Bobby Joe Long

“The Classified Ad Rapist”


Bobby Joe LongBobby Joe Long, recent



Information summarized by

Catherine Reynolds, Elaine Ruit, Mandy Runyon,

Courtney Sellers, Justin Shifflett, Lindsay Simmons


Serial killer researched by

Kelly McInturff, Lindsay Luque, Jodi Mullins, Jessica Rocca,

Michele Mathis, Dana Leigh, Kyle Dufault,


Department of Psychology

Radford University

Radford, VA  24142-6946








Life Event

1953, Oct.14


Born in Kenova, West Virginia to parents Joe and Louella Long.  Born with a genetic disorder  (extra “x” chromosome)



Parents divorced. 

Moved to Miami, Florida with his mother.

Long’s divorced/single mother worked multiple jobs (she was a waitress) and frequently left Long under the supervision of their landlord’s family. 



Almost drowned at the beach when pulled under the water by a wave.  Later blamed his mother for the incident, claiming she was looking at men instead of watching him.



Fell from a swing and was knocked unconscious with an injury to the head. His eyelid was skewered by a stick.


Mother took him on several trips back to West Virginia, where they visited his father.  His parents began dating again.



Began the first grade in Miami, FL but failed to pass.

Thrown from a bicycle into a parked car.  Injuries included the loss of several teeth and a severe concussion.



Second attempt at first grade: began the school year in Miami.

Parents remarried, but he and his mother remained in their home in Miami.

Finished the first grade (Second attempt) in WV after mother moving them both there to live with the father.

1961, Spring


Hit by a car.  Hit his face on the car bumper and was knocked unconscious.  Hospitalized in WV as a result of the injuries. 

1961, Fall


Nearly died when he darted in front of a car.  Badly injured his teeth; left with a deformed jaw following the accident.


1960 or 1961

7 or 8

Fell from a pony and landed on his head, leaving him dizzy and nauseous for several weeks.



Fell from a fence and required stitches in the left side of head.



His parents’ marriage failed again. His mother moved the two back to Florida where they shared a crowded house with several aunts and cousins. Long shared a bed with his mother.

Began the fourth grade and was teased by the other students because of his deformed jaw and teeth.

Mother began to work two jobs (waitress and bartender); Long felt neglected and resentful of his mother’s sexy clothing.  Long became verbally abusive towards his mother.



Mother bought them a home of their own in Hialeah, FL.

Began skipping school.

Mother began bringing home a different guy every night.




Around this time, he shot their dog in the vagina (killed it).  He claimed that he shot the dog because he resented his mother feeding the dog filet mignon while he was fed hamburger.

Met and spent a lot of time with Cynthia, who would later become his wife.  He confided in her, sharing that his mother embarrassed him by wearing revealing outfits and shamed him by bringing home different men every night.  He and Cynthia were very protective of each other.

Began sleeping in a separate bed from his mother.

Began developing breasts as a result of the extra X chromosome; had surgery to remove excess breast tissue.



Lost virginity to girlfriend Cynthia.



Accused of stealing a car with a friend (charges dropped.



Arrested for stolen property.

Got a part-time job as an electrician’s assistant with Arc Electric.

Dropped out of the tenth grade twice.

Grew apart from his mother and began displaying violent tendencies toward her.



Accused of raping a girl, but was released when the police determined the victim was lying (lack of evidence).

Re-enrolled in the tenth grade, but was eventually expelled.



Enlisted in the army so that he could be an electrician’s assistant.  Stationed at Homestead Air force Base in Homestead, Florida near Miami.

Received 7 motor vehicle tickets in 1 day.

Earned a GED diploma while in the army.

1974, Jan.


Married Cynthia at the chapel on the air force base




1974, Feb.


