House: THE KNIFE THROWER by Steven Millhouser (tpb, $12), NIGHT TRAIN by Martin Amis (tpb, $11) and SINGING INTO THE PIANO by Ted Mooney (tpb, $14).
- Catalog 119 went out today. Next catalog, if memory serves, goes to the printer March 29. Everything in since Feb 6 will go in next catalog. So, the way to find out about new arrivals before next catalog comes out is right here.

2/17/99 (Wednesday):
- My post-catalog letdown day today. Packing up 21 orders yesterday, plus getting the catalog out, left me feeling a bit drained, as expected. But at least it all got done. Hopefully I can get a lot of cataloguing done tomorrow, because that's where I'm behind right now.

2/18/99 (Thursday):
- I did spend most of the day getting purchase orders out to publishers: Viking/Penguin/NAL/Roc/DAW/Putnam/Ace/Berkley/even Scholastic, White Wolf/Borealis, St. Martin's/Tor, Anamnesis. I'm sure I missed many desirable titles from the that first-listed megalopoly and included way too many for my own personal "Western Canon" shelf, but at least I cleared out a bunch of titles from my order files. Many of these titles, perhaps, should have been cleared out otherwise than to transfer them into a purchase order, but there they were and the computer was willing. It might not be so smart to replenish back-stock I was probably lucky to sell out of in the first place, in favor of keeping up with the latest releases.
- The limited hardcover of PORTRAIT OF JENNNIE ($30--member's price: $24) from Tachyon came in. The trade paperback is still available ($14--members: $ 9.80). It's a classic short novel by Robert Nathan with introductions by Peter S. Beagle and Sean Stewart. "The supernatural love story of a depression era artist and a young girl slipping through time, this spellbinding classic from 1940 is a masterpiece of modern fantasy."

2/19/99 (Friday):
- I'm spending too much of the morning working at this computer! I have a couple more orders to process and get sent out this afternoon. Tomorrow I won't be able to hit the post office in time to send any packages (or get any) because I've preregistered for the Red Flannel Run at 8:30 AM in Des Moines.
- Another publication from DNA arrived: WEIRD TALES LIBRARY #1 ($7.50--30% members discount). It features two complete novels: THE WHITE ISLE by Darrell Schweitzer and BONE MUSIC by Alan Rodgers plus a short story by John Gregory Betancourt--200,000 words of weird fiction all told.

2/20/99 (Saturday):
- I ran the Red Flannel Run today. I came in 28th overall and 6th in my age-group. If I were a year older I would have been in the next age group and I would have finished second. But most of the real runners were running the 5 miles (actually 4.9). I did the 3-mile (actually 3.1 or just about a 5K). It was a somewhat faster pace than I can manage on my own just running for fun, so I was satisfied with my performance.

2/21/99 (Sunday):
- I got started moving books around to get things a little better organized around here, and ended up practically overhauling the place. Maybe it will make me more efficient, but I didn't get many orders processed or books pulled.

2/22/99 (Monday):
- A shipment of mostly re-stock items from White Wolf/Borealis arrived today. Included were ANGELS ON FIRE by Nancy A. Collins (tpb, $11.99), SWORDS AGAINST THE SHADOWLAND by Robin Wayne Bailey ($9.99), Harlan Ellison's THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER: THE ORIGINAL TELEPLAY THAT BECAME THE CLASSIC STAR TREK EPISODE with an expanded introductory essay (tpb, $11.99), MIDNIGHT BLUE (SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK, IN THE BLOOD & PAINT IT BLACK) by Nancy A. Collins (tpb, $14.99), THE DANCERS AT THE END OF TIME (AN ALIEN HEAT, THE HOLLOW LANDS & THE END OF ALL SONGS) by Michael Moorcock (hc in dj, $22.99).
- And new, to me anyway, are two volumes in THE ROAD TO SCIENC FICTION edited by James Gunn: VOLUME 5: THE BRITISH WAY and VOLUME 6: AROUND THE WORLD (tpb, $14.99 each).
- Also, these paperbacks from Borealis: BORDERLANDS 1, 2 & 3 edited by Thomas F. Monteleone ($5.99 each), THE SWORD OF MARY and THE PSALMS OF HEROD by Esther M. Friesner ($5.99 each), and THE RETURN OF COUNT ELECTRIC, RESUME WITH MONSTERS and ZOD WALLOP by William Browning Spencer ($5.99 each). Also this World of Darkness paperback: TO SIFT THROUGH BITTER ASHES: THE GRAILS COVENANT BOOK ONE by David Niall Wilson ($5.99).
- All these White Wolf/Borealis books receive a 30% member's discount.
- On the invoice it says "EDGEWORKS 5 & 6 have been delayed until the second half of the year." - From Necro Publications, DREAD IN THE BEAST; A HARCORE HORROR COLLECTION by Charlee Jacob (tpb, $12.95--30% members discount). There's also a hc edition for $40 (20% member's discount).
- The increasingly popular small magazine NOT ONE OF US #21, 3/99, $3.50 (member's discount: 20%)--their "love" issue--came in too. It has a story by Don Webb, plus plenty else.

2/25/99 (Thursday):
- Not much has been coming in the past couple days and I haven't had a chance to be on-line, so this journal has missed a couple days. If my notebook yields something worth retyping I may fill in the days later. Neil was working on a "Forum" section. I'm looking forward to seeing if it works out.

2/26/99 (Friday):
- The first of my "multi company order" from Penguin Putnam arrived today: a resupply of INFINITE WORLDS: THE FANTASTIC VISIONS OF SCIENCE FICTION ART by Vincent Di Fate ($45--members price: $31.50) with foreword by Ray Bradbury--a hefty tome to be sure. Still in its first printing too.

3/2/99 (Tuesday):
- Darkside/Silver Salamander Press sent its newest publication, from their Midnight House imprint: THE HOUSE OF THE NIGHTMARE by Edward Lucas White ($40--members price: $32). It's the first collection of horror fiction by White in over 70 years. It includes the familiar classics "Amina" and "Lukundoo" as well as more difficult-to-find stories. "Midnight House is dedicated to the preservation of classic horror and weird fiction in handsome, inexpensive editions. Printings are limited to 250 numbered, casebound copies. Expect the same standard of fine binding and printing that you've come to rely on from Silver Salamander Press."
- My "multi-company" order to Penguin Putman Inc. has resulted in only one additional book today--a lone copy of one PARADISE, PIECE BY PIECE by Molly Peacock. No doubt an estimable book, but checking my original order I find that what I really ordered was PARADISE LOST & PARADISE REGAINED by John Milton (for my "Western Canon" collection--and to laze under a tree with someday).

