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The Download Section updated
Thu 17 July 2008, 20:54:42

As you may have noticed, the Download section was getting rather confusing what with the ever-growing amounts of content that makes it to it (that there's still so much custom content being made by fans seven years after the release of Arcanum is mind-boggling really, and testament to what a great game it is).

I have to admit though, that my skills with HTML aren't exactly what you might call stellar. That's where jolly good fellows like The_Bob get into the picture. The current look of the Download section is all his doing. The world has finally become a bit less confusing.

Thanks The_Bob!

Posted by Dark Elf
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Drog's Patch, now in German!
Thu 17 July 2008, 13:00:00

Lexx at the Codex has translated Drog's latest patch into German and has also translated the latest version of the Extra Pack, for those of you with a German version of Arcanum!

Danke Schön Lexx!

Posted by Dark Elf
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ScriptEd 1.50 Beta released
Wed 16 July 2008, 12:31:51

DJ_Unique has released a new version of ScriptEd, which will hopefully help the modders out there with all your scripting endeavours. Get it here!

Now, this is not the final version, and therefore it may still have a few unresolved odds and ends (that's why it's called Beta, after all). For more information regarding what this little tool does and doesn't, check this thread!

Thanks DJ_Unique!

Posted by Dark Elf
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AWIP 4.4 + Extras
Wed 16 July 2008, 12:19:07

That's right people, rroyo has released version 4.4 of his popular Work in Progress and we're proudly hosting it on our server. Get it here!

Not only that, but he's also gone and made some additional art for all you budding modders out there, namely one pack of books and one pack of posters!

Thanks rroyo!

Posted by Dark Elf
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The final version of Drog's patch is out!
Fri 11 July 2008, 23:13:11

Drog has released what will likely be the last version of his patch, but that doesn't mean you have to stop playing! For the staggering list of issues fixed, click here!

The patch can be obtained from our download section, or you can
get it from here.

Also, Drog is working on a high resolution enabler which, as the name suggests, will enable Arcanum to be run at higher resolutions. It's currently a work in progress, and can be obtained from here.

Many thanks to Drog Black Tooth for his outstanding contributions to the game we all love!

Posted by Dark Elf
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Original Bedokkan Art Restored!
Wed 09 July 2008, 14:28:59

Drog Black Tooth has recovered the original Bedokkan art that was meant for Arcanum and put it in a nifty little pack.
Download it here!

The pack includes the original lizardmen sprites and the corresponding portrait for Waromon.
Click here for more info

Thanks Drog!

Posted by Dark Elf
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More new rroyo-art
Sat 05 July 2008, 17:07:11

rroyo seems to be in an art-creating frenzy. Since the last newspost (3 days ago), he's created 11 new pieces of art for use in mods.

Antique Scrolls - Three yellowed double-rolled scrolls and scroll fragments to add antiquity to your quest.

BoatBuild - The keel and ribs of a small sailboat under construction. Left view only.

Burned_HobbitHole - A fire-ravaged stucco-fronted hobbit hole. Single view only.

HobbitHole5 - A white stucco and timber fronted Hobbit hole. Comes with a flip view and clickable doors for both.

HobbitHole8 - A round stone-fronted Hobbit hole with a clickable door. Single view only.

HobbitMarket - A two-piece scene where your halfling merchant can sell his wares. Left view only.

HobbitShop3 - A thatched-roof wood building with a gravel porch. Comes with a flip view and clickable doors for both.

HobbitShop5 - A thatched-roof wood building without a porch. Comes with a flip view and clickable doors for both.

Signs01 - Ten free-standing wood signs to add a little variety to your town. Contains a lightly weathered, heavily weathered, herbalist, tailor, and bar sign with flips.

Well5 - Contains a small brown roofless stone well with a pulley on top. Comes with a flip.

Windmill - A weathered medieval-styled windmill. Scenery only. This is a real area-filler, so plan ahead!
They're all available in our Downloads section.
Well done rroyo!

Posted by mathboy
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New art for use in mods
Wed 02 July 2008, 03:46:54

Our own modmaster, rroyo, has created some more art that might be useful if you make a mod about an art thief from the future, or just want to add an automobile that fits the Arcanum setting better than the one available in Car Arcanum.

