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Donkey Kong
Variation: Points [Hammer Allowed] [Default,TGTS]
Platform: Arcade
Rules: Dip-Switch Bank:
1-8 = OFF

Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings;

Number of Jumpman: 3
Score Level for Extra Jumpman: 7,000 Points

Added 02.15.2008:

All submissions for scores exceeding 1,000,000 points must be video recorded (no live feeds), and they must also be witnessed by Walter Day or a Senior Referee.

Since board certification is not yet widely available, players scoring under 1,000,000 points are not required to have their boards checked for their ROMsets. However, players exceeding 1 million points must have their boards certified by Twin Galaxies. This requirement is necessary to prove that gameplay employing advanced "point-pressing" has been achieved on regulation boards.

Note: these verification requirements are subject to updates based on the continuing research and experience of Twin Galaxies and its Referees and Technical Advisors.

    Rank   % Score   Points   Player   DateVerified   Verification Method 
HyperLink 1 100.00 % 1,050,200 Billy L Mitchell 06/26/2007Referee
HyperLink 2 99.90 % 1,049,100 Steve J Wiebe 03/23/2007Video
HyperLink 3 85.26 % 895,400 Scott Kessler 05/30/2008Referee
HyperLink 4 83.72 % 879,200 Timothy F Sczerby 04/23/2001Video
HyperLink 5 76.34 % 801,700 Stephen K Boyer 11/04/2007Video
HyperLink 6 73.10 % 767,700 Tim Jackson 02/01/1983Referee
HyperLink 7 56.29 % 591,200 Jeffrey Brandt 10/25/1982Referee
HyperLink 8 54.12 % 568,400 Brian Kuh 05/11/2001Referee
HyperLink 9 53.45 % 561,300 Shawn Beard 07/24/1982Referee
HyperLink 10 45.56 % 478,500 Scott Talmage 07/10/1982Referee
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