3/3/99 (Wednesday):
- I've been neglecting my webpage updates of late. Hopefully the lag won't continue increasing. I've been getting some nice feedback on this site. I'd like to put more on it than what books came in each day, but at least there's that much I can do to keep things updated. For example, today the mass-market side of my Tor order came it. It typically precedes the trade (hc & tpb) books by a couple days. It will be a challenge ticking off the list of books, but I'll try it anyway (in no particular order--all 30% members discount):
- First up is a book I know I didn't order. I'll have to check to see what it replaces of what I did order. It's JORDAN: THE MAN, HIS WORDS, HIS LIFE by Michael Krugel, about the basketball player ($5.99).
- Also in is:
- SATURN RUKH by Robert L. Forward ($6.99)
- BLOODWARS by Brian Lumley ($6.99)
- THE CHANGED MAN (stories) by Orson Scott Card ($4.99)
- THE VOICES OF HEAVEN by Frederik Pohl ($5.99)
- NOW YOU SEE IT... by Richard Matheson ($5.99)
- THE URTH OF THE NEW SUN by Gene Wolfe ($3.95)
- BLEAK SEASONS (Glittering Stone #1) by Glen Cook ($5.99)
- MAIRELON THE MAGICIAN by Patricia C. Wrede ($5.99)
- STEROID BLUES by Richard La Plante ($6.99)
- MOON CALLED by Andre Norton ($3.99)
- THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG by Philip Jose Farmer ($4.99)
- XENOCIDE by Orson Scott Card ($6.99)
- BERSERKER KILL by Fred Saberhagen ($6.99)
- YOUNG BLEYS by Gordon R. Dickson ($5.99)
- DRUM CALLS by Jo Clayton ($6.99)
- THE DRAGON REBORN (The Wheel of Time #3) by Robert Jordan ($7.99)
- THE FLEET OF STARS by Poul Anderson ($6.99)
- LOVELOCK by Orson Scott Card and Kathryn H. Kidd ($5.99)
- THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT GOES TO HELL by Harry Harrison ($5.99)
- THE DRAGON & THE GNARLY KING by Gordon R. Dickson ($6.99)
- A QUANTUM MURDER by Peter F. Hamilton ($6.99)
- CHRISTMAS MAGIC edited by David G. Hartwell ($5.99)
- FLIGHT OF VENGEANCE (Witch World: The Turning Book 2) by Andre Norton with P.M. Griffin & Mary Schaub ($4.99)
- EXODUS FROM THE LONG SUN by Gene Wolfe ($6.99)
- VAMPHYRI! (Necroscope #2) by Brian Lumley ($6.99)
- SHADOW GAMES (The Fourth Chronicle of the Black Company & First Book of the South) by Glen Cook ($5.99)
- EXPIRATION DATE by Tim Powers ($6.99)
- BLOOD BROTHERS by Brian Lumley ($6.99)
- DERELICT FOR TRADE by Andre Norton & Sherwood Smith ($5.99)
- BIJAPUR (Blood of the Goddess #2) by Kara Dalkey ($6.99)
- NECROSCOPE: THE LOST YEARS by Brian Lumley ($6.99)
- SONG IN THE SILENCE by Elizabeth Kerner ($6.99)
- DEAD GIRLS by Richard Calder ($4.99)
- HEARTLIGHT by T.A. Barron ($5.99)
- TRADER by Charles de Lint ($6.99)
- LORDS OF THE SEVENTH SWARM by Dave Wolverton ($6.99)
- ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card ($6.99)
- SHE IS THE DARKNESS (a novel of the Black Company) by Glen Cook ($6.99)
- THE EYE OF THE WORLD (The Wheel of Time #1) by Robert Jordan ($6.99)
- A MILLION OPEN DOORS by John Barnes ($5.99)
- PRIMARY INVERSION by Catherine Asaro ($5.99)
- MINDSTAR RISING by Peter F. Hamilton ($6.99)
- NADYA by Pat Murphy ($6.99)
- MERLIN'S BONES by Fred Saberhagen ($5.99)
- DESTINY'S ROAD by Larry Niven ($6.99)
- THE LAST AERIE (sequel to BLOOD BROTHERS) by Brian Lumley ($6.99)
- THE WHEEL OF TIME #1-3 (boxed) by Robert Jordan ($22.97)
- THE WHEEL OF TIME #4-6 (boxed) by Robert Jordan ($23.97)
- Most of these are replacements for books I'd sold out of. I was too lazy to go through the lists of recent and upcoming mass-market releases, although I'm sure I'd have a better chance of selling those. These replacement books I already had in my ordering system, because when I sell out of a new book I put it in my re-order file. So, even if I was darn lucky to sell out the book in the first place, here it is again. One of these days I'll learn. I hope.
- Also in today, a new one from Terminal Fright Publications: THIS IS MY BLOOD by David Niall Wilson ($30--members price: $24)--an audaciously blasphemous vampire novel by one of the genres brightest new stars, and that's a quote. This is a 1000-copy signed edition.

3/4/99 (Thursday):
- A new book from Subterranean arrived today along with a couple new chapbooks:
- SEDUCTIONS by Ray Garton (hc in dj, $50--members: $45). "This first hardcover edition of Ray Garton's novel of sexual terror features an original introduction by the Author, an Afterword by Richard Laymon, full -color dustjacket art, and at least half a dozen interior illustrations! Don't miss the chance to own this collectible hardcover of the novel which prefigured classics such as LIVE GIRLS and THE NEW NEIGHBOR."
- THE SEED OF LOST SOULS by Poppy Z. Brite ($12--members: $ 9.60). "This new chapbook documents the steps to a first novel, and beyond. It contains the short, previously unpublished novella out of which her first novel grew, along with an original introduction, a review/essay on vampires, and an interview dating to the time of the novel's publication."
- LULU AND ONE OTHER by Thomas Tessier ($12--members: $9.60). "A mini-collection containing "Lulu", a new novelette, and "Nightsuite," a three-part short story. Over 13,000 words of original fiction!"
- Word on Peter Straub's chapbook PETER AND PTR--expected to ship with the above--is that errors discovered "post-production" will delay it several weeks.