The new art files are, together with flipped version, available in our Downloads section, or you could simply use these links:
Paintings01.zip - 10 new medium to large paintings and flips for them all.
Bates_Autocarriage.zip - a tractor-trailer styled steam-powered automobile sized for humans. A flip version is included.
Time_Machine.zip - George Pal's vision of the Time Machine is now yours to play with. Do Eloi and Morlocks reside in the ruins of Vendigroth? Only time will tell. Scaled for humans with right and left views.

Also available in the Downloads section are the art-files he has created in the past, among others, a couple of hobbit holes, a lighthouse, and a Stonehenge-like ring. Check them out if you haven't already!

Good job rroyo!

Posted by mathboy
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My apologies
Sat 28 June 2008, 18:32:54

It seems that something went wrong when I uploaded AWIP 4.2 yesterday. The file available on our server was at some 91 MB instead of the 117 MB it's supposed to be. It should be fixed now however.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Posted by Dark Elf
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A Work In Progress 4.2 Released!
Fri 27 June 2008, 20:15:00

Terra-Arcanum proudly hosts the latest version of rroyo's AWIP.

Download it here!

Admittedly, I haven't kept up with the recent development of AWIP and since Daryna doesn't agree with my launching Arcanum it's not like I have the opportunity to try it out either. Hopefully, rroyo will stop in and fill in the blanks. :)

In any case, enjoy!

Thank you rroyo!

Posted by Dark Elf
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UAP080626 + Extra Pack!
Thu 26 June 2008, 20:57:37

Another step towards a bugfree Arcanum has been taken! It also ships with a new extra pack which fixes the compatibility issues with the latest version!

-Removed two red pixels in Light Wood Door's art.
-Level scaling is back, but now you get random encounters after levels 45-49 as well.
-There's a chance that orcish bandits in random encounters will have an ogre in their group now. (This wasn't working before because of a typo).
-Fixed scripts of Molochean Hand Assasins, Orc Bandits and Bates' Bounty Hunters. You won't be caught in neverending dialogue loop anymore if you try to control their mind.
-Fixed wrongs stats on a number of orcs and ogres' prototypes. Summoned orcs and ogres aren't considered monsters anymore.
-Vendigroth's music track is restored.
-Fixed music issues in the part of Tarant around the library, Caladon's docks, the boat landing on Thanatos, the Ruby Glade, Ashlag Village and Stringy Pete's Cove.
-Fixed three typos in Thom Grak's dialogue.
-Fixed a typo in "IFS Zephyr Miracle" newspaper.
-Fixed a typo in Malek Nebbs' dialogue.
-One of passages in the Black Mountain mines can't be destroyed anymore.
-A table in Bates' factory can't be highlighted anymore.
-A painting in the Mayor's mansion in Black Root can't be highlighted anymore.
-Restored Virgil's dialogue about Lawrence Brummond's newspaper.
-Lawrence Brummond's newspaper can't be pickpocketed from the clerk anymore.
-Fixed a typo in Lawrence Brummond's newspaper.
-Fixed a typo in Virgil's dialogue (talking about the newspaper).
-Fixed a typo in Virgil's dialogue (talking about the flying machines).
-Fixed 12 typos in newspapers.
-Fixed a typo in Gilbert Bates' dialogue.
-Gilbert Bates now asks for his ring after the questions' branch as well.
-WorldEd: changed categories for many critter prototypes.
-Fixed several problems with some of critter prototypes.
-Summoned creatures now have correct palettes. (not default ones)
-Fixed basic proto issues with the guard in front of the gates on the Isle of Despair: correct soundbank and portrait now.
-The junk dealer in Derhnolm now has a correct dialogue.
-Fixed some broken tiles in the herbalist's house in Shrouded Hills.
-Fixed three broken lines in the dialogue of the Mayor of Black Root.
-Fixed 8 typos in train ticket agents' dialogues.
-Fixed a typo in Black Root's rumors.
-Fixed a typo in Winston Schuyler's dialogue.
-Fixed the land bridge's townmap.
-Fixed two broken lines and a typo in Killian Drake's dialogue.
-Prince Farad won't talk to you anymore if you tell him that Aria is being tortured by Praetor.
-Fixed two broken lines in the dialogue of the Mayor of Black Root.
-Removed a description from Princess Aria's Amulet.
-Standardized descriptions for Dorian Amulet, Ring of Protection, Amulet of Beauty and Axe of Strength.
-Standardized a lot of descriptions for unique items.
-Fixed wrong descriptions for Charmed, Magick, Mystic and Arcane Robes.
-Fixed wrong descriptions for Charmed, Magick, Mystic and Arcane Chainmails.
-Fixed wrong descriptions for Charmed, Magick, Mystic and Arcane Platemails.