Injured very seriously when his motorcycle collided with a moving car.  Spent several months in the hospital, as he had experienced a serious blow to the head, injury to his shoulders, and serious damage to his leg.  Doctors considered amputating the crushed appendage, yet decided against it.  While in the hospital, Long’s sex drive increased noticeably (speculated to be a result of the accident).  He requested frequent sex from Cynthia every time she visited, and hospital nurses noted that he masturbated five or six times a day.

1974, Aug.

Discharged from the army due to medical reasons resulting from the accident.


Unemployment left Long with an abundance of time on his hands, so he devised a plan to meet women through classified newspaper ads.  Used the ads to locate women who could satisfy his outrageous sexual appetite.

Moved off the Air Force base and into a trailer with Cynthia.

Cynthia gave birth to their first child, a son.

Attended Broward Community College.

Began verbally and physically abusing his wife Cynthia.

Arrested for battery against a woman (Cynthia).



Cynthia gave birth to their second child, a daughter.

Moved the family to Fort Lauderdale. 

Unable to find employment; unsuccessfully looked for jobs in WV.


Moved the family several times, eventually leading them to a residence in Hollywood, Florida.  His parents helped him buy a house.

1977, Winter


Became a full electrician.


Received an associate’s degree in x-ray technology from Broward Community College.

1979, Nov.


First job as an x-ray technician.  Worked at Parkway Medical Center in Northern Miami

1980, June


Cynthia filed for divorce.  The relationship had become very argumentative and abusive; financial concerns strained the relationship.

Briefly moved into an apartment in Fort Lauderdale (without Cynthia and the kids).


Lost x-ray technician job at Parkway Medical Center.

Moves in with a friend, Susan Replogle, and another person to ease the rent expense. Long soon moved out of this residence and moved in with Ted Gensel.  Susan joined them soon thereafter.

1981, mid


Susan accused him of rape.  Police determined evidence to be insufficient for prosecution.  Two weeks later, Long and Susan had a physical confrontation; Susan claimed Long pushed her and threw her down the stairs.

Began raping prostitutes in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area around this time.

1981, Oct.


Susan Replogle filed misdemeanor battery charge against Long.

1981, Nov.

Pleaded “no contest” for sending obscene material to a twelve year old Tampa girl.  As evidence, police had phone calls traced back to his house.

1982, Jan.

Temporarily moved in with his parents in Kenova, WV.


Sometime between the period of late January to September, Long went to California for a commercial driving course.

1982, Sept.

Returned to Kenova, where he lived with his parents and looked for trucking jobs (but he never found any).  He spent a great portion of his time sitting around the house doing nothing.   His parents said he seldom went out or spoke.

1983, Feb.


Hired at Huntington Veterans Administration Hospital as an x-ray technician.


He was described as a polite, good worker. 

1983, April

Hired full time.  Soon thereafter, he was fired for making women patients undress needlessly.





Late June


Bought a 1979 maroon 2-door Dodge Magnum in preparation for his move back to Florida.


1983, July


Moved to Brandon, Fl (in the Tampa area).

1983, July

Hired temporarily at Humana Hospital in Brandon.


Had sex with a woman he met at a Fourth of July party, but the woman would not see him again because she did not like his “attitude”.

1983, Aug.

Met Elise at the hospital where they both worked.  The two soon began dating. Long was so pleased about the relationship that he called his parents to tell them about her.


He began attending church with Elise, as she was very religious.


Long sent his ex-wife $4,000 in back child support.

1983, Sept.

Found guilty in the battery charge against Susan Replogle.  Sentenced to probation.


Long was furious with the sentencing and wrote numerous letters declaring his innocence.  The judge awarded him a new trial.

1983,  Nov.


Received sentencing for sending a photograph and obscene letter to a twelve year old Tampa girl.  Sentence was two days in jail plus probation time.

1984, early

Acquitted on the assault charges in the Susan Replogle re-trial.


Continued to date Elise.