3/5/99 (Friday):
- A few things from PGW came in today, mostly re-arrivals (all 30% members discount):
- THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF HISTORICAL EROTICA edited by Maxim Jakubowski (Carroll & Graf, tpb $10.95)
- THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRES edited by Stephen Jones (Carroll & Graf, tpb $10.95)
- THE CAMELOT CHRONICLES edited by Mike Ashley (Carroll & Graf, tpb $12.95)
- THE CHRONICLES OF THE ROUND TABLE edited by Mike Ashle (Carroll & Graf, tpb $12.95)
- A MODERN TREASURY OF GREAT DETECTIVE AND MURDER MYSTERIES edited by Ed Gorman (Carroll & Graf, tpb $12.95)
- THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND by William Hope Hodgson (Carroll & Graf, mmpb $4.95)
- WORD VIRUS: THE WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS READER edited by James Grauerholz and Ira Silverberg (Grove Press, hc in dj with spoken-word CD, $27.50)
- BARLOWE'S INFERNO (art book) with introduction by Tanith Lee (Morpheus, hc in dj $24.95)
- Also finally, after almost two months, the cassettes from Rounder's Black Top label: Robert Ward FEAR NO EVIL (southern bluesman) and Neville Brothers NEVILLE-IZATION (recorded live)--both Christgau A-List items and not available on CD (at least in the Rounder catalog) have arrived. So now I can genuinely offer these at $2.50 brand-new in factory-fresh shrink wrap.

3/7/99 (Sunday):
- It's early yet today. Hopefully I'll have more to add and fill in later.
- It's later now, and a funny thing happened when I turned on my business computer to process some orders. I'd done all the book-pulling for all the orders I have in hand, and I needed to get to work so I could at least start shipping out some stuff tomorrow. But the monitor stayed black when I powered up the computer, and the light to say it is on was off, and I couldn't get it to come on. So, I haven't been able to get anything much done today. Naturally I'm a little apprehensive. I'll try to get to the computer place in Ames tomorrow, but there is a winter weather advisory put out for tomorrow. I hate to get further behind on filling orders, but maybe if I end up having to upgrade to a new computer, and if all my data can be transferred into new programs, and if I can learn how to operate new software--maybe it will all turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I don't like to replace things unless they are broken, not just because they are outdated like my old Macintosh LC. Maybe now it's broken. I'll let you know. If you have an order you're waiting for me to send, it could be I'll have to haul out the old "the computer is down" excuse.

3/8/99 (Monday):
- I didn't make it to the computer place today as I need to. A big snowstorm has schools closed and travel not recommended. I'm hoping to get out tomorrow. Meanwhile, the stack of pulled orders needing to be readied for mailing remains in place. Sorry about the delay, if you are waiting for me to send you something. Hopefully it will end up with no data lost and me perhaps with an upgraded system. Maybe I'll even have a computer I can be on line with my total inventory. Hopefully I'll have something to report tomorrow.

3/9/99 (Tuesday):
- I made it to the computer place today. I could have bought a new monitor and be back up the was I was, but I'm still thinking about getting a new computer system--maybe an iMac. I did get all my essential data put on a zip disk, so I can hopefully learn on this (the family computer) how to use it on new software. I've tried make a start using Appleworks, but it's slow going. At least I know the data is there and I can see it. What I end up being able to do with it remains to be seen. Hopefully I can at least start getting some orders processed. I have almost three weeks before I'm scheduled to have another catalog ready for the printer. Maybe if I can get it all figured out everything will be better, but I'm starting to wonder. I had everything running nice and elegantly before. Nobody was any too impressed with my computer prowess, but I thought it got the job done. Rather than take advantage of new capabilities, I'm afraid I'll just be trying to get things back to as close to the way I had them before as possible.
- Just as I was leaving for Ames this morning five out of a six-box shipment from Tor arrived--hardcovers and trade paperbacks. I should probably get into my regular data files now that I have access to them on this computer, work on cataloguing for the catalog and transfer everything here, so I don't end up inputting everything twice. In the end, it all might work out very nicely. Who knows, maybe tomorrow--or even tonight if Neil is up to it--I'll have everything on-line for your perusal. Except one stumbling block I think I may have is that in the word-processing program I used before, a lot of the entries were in "hidden text", if they were for books I thought I might be getting back in, to save me from having to catalog again. I'm not sure Appleworks can handle hidden text. I think it might just show it as regular text. And I don't want to put out the word that I have books I don't actually have.
- For now I'll just say that if you're waiting for me to get you something from Tor/St. Martin's, chances are it's here now or soon will be--or will be as soon as it gets published. They should be sending me books out into the future now for a few months, as they come out.

