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Human Resource Management, Buffalo State College Thursday, August 21, 2008
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7/1/2007 - 6/30/2008
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Faculty and Librarians
Biondi, Matthew M., Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Bleuer, Lorin T., Lecturer, Mathematics
Bond, Diane L., Lecturer, Design
Boyce, Bryan W., Lecturer, Performing Arts
Brooks, Christine, Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Burnette, Jeffrey D., Lecturer, Economics and Finance
Cantaffa, David T., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Cassidy, Aaron M., Lecturer, Performing Arts
Civiletto, Camille J., Lecturer, Health and Wellness
Czarnecki, Eileen H., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Dibernardo, Vanessa L., Lecturer, Fine Arts
DiGiacomo, Michael, Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Downing, Amy E., Lecturer, Speech-Language Pathology
Driskel, Loretta A., Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Dudko, Alice J., Lecturer, Fine Arts
Dueck, Jeffrey F., Lecturer, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Fritz, Marilyn A., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Fuller, Paul C., Lecturer, Sociology
Galley, Christopher C., Lecturer, Art Education
Gallivan, Mary V., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Golabek, Jeffery A., Lecturer, Mathematics
Golzy, Mojgan, Lecturer, Mathematics
Graczyk, Jennifer L., Lecturer, Fine Arts
Grohman, Sean C., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Hanretty, Anita J., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Harlos, Carol A., Lecturer, Mathematics
Hill, Beverlee A., Lecturer, Mathematics
Horrigan, Kevin D., Lecturer, Political Science
Ihenko, Uzochukwu E., Lecturer, Geography and Planning
Jablonski, Amy L., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Kain Jr., Bernard Allyn, Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Kleinmartin, Hex H.F., Lecturer, Anthropology
Koegel, Michael J., Lecturer, Performing Arts
Koller, Lynne A., Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Kosar, Kaya A., Lecturer, Technology
Kroll, James Cody, Lecturer, Fine Arts
Krzywicki, Paula, Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
Law, Lawrence R., Lecturer, Mathematics
Leigh, Patricia S., Assistant Professor, Speech-Language Pathology
Lovelace, MaryFrancis, Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
Lozinsky, Connie M., Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Lutz, Suzann T., Lecturer, Art Education
Lyons, Rachel A., Lecturer, Art Education
Macaluso, Roy A., Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Manzi, Peter A., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Marcus, Warren S., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Marczynski, Kelly S., Lecturer, Health and Wellness
Markarian, Rachael Ann, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Masters, Thomas L., Lecturer, Mathematics
McKelvey, Andrew W., Lecturer, Design
McMillan, Amy M., Assistant Professor, Biology
Meredith, Sarah E., Assistant Professor, Performing Arts
Metz, Robert J., Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Militello, Frank C., Lecturer, Mathematics
Murphy, Kaitlin M., Lecturer, English
Murphy, Lisa A., Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
Northrop, Lynn B., Lecturer, Design
Norton, Jill A., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
O'Donnell, Neil P., Lecturer, Anthropology
Pedlow, Joan M., Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
Pena, Elizabeth S., Lecturer, Anthropology
Pennuto, Christopher M., Associate Professor, Biology
Percy, John H., Lecturer, Hospitality and Tourism
Pigeon, Gregory K., Lecturer, Business
Powers, William J., Lecturer, English
Richards, Michael A., Lecturer, Design
Rycyna, Mary E., Lecturer, Speech-Language Pathology
Sanchez, Kimberly, Lecturer, Art Education
Selkirk, Daniel F., Lecturer, Business
Sipes, Karen S., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Stanton, Moyna, Lecturer, Art Conservation
Stilwell, Lori A., Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Strauss, Amy L., Lecturer, Communication
Street, Stephen M., Lecturer, English
Swales, Scott H., Lecturer, Design
Thompson, Phyllis I., Assistant Professor, Art Education
Trusso, Luke J., Lecturer, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Ulrich, Bonnie J., Lecturer, Design
Vogt, Rhona M., Lecturer, Design
Yan, Jun, Lecturer, Geography and Planning
Zarbo, Mark T., Lecturer, Mathematics