1984, Mar. 6

First premeditated rape where he selected his victim from a newspaper ad (A woman in New Port Richey, Florida had placed an ad in attempts to sell her house).  While touring the interior of the house, Long pulled out a gun and forced the victim into the bedroom where he proceeded to rape her and steal her jewelry.  This was just one of the over 50 rapes Long was suspected of committing before advancing to murder.

1984, Mar.

Continued stealing/pawning jewelry from his rape victims.  Began giving Elise a lot of stolen jewelry (although she didn’t question his ability to afford it). 


Long quit his job at the hospital.

1984, Mar. 27

Estimated date of his first murder.  The victim was twenty year old prostitute Artis Wick.  He picked her up for sex in Tampa, but strangled her after feeling unsatisfied from the rape.

1984, April

Abducted Mary Hicks at gunpoint, as she drove in her Jaguar.  Hicks escaped by deliberately crashing the car and fleeing from Long.  He would later be forced to only pay damages on the vehicle plus serve 3 years probation.


Discovered his girlfriend Elise was having an affair with another man.  Long’s mother called to console him over the devastating betrayal, at which time he complained that there were no good women left in the world anymore.  Long was very depressed over the failed relationship and his inability to find employment.

1984, May 3


Hired as an electrician for Gulf Bay Electric in Tampa, Fl. 

1984, May 4

Raped and murdered Ngeun Thi Long.  The victim was a 20 year old Asian woman who had recently quit her job as an exotic dancer.  As she walked home one evening, Long drove up beside her and offered her a ride, which she accepted.  He drove her to a wooded area, ordered her to remove her clothes, and tied her hands behind her back before forcing her to lie face down on the seat.  He raped her, then removed her from the car and assaulted her with a series of punches until she became powerless.  He strangled her to death with a piece of rope and left the body at the scene of the crime.  The nude corpse was left with legs spread very wide open.

1984, May 13

The corpse of Ngeun Thi Long was discovered.

1984, May 23

Fired from Gulf Bay Electric.  Supervisor said he was rude to girls, watched a lot of pornography, and had nude photos in his wallet.




1984, May 27


The body of 22 year old Michelle Simms was discovered.  The victim was a cocaine addict and prostitute who accepted a job with Long as she walked along Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa.  Long repeated his pattern of forcing the victim to undress before tying her hands behind her back.  Long drove to “Lover’s Lane”, raped her in the car, and then attempted to strangle her outside the vehicle.  When Simms put up a fight, he grabbed a knife and slashed her throat several times.  The corpse was found with the rope still around the cut neck, lying on the ground.  Her bloodied clothes were found hanging from a nearby tree.


Also found at the scene were red fibers, human hair, a bare footprint, tire tracks, and semen.

1984, May 29

Classified ad rapes/robberies continued in the Pinellas County area.

1984, June 8

Murdered 22 year old Elizabeth Loudenback.  The victim accepted a ride from Long when walking home to her Tampa home in the late afternoon.  After driving a while, Long tied her up and raped her at gunpoint.  He then drove to an orange grove in Brandon, FL and savagely sodomized the victim.  He then decided to untie her and told her to put her clothes back on and return to the car.  Long later told police that he decided to strangle her with rope only after listening to her incessant crying.  He threw her body in the shrubs.  After killing her, he found her ATM card along with a four-digit pin number in her wallet.  He used the bank card to withdraw cash from her account at several banks over the next few hours.

1984, June 14

Around this time, Long went on an overnight visit to see his two children.  The children lived with his ex-wife in Hollywood, Florida.

Long began a new job at Tampa General Hospital.

1984, June 24

Loudenback’s badly decomposed body was discovered.  The corpse only weighed 25 pounds and was found fully clothed with the rope still around the neck.

1984, July 17

Sentenced for the attempted abduction of Mary Hicks.  He was only charged $1,500 for damage to her Jaguar, plus 3 years probation.


Long moved into a new apartment.