3/10/99 (Wednesday):
- Now I can transfer the actual catalog listings here. So these are the Tor/St. Martin's trade books (now that the sixth box has arrived):
Asaro, Catherine THE LAST HAWK, Tor, 11/97, 1st edn, (Skolian Empire #3), new in dj 25.95, also these others are still availble:
---CATCH THE LIGHTNING, Tor, 12/96, 1st edn, (#2), new in dj 24.95
---PRIMARY INVERSION, Tor, 3/95, 1st edn, (Skolian Empire #1), new in dj 21.95
---THE RADIANT SEAS, Tor, 1/99, 1st edn, (Skolian Empire #4), new in dj 26.95
Barnes, John FINITY, Tor, 3/99, 1st edn, (A novel of many worlds), new in dj 22.95
Bowes, Richard MINIONS OF THE MOON, Tor, 2/99, 1st edn, new in dj 23.95
Burke, Timothy & Kevin Burke SATURDAY MORNING FEVER, St. Martin's Griffin, 2nd, (growing up with cartoon culture; loving, insightful and hilarious), new 17.95
Cadigan, Pat PATTERNS, Tor, 3/99, , (LOCUS award-winning collection; introduction by Bruce Sterling), {Ursus hc in dj still available @ 19.95; boxed ltd. edition, $50}, trade pb, new 13.95
Datlow, Ellen & Terri Windling (eds) THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR: Sixth Annual Collection, St. Martin's, 8/93, 1st edn (pb variant), new 16.95
Davidson, Avram THE AVRAM DAVIDSON TREASURY, Tor, 10/98, 1st edn, (stories; afterwords by Ray Bradbury & Harlan Ellison; 447 pages), new in dj 27.95
--- THE INVESTIGATIONS OF AVRAN DAVIDSON: COLLECTED MYSTERIES, St5. Martin's, 2/99, 1st edn, (Grania Davis & Richard A. Lupoff [eds]), new/dj 24.95
Dedman, Stephen THE ART OF ARROW CUTTING, Tor, 3/99, trade pb, new 13.95
de Lint, ChalresMOONLIGHT AND VINES, Tor, 2nd, (A Newford collection), new in dj 24.95
Denton, Bradley BLACKBURN, St. Martin's, 2nd, (horror novel of contemporary American culture), {trade pb available @ $12}, new in dj 19.95
Douglas, CaroleVISITORS FROM OZ, St. Martin's, 11/98, 1st US edn, (Dorothy and friends return to New York City, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of THE WIZARD OF OZ), new in dj 22.95
Dozois, Gardner (ed) THE GOOD NEW STUFF: ADVENTURE SF IN THE GRAND TRADITION, St. Martin's Griffin, 2/99, 1st edn, trade pb, new 17.95
---(ed) THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: Seventh Annual, St. Martin's ('90), 1st (pb variant), (more than 250,000 words of fantastic fiction), trade pb, new 14.95
---(ed) THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: Eleventh Annual Collection, St. Martin's Griffin, 2nd, (more than 250,000 words of fantastic fiction), trade pb, new 17.95
---((ed) THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: Twelfth Annual Collection, St. Martin's Griffin, 2nd, (stories from 1994; more than 250,000 words of fantastic fiction), trade pb, new 17.95
Farmer, Philip JosÄ NOTHING BURNS IN HELL, Forge, 2nd, new in dj 22.95
Grant, Charles L.IN THE MOOD, Forge, 2/98, 1st edn, (Millennium Quartet #2), new in dj 23.95
Hardwick, Michael THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SHERLOCK HOLMES, St. Martin's, 3rd, (the book any serious collector would want), trade pb, new 11.95
Hartwell, David G. AGE OF WONDERS: Exploring the World of Science Fiction, Tor, 2nd, (insider's view of SF; newly revised for the 1990s), trade pb, new 15.95
--- & Kathryn Cramer (eds) THE ASCENT OF WONDER: The Evolution of Hard SF, Orb, 9/97, (more than 60 groundbreaking stories; 990 pages), trade pb, new 27.95
Hogan, James P. OUTWARD BOUND, Tor, 3/99. 1st edn, (A Jupiter¬ novel), new in dj 22.95
Jacobs, Harvey AMERICAN GOLIATH, St. Martin's Griffin, 10/98, (witty, raucous, and magical tale of American life; inspired by the amazing true story of the Cardiff Giant), {hc in dj still avail. @ 24.95}, trade pb, new 14.95
Jones, Diana Wynne DEEP SECRET, Tor, 3/99, 1st US edn, (vivid tale of witchery), new in dj 24.95
Jones, Gwyneth PHOENIX CAFE, Tor, 1/99, (White Queen #3; maintains a high level of philosophical speculation), {hc in dj still available @ 24.95}, trade pb, new 14.95
Joseph, Mark DEADLINE Y2K, St. Martin's, 2/99, 1st, (techno-thriller; a chain of computer malfunctions turns what was to be a global gala into a catastrophe), new in dj 24.95
Joyce, Graham THE TOOTH FAIRY, Tor, 2/99, (eerie and quite lovely coming-of-age tale), new 14.95
Kessel, John , Mark L. Van Name & Richard Butner (eds) INTERSECTIONS: THE SYCAMORE HILL ANTHOLOGY, Tor, 1/99, (OA; stories resulting from prestigious invitation-only writers conference; primer for SF workshops; Emshwiller, Fowler, Lethem, Sterling), {hc in dj still avail. @ 23.95}, new 16.95
Kihn, Greg BIG ROCK BEAT, Forge, 2nd, (wild and wacky romp), new in dj 23.95
Kroker, Arthur & David Cook (eds) THE POSTMODERN SCENE: Excremental Culture and Hyper-Aesthetics, CultureTexts/St. Martin's, 2nd edn (includes THE POSTMODERN MOOD), ('91), (a series of major theorisations), trade pb, new 16.95
--- & Michael A. Weinstein DATA TRASH: The Theory of the Virtual Class, Cultertexts/St. Martin's '94, (explores cyer-culture and virtual reality), trade pb, new 16.95
Lumley, Brian TITUS CROW, Tor, 1/97, 1st thus, (=Burrowers Beneath/The Transition of Titus Crow; first of three omnibus volumes), {trade pb avail. @ 14.95}, new/dj 24.95
McMullen, Sean THE CENTURION'S EMPIRE, Tor, 7/98, 1st edn, (both cutting edge science fiction adventure and detailed historical fiction), new in dj 24.95 Mixon, Laura J. PROXIES, Tor, 9/98, 1st edn, (plausible SF thriller), new in dj 24.95
Niven, Larry RAINBOW MARS, Tor, 3/99, 1st edn, (utterly unique novel on the origin of the Martian canals), new in dj 24.95
Nolan, William F. SHARKS NEVER SLEEP, St. Martin's, 11/98, 1st edn, (A Black Mask mystery featuring Erle Stanley Gardner), new / dj 22.95
Pohl, Frederik O PIONEER!, Tor, 5/98, 1st edn, (SF in the classic mold), new in dj 21.95
Rosenberg, Joel NOT EXACTLY THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Tor, 2/99, (A GUARDIANS OF THE FLAME novel; swashbuckling parody of Alexandre Dumas), new in dj 23.95
Russell, Jay S. BURNING BRIGHT, St. Martin's, 1st US edn, 5/98,(A Marty Burns novel; a distinctive blend of comedy, horror, and thriller by the author of CELESTIAL DOGS), new in dj 23.95
Saberhagen, Fred THE FIRST SWORDS, Tor, 2/99, 1st thus, (collects vols. 1, 2 & 3), trade pb, new 16.95
Sheckley, Robert GODSHOME, Tor, 1/99, 1st edn, (fast-paced, witty fantasy in the UNKNOWN tradition), new in dj 22.95
Sheffield, Charles (ed) HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD, Tor, 2/99, (original anthology; eminently practical solutions from 15 of SF's wildest imaginations), new 14.95
Shetterly, Will DOGLAND, Tor, 8/98, (set in 1959 Florida, a Yankee family opens a tourist attraction where every breed of dog lives side by side; a tale of American magic realism like no other), {hc in dj still available @ 25.95}, trade pb, new 15.95
Snyder, Midori THE INNAMORATI, Tor, 2nd, (unusual fantasy), new in dj 24.95
Vance Jack PORTS OF CALL, Tor, 4/98, 1st edn, (galaxy-hopping, picaresque adventure from a master), {trade pb avail. @ 13.95}, as new but dj has small tear 11.50
Waldrop, Howard GOING HOME AGAIN, St. Martin's, 7/98, (stories), new in dj 22.95
Wilhelm, Kate DEFENSE FOR THE DEVIL, St. Martin's, 2/99, 1st edn, (attorney Barbara Holloway mystery), new in dj 24.95
Wilson, F. Paul THE BARRENS AND OTHERS, Forge, 12/98, 1st edn, (previously uncollected fiction), new in dj 24.95
Wilson, Robert Charles DARWINIA, Tor, 6/98, 1st edn, (A novel of a very different twentieth century), new in dj 22.95
Wolfe, Gene CASTLE OF DAYS,Orb, 4/95, (The Castle of the Otter + Gene Wolfe's Book of Days; 447 pages), {hc in dj still avail. @ 22.95}. newj 14.95
---PEACE, Orb, 7/95, (spellbinding, brilliant tour de force of imagination), new 12.95 Wright, Ronald A SCIENTIFIC ROMANCE, Picador USA, 3/99, new 13.00
Wright, Susan UFO HEADQUARTERS: INVESTIGATIONS ON CURRENT EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL ACTIVITY, St. Martin's9/98, 1st edn, (non-fic), new in dj 23.95
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn WRIT IN BLOOD: A Novel of Saint-Germain, Tor, 7/98, (on the verge of the First World War, Saint-Germain accepts a top-secret assignment from Czar Nicholas), {hc in dj still available @ 26.95}, trade pb, new 15.95
Zelazny, Rober (ed) THE WILLIAMSON EFFECT, Tor, 5/96, 1st edn, (OA; a tribute to Jack Williamson, the dean of modern SF), {trade pb available @ 15.95}, new / dj 23.95
- That's only part of the list. I'll add to it when I can get more cataloguing done.
- Also in today: the hardcover of the Simon Clark collection that arrived in trade pb for a while ago. It costs $35 (members price: $ 28)