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Bhatt, Archana A., Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Brace, Kelly S., Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Brown, Addae, Residence Hall Director, Residence Life
Cameron, Nicole, Health Insurance Representative, Weigel Health Center
Carter, Darryl C., Senior Staff Assistant, Pre-Collegiate Programs
Clutter, Luke L., Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
DiSalvo, Lynn M., Instructional Support Assistant, EOP
Fairbanks, Alan, Research Fleet Manager, Great Lakes Center
Fay, Timothy, Instructional Support Assistant, Great Lakes Center
Hebert, Paul J., Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Hemingway, Jennifer A., Community Relations Assistant, International Education Office
Hill, Laura, Research Assistant, Career Development Center
Kren, Mary I., Instructional Support Assistant, Special Programs
Martin, Raquel G., College Physician, Weigel Health Center
Mazon, Bradley K., Senior Staff Assistant, Institutional Advancement
McEnroe, Brent, Financial Aid Assistant, Financial Aid Office
McMillan, Tamara L., Career Planning and Development Associate
Plaza, Jennifer L., Instructional Support Assistant, Traffic Office
Plewniak, Carl J., Instructional Support Assistant, E.H. Butler Library
Ryder, Alana, Instructional Support Assistant, Burchfield-Penney Art Center
Shaffer, Sean, Instructional Support Associate, Great Lakes Center
Sprio, Claudia A., Instructional Support Assistant, EOP
Stevens, Pamela, College Physician, Weigel Health Center
Warren, Calvert, College Physician, Counseling Center
Whelan, Lynn, Financial Assistant, Comptroller's Office

Walton, Regina L., Nurse 1, Weigel Health Center

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McCarthy, James, Interim Deputy Chief, University Police
Wisniewski, Roger, Chief of University Police

Faculty and Librarians
Albers, Cheryl Marie, Associate Professor, Sociology
Deutschman, Marian, Professor, Communication
Harris, Robin Lee, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Hotchkiss, Anthony, Professor, Technology
Hunter, David A., Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Jiang, Lin Xia, Professor, Fine Arts
Krieg, Eric J., Associate Professor, Sociology
MacLean, Michael G., Associate Professor, Psychology
McMillen, Susan E., Associate Professor, Mathematics
Miller, Joseph A., Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Nicholls, Andrew D., Associate Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Norvilitis, Jill M., Associate Professor, Psychology
Ramsey, Janet E., Distinguished Service Professor, Communication
Townsend, Carol, Associate Professor, Design
Wahlstrom, Ralph L., Associate Professor, English
Youngstrom, Donn M., Associate Professor, Performing Arts

Hartman, Gail, Agency Program Aide, Registrar
Webster, Linda, Library Clerk 2

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Ashman, Elizabeth, Secretary 1, Career Development Center
Backlarz, Joan, Calculations Clerk 2, Student Union
Blake, Jeanette M., Nurse 1, Weigel Health Center
Blundell, Donald W., Director, Student Union
Browning, Flora S., Secretary 1, Counseling Center
Colvin, Georgia P., Cleaner
Engelbrecht, William E., Professor, Anthropology
Harris (Schaus), Carole, Associate Director, SABRE Project
Haynes, James D., Distinguished Teaching Professor, Biology
Lown, Bradley A., Professor, Psychology
Mabry III, James F., Professor, Performing Arts
Oring, Irene M., Cleaner
Parker, James E., General Mechanic
Pollock, Lansing R., Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Renz, Joan, Cleaner
Sampieri, Antonette, Secretary 1, Chemistry
Slawinowski, Marcia, Director, Purchasing
Snyder, Lee R., Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Weatherbee, Sandra V., Interim Program Director, Adult and Evening Student Programs
Whelan, John H., Director of Business Affairs, Accounting
Windell, Idajean, Associate Professor, Exceptional Education

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