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WELCOME TO TUXSOFTWARE.COM! is the easiest place to research, find, and install free Linux Software. On our site you will find hundreds of the most popular well documented applications all directly available through a simple browser based install.

We enjoy featuring software that we believe sets a standard for excellence in Linux and Open Source development. So please take the time to checkout the following apps.

AWN Launcher Bar
A launcher and applet bar that serves as a drop-in for desktop panels. Very similar to the Apple MAC OSX bar and features many useful plugins.
 GNOME DO File/App Search
Gnome-Do is an amazing program which allows you
to quickly search for files and applications and perform commonly used actions.
PIDGIN Messenger
Pidgin makes it easy to keep track of all your friends online. An innovative universal Instant Messaging client that can connect to multiple networks.
ALIEN ARENA is a standalone 3D online deathmatch shooter that pushes the envelope of graphical beauty, rivaling many of todays top games.
BMPX Audio Player
BMPX is an experimental audio player which is extremely easy to use and includes many features such as artist info and online radio.
 FLYBACK Time Machine Clone
FlyBack is a hard-drive backup utility very similar in functions to Apple's Time Machine, allowing you to view files from previous backup sessions.
FLOCK Social Browser
Based on Firefox,Flock aims to bring a new approach to how people participate on the web thru integration with social networks and web apps.
 SUNBIRD Calendar
The Mozilla Calendar is the sibling of the Firefox Browser. This is very powerful stand alone Calendar application to keep you organized.
WINE Run Windows Apps
Wine allows you to run thousands of Windows apps under Linux including popular titles like Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, and World of Warcraft.
The virtual representation of things lying/standing around on your desk. Sticky notes, clocks, rulers, calculators, the possibilities are endless.



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