3/11/99 (Thursday):
- Only one book in today: Crouch, Stanley ALWAYS IN PURSUIT: FRESH AMERICAN PERSPECTIVES, Vintage, 3/99, 1st thus, (adds two new essays; feisty and varied), new 14.00--members: $ 9.80).

3/12/99 (Friday):
- A bunch of books from Ace/Berkley/Penguin/DAW/Roc/etc. has arrived (all 30% member discount): Beagle, Peter S. GIANT BONES, Roc, 8/97, 1st, (6 breathtaking stories set in the bestselling world of THE INNKEEPER'S SONG),trade pb, new 11.95
Blaylock, James P. WINTER TIDES, Ace, 8/97, 1st edn, new in dj 21.95
Kilpatrick, Nancy & Thomas S. Roche (eds) IN THE SHADOW OF THE GARGOYLE, Ace, 10/98, 1st, (Original and Classic tales of Nightmares Carved in Stone), trade pb, new 12.00
Peake, Mervyn THE GORMENGHAST NOVELS, Tusk/Overlook, 2nd, (3-in-1; restored text; Introductory Essays by Anthony Burgess & Quentin Crisp), trade pb, new 24.95
Piper, H. Beam THE COMPLETE FUZZY, Ace, 12/98, (3-in-1 edn), trade pb, new 15.00
Sterling, BruceSCHISMATRIX PLUS, Ace, 2nd, (every word ever written on the Shapers-Mechanists Universe; adds selected stories from CRYSTAL EXPRESS), trade pb, new 13.00
Stewart, Sean MOCKINGBIRD, Ace, 8/98, 1st edn, (magical-realism fantasy), new in dj 21.95
Varley, John THE GOLDEN GLOBE, Ace, 10/98, 1st edn, new in dj 22.95
Vonnegut, Kurt TIMEQUAKE, Berkley, 9th, (a New York Times Notable Book), trade pb, new 13.00

3/13/99 (Saturday):
- I'm trying to bear down and get caught up filling orders. Trying to get the batch already pulled processed and shpped out, I've accumulated an intimidating pile of new orders to pull.

3/14/99 (Sunday):
- Today I got almost every order in hand pulled, and almost all the previously-pulled orders ready for shipping on Monday.
- Here's what I wrote in an e-mail to a customer: IŇm almost back to business-as-usual now. It was getting a little crazy having part of my business on one computer and part on another, so when my monitor went down, I figured instead of pay $179 for a new one, I ought to spring for a new computer. I havenŇt quite sprung yet, but I have everything up and walking if not running on the family computer. IŇm learning some new programs--and getting used to a right-handed mouse--but I seem to be slowly getting the hang of it, and all my data seems to have survived the transfer.

3/15/99 (Monday):
- I see it's been a week since I've last worked on this webpage. I'm filling in a few items for the past few days from my notebook. The computer conversion has gone well but not so quickly. I've had to concentrate on trying to get orders going out. But now I have access to all my data on this one computer, so it looks like I'll have more capabilities to give out information over the e-mails and on this webpage.
- New arrivals today:
- From Berkley: Barker, Clive BOOKS OF BLOOD: VOLUMES ONE TO THREE, Berkley, 2nd, ("Special Collector's Edition" with a new introduction by author), new $14.00 (members: $11.20).
- From Four Walls Eight Windows: Shepard, Lucius BEAST OF THE HEARTLAND AND OTHER STORIES, 3/99, 1st US, (=BARNACLE BILL THE SPACER), new $10.95 (members: $7.67)

3/16/99 (Tuesday):