Download it here!

The Extra Pack has been updated as well:
-Fixed incompatibility issues with the current version of the UAP.
-Restored the conversation of Virgil and Maug.

Download it here!

Thanks Drog Black Tooth!

Posted by Dark Elf
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UAP 080612 and some other fixes, a bit late.
Wed 25 June 2008, 19:44:17

I have to admit that I'm extremely late with this, but now finally Drog's latest patch is hosted by us. Guess I have to put my job to blame for being so tired, Meh, the important thing is that we are now hosting the stuff.

Before I provide you with the list of Drog's fixes, I'd like to inform you that we now also have redviewer and Blacky's Artview in the modding tools section on the download page, for all you modding types out there. Enjoy!

UAP080612 fixes:
-Gilbert Bates' journal now uses its own art.
-Leftmost Advisory Board Member now has a correct description.
-Weldo Rubin now uses his own internal name. (Affects his behaviour, e.g. he no longer claims some random chests as his own.)
-Gilbert Bates' chest now notifies a correct NPC.
-Pelojian's doors in Tulla now function properly. (Can't be lockpicked.)
-Sebastian now uses his own internal name.
-Fixed missing origins for 19 Tarantians.
-The chest in the fence in Tarant now notifies a correct NPC.
-Fixed notification problems with a barrel near Kan Kerai.
-Fixed notification problems with two chests in Vooriden.
-Vendigrothian Newspapers now use their own art.
-Fixed male soundbanks for small and medium sized humanoid races, alerted sounds (when a character enters combat) weren't playing due to typos.
-Fixed 2 missing origins for 2 Ashbury citizens, 9 Dernholm citizens, 1 Black Root citizen and 1 Stillwater citizen.
-Changed Jormund's origin to none (was Qintarra), changed Dante's origin to Dernholm (was none).
-Fixed missing origins for 7 Caladonians.
-Albert Leek now has master training in Prowling.
-Asking Constable Owens about the location of Tarant doesn't trigger later events anymore. Also, the line is not repeatable anymore.
-Getting information about the origins of the ring from Pelonius Schuyler now gives you the quest to find Gilbert Bates.
-Doc Roberts' Enchanted Sword doesn't have an empty spell menu anymore.
-Fixed basic proto issues with Ristezze: a correct soundbank now.
-Fixed basic proto issues with Jacob Bens and a dead Half Orc Bandit in Shrouded Hills: correct portraits now.
-Fixed two typos in Thorvald's dialogue.
-Frederick Fitzgerald's chest now notifies a correct NPC.
-Fixed descriptions for 6 barrels in Tarant sewers.
-Four guards in the Boil now have weapons, just like all other guards in Tarant. Also, one of the guards had a wrong auto level scheme.
-Fixed a mistake in generated greetings for the guard social class.
-Fixed 6 typos in Kerghan's dialogue.

P.S. Sectors in Tulla have been updated. They cause crashes on old saves (if you've already been to Tulla).

Thanks Drog Black Tooth and team a!

Posted by Dark Elf
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Dusty Dunes patch released
Wed 25 June 2008, 19:29:53

It used to be practically unplayable, but not anymore! team a has created a patch that fixes most of the issues with this module. Download it here!

Includes the following fixes:

-Fixed the main quest, involving Franklin Payne
-Fixed Stanford's quest to talk to Laela
-The Four-way conversation can now be properly triggered
-Fixed the Well quests, including the Dog and Lost Kid, accessible to players with less than 5 intelligence
-Fixed the Miasmire Sapling quest, and slightly decreased the requirements to talk to Ban F'aar
-Both followers can now join the player, and fixed numerous problems with their scripts and dialogs
-Fixed hundreds of small details, like names, blocking tiles, dialog text, script errors, quest problems, and NPCs

Thanks team a!

Posted by Dark Elf
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The Lost Dungeon of Souls
Sun 08 June 2008, 18:00:03

Rumours have been circulating about the mysterious disc with extra material known as The Lost Dungeon of Souls. Pictures of this elusive disc have been posted on the forums but it was always assumed that it was just another Photoshop hoax. However, a member called Bruticis recently revealed that he had the disc in question, and that it was an extra perk granted to those who pre-ordered the game from EB Games.