1984, Sept. 7

21 year old Vicky Elliott was reported missing by her employer when she failed to report to her job at a Ramada Inn coffee shop.  When searching her apartment, police discovered an airline ticket for an upcoming trip to visit her parents.  The police determined that her disappearance was not intentional.

1984, Sept. 27

Fired from Tampa General Hospital after failing to earn advanced x-ray certification.  People from the hospital said Long talked about sex all the time and didn’t react well to his female supervisors.


Met Ruth Allende.  They went on dates and had normal sex.

1984, Sept.30

Raped and murdered 18 year old Chanel Devon Williams.  The victim was a prostitute who was picked up by Long as she walked home late in the evening.   Long beat her, forced her to undress, tied her hands behind her back, and forced her to lie face down on the reclined front seat of his car.  Then he beat her again.  Long drove toward Morris Bridge Road and stopped his car near the entrance road to a cattle ranch.  He raped Chanel from behind while she was still on the front seat.  He pulled her from the car and attempted to strangle her, but the athletic girl struggled for her survival.  Long took out his gun, shot her once in the back of the head and pushed her lifeless body under a wire fence.  As he drove away, Long tossed Chanel’s clothes from his car.  Her underpants landed on the fence and her bra on the entrance gate to the ranch. 

1984, Oct.7

The body of 18 year old Chanel Devon Williams was discovered.


Later that day, Long rapes and murders Kimberly Hopps.  The 22 year old prostitute was murdered by strangulation.

1984, Oct. 13

The day before his birthday, Long rapes and murders Karen Beth Drinsfriend.  .  The victim was well known to police for her drug addiction and grand larceny problems. This evening, the victim climbed into Long’s car, offering sex in exchange for the money she needed to support her drug addiction.  Long then undressed, bound, and raped the woman before driving her to an orange grove where he strangled and raped her again.  He paused when startled by the sound of dogs barking nearby.  Concerned he would be caught, he waited quietly in his car with the corpse until he felt he was safe.  He then wrapped the body in a beach blanket and shoved her into the trunk of his car.  He left the bound corpse in another orange grove, leaving the body underneath a tree.


1984, Oct. 14


The body of Karen Beth Drinsfriend was discovered.

1984, Oct. 16

Spent the night with his ex-wife, Cynthia, and their children.

1984, Oct. 31

The mummified body of 22 year old Kimberly Hopps was found.  She had been dead for approximately 3 weeks, but the body was preserved in a patch of mud.

1984, Nov.3


Kidnaps 17 year old Lisa McVey.  Long snatched the victim by her hair as she rode her bike home from work.  At gunpoint, he forced her into his car and forced her to perform oral sex on him while he drove back to his apartment.  At his apartment, he continuously raped McVey, took her into the shower with him, and treated her like a “girlfriend” figure, continuously telling her that she was pretty.  He attempted to sodomize her but stopped when she told him that it hurt her.  While in the bedroom, he left the gun on the nightstand, but he eventually took the bullets out of his gun so he wouldn’t “feel compelled” to kill her.  He exhibited odd behavior that had not been present before, such as blow-drying her hair, giving her a ham sandwich after realizing that she must be hungry, and telling her that he wished they had met under different circumstances. 


1984, Nov.4

26 hours later, Long decided to return McVey to her home.  He blindfolded her and instructed the victim to tell authorities that the perpetrator was black, had long, greasy hair, and a pot-marked face.  On their way home, Long stopped at a bank and stepped out of the vehicle long enough for the victim to peek out the corner of the blindfold.  From this quick peek, McVey was able to identify the color of the car (maroon), the location of the bank, and other landmarks that would later help identify Long to the police.


Long dropped McVey off in a parking lot and gave her a kiss good-bye, telling her to “take care”.  At approximately 4:30 a.m., she returned home and awoke her father.  McVey and her father immediately went to the police.  Later interviews revealed that the victim went through a period of confusion where she expressed interest in staying with Long.