3/17/99 (Wednesday):
- Some new books from Tor/St. Martin's (30% member discount) arrived today:
Douglas, Carole Nelson CAT IN AN INDIGO MOOD, Forge, 4/99, 1st edn, (A Midnight Louie mystery; wild and witty jet-black feline sleuth), new in dj 24.95
Goulart, Ron GROUCHO MARX, PRIVATE EYE, St. Martin's, 4/99, 1st edn, new in dj 23.95
Hartwell, David G. & Glenn Grant (eds) NORTHERN SUNS, Tor, 4/99, 1st edn, (The New Anthology of Canadian SF; critical essay, intro, notes), new in dj 24.95
Holland, Cecelia AN ORDINARY WOMAN, Forge, 4/99, 1st edn, (biography; the remarkable story of the first American woman in California), new in dj 21.95
Norton, Andre & Rosemary Edghill THE SHADOW OF ALBION, Tor, 4/99, 1st edn, (Carolus Rex #1; alternate history set in 1805 Baltimore), new in dj 23.95
Robinson, Frank M. WAITING, Forge, 4/99, 1st edn, (a novel of contemporary menace), new in dj 23.95
Williamson, Jack THE SILICON DAGGER, Tor, 4/99, 1st edn, (near future SF), new in dj 23.95
Wolfe, Gene FREE LIVE FREE, Orb, 2/99, (character-driven SF at its best), trade pb, new 15.95

3/18/99 (Thursday):
- A few books from Anamnesis came in today:
Blish, James WITH ALL OF LOVE: SELECTED POEMS, Anamnesis '95, one of 150 numbered copies, new no dj issued 29.95
Daniels, Keith Allen SATAN IS A MATHEMATICIAN: POEMS OF THE WEIRD, SURREAL AND FANTASTIC, Anamnesis '98, (haunting masterpiece), new 12.95
---(ed) ARTHUR C. CLARKE & LORD DUNSANY: A CORRESPONDENCE, Anamnesis '98, (lively and informative exchange between two great writers), new 9.95
Utley, Steven THIS IMPATIENT APE, Anamnesis '98, (poetry), booklet, new 5.95
And from Subterranean, the delayed Straub, Peter PETER AND PTR: TWO DELETED PREFACES AND AN INTRODUCTION, Subterranean '99, one of 302 SIGNED copies, 31-page bklt, new $10 has arrived.

3/19/99 (Friday):
Back in today: Matheson, Richard NOIR: 3 NOVELS OF SUSPENSE, G&G; Boorks, 6/97, one of 500 SIGNED copies, (Someone is Bleeding/Fury on Sunday/Ride the Nightmare; the three power-ful and hard-to-find suspense novels), BOXED, new no dj as issued 65.00 (10% members discount)

3/20/99 (Saturday):
- Neil set up my "new" computer in my office area today. Actually I inherited his computer, because he wanted the iMac I bought. This computer already had all my data up and running. There are a few annoyances, but the iMac would have been the same thing. The fonts aren't the same as what I was accustomed to, and things like Small Caps are gone. Maybe I should have held out for a better word processing program, but I'm hoping to get used to this computer. Certainly there are a lot of features. Now I can access my data directly and copy it onto e-mail. No telling how many times I've had to tell people I can't share date from my business computer and the family's on-line computer.
- One of the hurdles for setting up the computer here is that we strung an ethernet cable to link the two computers but it wouldn't reach where my old computer was. I was wanting to move my work area anyway, so this pushed me over the edge--and what a precipice! I had to unload at least six shelves, and move them around, along with my desk. Things are still in a very disheveled state, but I can process orders--if I can only pull them.
- Also: CRIME WAVE #1, '99, (high-quality UK magazine from the publisher of Third Altenative; 100% Pure Crime Fiction; Julian Rathbone, Ian Rankin, etc.), new 6.00 came in today. Members discount on TTA publications is 25%.

3/21/99 (Sunday):
- I ran in the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick 10K today. It was nice and cool, but I was some 20 seconds off my pace from last year. I only feel like sitting here at the computer--not much like darting around pulling books, which is really what I need to do right now.

3/22/99 (Monday):
- Some books from NESFA (20% member discount) came today:
Boucher, Anthony THE COMPLEAT BOUCHER: The Complete Short Science Fiction and Fantasy, NESFA '98, 1st edn, (one original), new in dj 25.00
Clement, Hal THE ESSENTIAL..., Volume 1: TRIO FOR SLIDE RULE & TYPEWRIT-ER, NESFA, 2/99, 1st edn, (contains Needle, Iceworld & Close to Critical; three of author's most important hard SF novels 518 pages), new in dj 25.00
Harness, Charles L. AN ORNAMENT TO HIS PROFESSION, NESFA '98, 1st edn, (title story, The Rose & 15 additional works; intros; bibliography), new / dj $25
Knight, Damon & Kate Wilhelm BETTER THAN ONE, NESFA '80, 1st edn, (the Noreascon II Guest-of-Honor book), new in dj 6.00
Kornbluth, C.M.HIS SHARE OF GLORY: The Complete Short Science Fiction of..., NESFA, 2nd(7/97), (all the solo works; Pohl intro; 670 pages), new in dj 27.00
Lerner, Fred A BOOKMAN'S FANTASY: How Science Fiction Became Respectable, NESFA, 2/95, 1st edn, (24 essays with four introductions), tpb, new 11.95
Smith, Cordwainer THE REDISCOVERY OF MAN: The Complete Short Science Fiction of..., NESFA, 5th, (includes two never-before-published stories; 671 pages), new in dj $25

3/25/99 (Thursday):
- Some new books from Tor/St. Martin's:
Anderson, Poul STARFARERS, Tor, 2nd, (expedition into far reaches of galaxy), new in dj 25.95
Clute, John & John Grant THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FANTASY, St. Martin's Griffin, 2/99, (includes 32 pages of update material obtained after the hc edn went to press), trade pb, new 29.95 Dozois, Gardner (ed) THE YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: Fifteenth Annual Collection, St. Martin's Griffin, 6/98, 1st edn, {trade pb still available @ 17.95}, new in dj 29.95
Ing, Dean THE SKINS OF DEAD MEN, Forge, 11/98, 1st edn, (suspense), new in dj 24.95

3/27/99 (Saturday):
- I'm working on getting Catalog 120 ready for print out today. It's not easy. Quite a backlog of uncatalogued books had built up over my computer hiatus. Also, the change in fonts has required lots of busywork getting things to fit.

3/28/99 (Sunday):
- I managed to get Catalog 120 ready for print-out by the computer. That part went much quicker than with the old Imagewriter II, and the print quality looks to be much improved. My typos will be sticking out much better. I couldn't perform the actual layouts today because we had to go to my mother-in-law's house for Amy's birthday dinner. I'd have to record the FUTURAMA first episode to be sure of getting to watch it, but Neil was way ahead of me there.