Needless to say, Terra-Arcanum has it on the server.
Download it here!

Posted by Dark Elf
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Vormantown finally accessible - get AWIP 4.0 today
Sun 08 June 2008, 14:31:14

People have been dreaming about visiting Vormantown from the main Arcanum module for seven years now, and finally, in AWIP 4.0, it's possible to visit the previously inaccessible region.

New for this release:
1) The successful merging of the Vormantown module into the main game. If you've ever wanted to take your Arcanum PC to Vormantown or Priscilla Penn back to Arcanum, here's your chance.

This addition is still over 90% original. I added some dim lighting for the back rooms at the Vorman mansion, bypassed the end screens, created a bit of final dialog with Shackleford to end the adventure, replaced some teleport scrolls with healing ones, and reset two teleports to a more logical location.
Download it here!

Thank you rroyo!

Posted by mathboy
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Unofficial Arcanum Patch v080604
Sun 08 June 2008, 12:17:11

The newest release of Drog Black Tooth's patch will fix, among other things:

# Adkin Chambers is now actually blind (DX1, PE1) until you give him the potion. (A heartbeat script wasn't attached). Fixed some other problems with his scripts as well.
# Adkin Chambers now has master training in Dodge.
# Automatons now have soundbanks.
# Clockwork Decoy now uses its own soundbank.
# Darian Maug's name is now consistent in all cases.
# Dark Elf assassin in Ashbury doesn't have a generic dialogue anymore.

For the full list of issues it will fix, go to: http://www.rpgcodex.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=23720&postdays;=0&postorder;=asc&start;=0

Thanks Drog!

Posted by Dark Elf
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Drog's Extra Pack
Thu 29 May 2008, 03:51:33

Drog Black Tooth has found some schematics in Arcanum that weren't included in the original game. Rather than including them in his Great Arcanum Fix, he's created an "Extra Pack". Here's the scoop:

I've decided to make a small patch to restore some of the important cut out content. For the first release, it will have five restored schematics. Since the content was partially cut out (or was never made completely due to the time constraints) this will be released as a separate pack, the so called "Extra Pack", which must be used in conjunction with the UAP. The pack can be also uninstalled at any moment.

-Charged Axe is restored.
-Schreck's Multi Barreled Pistol is restored.
-Clockwork Physician, Illuminated Decoy and Explosive Decoy are restored.

You can download the patch here. Now I quoted the whole thing, so hopefully Drog won't get butthurt this time. You can follow the thread over on the Codex if you have any suggestions.

Thanks Drog! Keep up the good work!

Posted by DarkUnderlord
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Drog ups his fixes to 080523
Fri 23 May 2008, 11:12:23

Drog's updated his Arcanum fix again. You can read the full list of changes on the Codex but here's a few to get you interested:

-Fixed music issues in Mannox's Hole.
-Fixed two typos in Nasrudin's dialogue.
-Torian Kel's Ancestral Sword doesn't have an empty spell menu anymore.
-Nasrudin now kills K'an Hua at the Ring of Brodgar in all cases.

I for one, always was concerned about how the music emanated from Mannox's Hole. Download the latest fix here (NOTE: In case you're wondering, the patch includes all previous fixes).

Thanks Drog!

Posted by DarkUnderlord
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The Great Arcanum Fix continues... Now with removed sprite mirroring!
Tue 06 May 2008, 14:20:04

Drog Black Tooth has updated his fan patch for Arcanum again. This time, he includes a tweak which disables sprite mirroring. Turns out that Troika made all the graphics use mirror images of their sprites, rather than using different left side vs right side images. Turns out Troika made those animations and they were still around, so Drog tweaked the game to use them.

You can download the complete updated patch here and hop on over to the monster thread on the RPGCodex if you want to help Drog fix even more bugs.

Thansk Drog!

Posted by DarkUnderlord
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More fixes from Drog Black Tooth!
Fri 25 April 2008, 14:53:16

During our downtime, Drog Black Tooth was working as hard as ever and updated his fanmade fix not once but twice! So head on over to the Download section and grab UAP080425 or, should you prefer a slightly older version, UAP080420.

Posted by Dark Elf
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