1984, Nov.6

The body of 18 year old Virginia Johnson was found dismembered in a field.  The officers on the scene found a skull and upper torso dressed in a tank top, a heavy shoelace and a piece of fabric twisted around the neck.  Upon closer inspection, officers noticed a heart-shaped pendant still around the neck.  It appeared that the corpse dismemberment could be a result of the body’s exposure to the nature elements/animals.


1984, Nov.10

Murdered 21 year old Kimberly Swann.  The victim was a nude dancer and a narcotics user.  Late this evening, she was driving while intoxicated when Long pulled his car next to hers and signaled Swann to pull over.  Once pulled over, she accepted Long’s offer for a ride to get a drink. They argued in the car, so instead of even bothering to rape her, he strangled her and dumped her body on the side of the highway.  Some accounts cite that Long was ready to be done with the woman once she began vomiting.

1984, Nov.12

The body of Kimberly Swann was discovered by highway construction workers.

1984, Nov.15

Long was pulled over for having a similar vehicle as the one described by McVey. He was photographed and released when police were unable to link him to any verifiable evidence.  Although he did not confess, Long felt he had been caught and was relieved, but then surprised, that they let him go.

*Police began surveillance on him after suspecting he was in some way connected with the murders.

1984, Nov. 16


The body of 21 year old Vicky M. Elliot was discovered (murder was committed 2 months prior).


Arrested on a warrant for the abduction, kidnapping, and involuntary sexual battery of Lisa McVey.  His official interrogation began, at which time he confessed to murdering at least 8 women. (He would later be tried in another county for an additional murder.)

1984, Nov.18

Appeared before County Judge Perry Little at which time he was charged with 8 counts of murder and sexual battery and 9 counts of kidnapping.  He was also charged with violating his probation from April 1984.

1984, Nov.22

Artis Wick’s remains were discovered; they were estimated to be 6-8 months old.  Wick was thought to be Long’s first murder victim.

1984, Nov.28

Judge ruled that a grand jury will hear Long’s case. 

Long continues to be held in custody.


1984, Dec.5

Pascoe County circuit court judge determined that Long would stand trial for the murder of Virginia Johnson.

1985, Jan.18

A private investigator notifies police that he had a copy of a letter Long had written.  In the letter, Long detailed an escape plan, a plot to kill a girl and a suicide plan.  The letter was sent to the investigator by a prison inmate that had associated with Long.

1985, Jan.21

Long is separated from the other inmates and held in the infirmary area for his physical protection.

1985, Feb.11

Long’s psychiatric evaluations begin during this time period.  He was classified as a sexual sadist.  Dr. John Money also documented that he had temporal lobe epilepsy that induced an “altered state of consciousness”.  Dr. Robert Berland diagnosed Long with “inherited bipolar or manic depressive psychosis and an organic personality syndrome caused by tissue to the brain”. 


Dr. Daniel J. Sprehe determined that Long had no mental illness or disease other than severe antisocial personality disorder.

1985, Apr.15

Long found guilty in the New Port Richey rape case.

1985, Apr.22

Trial for the murder of Virginia Johnson began.  Took the jury 44 minutes to convict Long; they recommended the electric chair.

1985, May 3

Long was sentenced to death by electrocution for the murder of Virginia Johnson.

1985, Summer

Asst. state attorney, Michael L. Benito, offered a plea bargain agreement to Long, which he accepted.  The plea agreement acknowledged Long’s guilt in the remaining murder cases, but shortened the lengthy trial process.

-Agreement was signed and Long was found guilty of another 8 murders.

-Long later considered withdrawal of the agreement, but decided against it.



Mid July

Long confesses to tenth unknown murder to his court appointed attorney.  The attorney, Ellis Ruben, attempted to sway the jury towards a lenient sentence by presenting the tenth murder confession as proof as insanity.


Long’s childhood deviances and head injuries were presented to the court as part of his defense case.

1986, July 25

Long was given the death sentence for the murder of Michelle Simms.