3/29/99 (Monday):
- After an intense morning session getting the layouts done, I took Catalog 120 to my printer in Ames today. I showed him my new print style, and he says since it looks 25% better, he'll have to charge me more. I wish he were joking. I'll pick it up Friday, and hopefully mail it out on Monday, if I can get a printout of the mailing list on labels with the new computer. - New arrivals from Longstreet, PGW, Penguin Putnam, and TTA.

3/30/99 (Tuesday):
- I can't believe it's been two weeks since the last update of this webpage. I've been keeping up with notes on things coming in, but I haven't had the chance to get everything ready for an upload. I'm still a bit behind filling orders, and getting the new catalog ready over the weekend (and on schedule), has made it difficult to get on-line, notwithstanding the fact that I now work on a computer with modem. I hope when I sign on now that I won't have a bunch of "Melissa" virus messages in my mailbox!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Membership Discount Plan?
The Discount Plan is a scheme whereby you get a 20-30% discount on new books, depending on publisher and excepting short-discount items. On used books and books listed "as new" (uncirculated books with price modulated--usually down) you get a 10% discount. It costs you $10 a year to join this plan. This pays for me to send you a catalog every seven weeks, so I can live with the decreased profit margin of giving you my best discount. Every shipment I charge exact postage plus $1 handling, unless I need to send you an advertised item separately, where there's no handling and I charge postage only on what the weight of the book or books would have added to the initial shipment. Something special-ordered or not-yet-published are treated as special orders. Where possible, of course, I send multiple-book orders out together.

Every book in my catalog is subject to discount under the plan. When I list a book, I actually have a copy of that book in hand to catalog. Since I buy books on a nonreturnable basis, I try avoid overstocking. That means I can get caught understocking sometimes. I try to match demand with supply, but that's a constantly ongoing effort that can sometimes fall short of the desired outcome.

Can I special order books through you?
Sometimes. It depends. I've been trying to be capable of handling more special orders lately. The fact that I try to deal with publishers directly instead of getting books through a couple wholesalers makes it difficult to get books as quickly as someone who takes special orders should be able to get books. I often have to reach a minimum-order requirement when I order from some of the larger publishers, so I can't be sending out an order to every publisher every time I need to get a book for someone. A few years ago, when I was really trying to be a special-orderer, it got so out of hand that I just said no more special orders and I cut way back my orders to larger publishers. If you didn't see it in my catalog, then I didn't have it, and that was that. Many of you ignored this and kept trying to special order books through me. And I often did perform the special order, especially if it was something I was getting in already anyway. I didn't really mind handling some special orders, because this helped me keep up with what books you want and what books were coming out. A lot of these special orders have turned out to be great catalog additions. But there are people who ask me to get a book or books then back out while I have the book in transit or while I am waiting for the book to even be actually published. There are the orders I send to publishers that just disappear into thin air. Special orders don't always work out, but it's great when they do.
- I wish I could deal satisfactorily with every special-order request. But since I can't, I try to let you know when I don't think I'll be able to get in certain books in a reasonable length of time. Sometimes I figure I'll be ordering from a publisher "soon" but it ends up being several weeks, or even several months--or years even, as it has sometimes turned out. So, I'll try to deal with each case as it comes up, and be realistic about what I can handle.
- When deciding what I can special order, I do probably give more consideration to people who have credit balances with me, or to people who want me to use their chargecard when I send them the book.

What Drumm Booklets are available?
Several are by R.A. Lafferty:
MY HEART LEAPS UP, 5-booklet novel ($14), $3.50 per 2-chapter booklet.
GRASSHOPPERS & WILD HONEY: CHAPTERS 1 & 2 ($4.50)--I don't know when I'll be putting out the rest of this novel not to mention the other two novels in the IN A GREEN TREE tetralogy. I was hoping a regular-book small-press publisher could take over the project, but so far the couple nibbles of interest have not panned out.

These booklets by other authors:
LOVE AMONG THE XOIDS short story by John Sladek ($1)
TIGER! TIGER! short novel by James Gunn ($2.25)
CUTS stories by Carter Scholz ($2.50)
THE COSMIC PERSPECTIVE/CUSTER'S LAST STAND two novelets by Brian Stableford ($2)
LEIGH BRACKETT: AMERICAN WRITER biography by John L. Carr ($3)
J.T. McINTOSH: MEMOIR & BIBLIOGRAPHY edited and compiled by Ian Covell ($2)
SKIN TRADES stories by Bruce Boston ($3.50)
THE NULL-A WORLDS OF A.E. VAN VOGT by H.L. Drake ($2.25)
THE MANY WORLDS OF LARRY NIVEN bibliography compiled by Paul Guptill ($4.50)
CELESTIAL INVENTORY stories by Steve Rasnic
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A CORDWAINER SMITH CHECKLIST compiled by Mike Bennett ($3)
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SORCERIES AND SORROWS (EARLY POEMS) by Jessica Amanda Salmonson ($3.75)
NIGHT EYES stories by Bruce Boston ($4.50)

The list I send with new catalog requests and with outgoing orders provides a bit more information than this barebones listing. Members of the Discount Plan get a 30% discount on Drumm Booklets. It's been a long time since I've put out any publications besides my regular catalogs, but I haven't declared the series dead. It's just in a coma, possibly brain-dead, but I won't kick the life-support socket out of the outlet just yet. Maybe if I had an intern.


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I like to run north toward Big Creek Lake on the bike trail a little less than a mile from my house. I have yet to go all the way to the end (at the 26-mile marker, I think), but I have run back from the end one-way when I was dropped off out there. It's really a great path to run on. There are only a few days in the year when there are ever very many bicycles, or other people at all. So I'm all alone with my thoughts and my efforts.

- It was the nicest fall in 30 years, but the niceness didn't hold up until the 3-mile race at the Iowa state fairgrounds today. It was blustery and cold, but I managed a 21:39. I took first-place in my age group (40-49), but there was only one other entry!

- It's been mighty cold and snowy the past week. I didn't bother to go out on my regular run for six days (not) running. But I did get out today, with temperature supposed to be all the way up to 13 degrees (fahrenheit). But the bike trail I usually run on was hard trudging. Usually illegal snowmobiles pack it down enough so I can make my way easily enough, but this was a little bit more difficult. Good exercise, though!

