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This is a static website. The project to completely get the back catalog of The Lisa Chronicles online should be completed by end of summer, 2008. All internal links should be working, external links not so much. Externals left for posterity purposes, so please do not email me about "broken links." Any old email addresses embedded in the entries should not be used as many are no longer working. If you wish to email me, you may do so here. Entries marked with [LJ] were originally on livejournal and have been moved over here for consolidation purposes. You may now find me at LiveJournal as well as - Lisa


55 minutes till x-files
Written in November, 1997 in San Francisco.
80's remix
Written sometime between 1995-97.
Written sometime between 1995-97 about the demise of my first adult relationship that ended in 1993.
Written sometime between 1995-96.
Written after the move to S.F. about the failing relationship I was in.
a story
Written October, 1997 in S.F.
Written sometime in 1997; my (then) take on astrology.
Written March, 1996 while on vacation in Austin.
Started in 1998, last updated in January, 1999.
blue spot
Written sometime between 1997-98.
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