- The high temperature of the day was supposed to be midnight. When I checked, the TV-screen showed 31 degrees (F) at 8Am then 24 a few minutes later. I got out as quick as I could and ran around the streets for about 23 minutes, then to the post office and back. Not much, but better than nothing, I guess.

- I don't think the temperature reached 10 degrees F today, so I played it soft and stayed indoors instead of run today. The running's the easy part. Getting all the cold-weather clothing and protection administered is what I'm slow about. I actually like running on packed snow. It softens the foot-falls nicely. I find, somehow, that my training times actually improve on ice and snow. At least they did last year. But then I was a little more committed than I feel like I am now. I've regained my senses? I should be so fortunate!

3/8/99 (Monday):
- A nice blizzardlike day today, but it didn't stop me from running about 3.5 miles. It was interesting being out in the elements at their most tempestuous. Oddly, I saw more people out and about than usual when I run this route through neighborhood streets in Polk City. Ordinariy I prefer the bike trail that's almost a mile from my house. I come on the trail near the 21-mile marker (according to the new markers each quarter mile). I was tempted to get out on it today. I have a pair of running/hiking trail shoes that I thought might be fun to try in somewhat deep snow. But when I got to the turnoff to go through the neighborhoods, I figured it might be best to stay on the roads. The weather really was pretty bad right then. It was enough just to be able to plod the distance. Since I was dressed somewhat appropriately, it wasn't all that bad.


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Here's where I really mount my hobby horse. I'll note things I'm listening to here, what I'm adding to my CD (an cassette) collection. When you're packing, pulling, processing books all the time, I've found that CDs are the best thing to listen to. The radio can be disconcerting. The TV is out of the question as background to getting work done. Having a STEREOPHILE C$$$-rated component system (with a B$$$-rated CD player) is a significant step up from mass-market merchandise, even if it's not a whole lot more expensive. Which makes me a budget audiophile, although I don't buy CDs strictly on the basis of sound quality. If I did that, I probably wouldn't buy CDs at all. African bush recordings made in the fifties have a better chance of being in my player than some contemporary jazz-singer on an audiophile label. To be sure, I'm tickled when I get to listen to something that's up to audiophile standards. I'm glad I have a system that can bring it across. But the right song on a transistor radio from the sixties can be quite fine. Well, I could go on, but I won't now.


Yesterday an order for some Easydisc samplers from Rounder showed up. With it was a free Black Top CD and a brochure for their clearance sale for this label. A big sucker, I bit on the idea of $2 CDs and $1 cassettes. Now I've got an order in for the entire label's output. The sampler (a Maria Muldaur, who I hated back in the day) wasn't half bad. I figured a roots blues and R&B; label in New Orleans, distributed by Rounder, should be good for some coherence of output. I'd hate to try this trick on one of the commercial labels. I'd find out quick how my supposedly eclectic tastes are constricted.

1/29/99 (Friday):
- Here's my first website-only offer: Rounder sent me a wrong Easydisc CD (SOUL AFTER HOURS), wrong because I already had it. The one I ordered that I didn't have, they didn't send. I've been collecting these Easydiscs. Coming from a label like Rounder you know it's good stuff. Or at least I know it's good stuff. There are a few that I'm not the big on, but at the budget price and with the CDs not running forever (usually in the 35 to 40 minute range) it's okay to, say, have one disc of Scottish bagpipe music. I just sent an order to them today for the seven I don't have. Anyway, if you want this unopened CD, I'll let you have it for the regular Rounder price of $7. It's got Irma Thomas, Solomon Burke, Ann Peebles, Holmes Brothers--it's actually one of my favorites.
- Speaking of Rounder, I'm still waiting to see if I'll get all the $2 CDs and $1 cassettes from Black Top they were offering. I've checked out some of the Black Top material on the Easydisc samplers, and it's all right, mostly uptempo r&b; material by some very competent New Orleans musicians. It doesn't seem like they do a great deal of cajun/zydeco, as I might expect, with them being in Louisiana. But that's okay with me. I've got more than enough cajun/zydeco on my Easydiscs to do me quite nicely.
- Lovely Music sent a nice box of CDs yesterday and I got the chance to listen to them today. The Clovers ("Devil or Angel") are going to sound mighty fine after five straight hours of Thomas Buckner, Alvin Lucier, Elaine Radigue and John Cage.

3/3/99 (Wednesday):
- The last couple days brought a new Robert Christgau "Consumer Guide" and the annual The 25th or 26th Annual Pazz & Jop Music Critics' Poll supplement in the VILLAGE VOICE with Christgau's list of picks for 1998, as well as the list of consensus picks for the year from a panel of 496 rock critics. Loth to dart up and down the aisles at the local Best Buy working the resulting new surge in my want list, I've now made an attempt to do the thing on-line. I've compared the prices at and I should probably check out and maybe some other places too, but I doubt anyone's going to beat Everycd in price. They do charge a $40 annual membership fee, though. I figure I buy enough CDs over the course of a year to make it worthwhile, especially if they're likely to have what I'm looking for. The find feature in Everycd does not work nearly so well as CDNow, and there were actually a couple fairly-big-label recent CDs that CDNow could provide that EveryCD didn't seem to have.
- I'll give it a go anyway. I'll let you know. If any of you don't want to spring for the $40 to join EveryCD (though they do offer a free introductory trial period), you can browse their offerings and get what you want through me for, say, $2 more than their listed "wholesale" price. I should be ordering about every month or so, if things work out.

3/15/99 (Monday):
- The Everycd shipment came in, and it's amazing. I know I was ordering all 1998 CDs but I wouldn't have achieved even a tenth of the success darting up and down the aisles at Best Buy. In one fell swoop I've knocked off fully 23 of the CDs missing from collection of the year's Christgau A-List. The prices at Everycd are as adverstised. Shipping could be a bit less (hence the change from $1 to $2 in my "offer" above), but it's great to be able to sit back and find what I want without a lot of hassle. One import CD cost $23.99 at CDNow and $15.97 at EveryCD for the biggest price discrepancy I found. Two were admittedly a few cents cheaper at CDNow, probably because they may have been on sale. For example, the CD I happen to be listening to right at this moment (John Lennon WONSAPONATIME) cost me $13.07 at Everycd. CDNow had it listed at $15.99. I'm already getting ready my list to try again next time.