D-Lo BrownStats
Height: 6 foot 3
Weight: 268 pounds
From: Chicago, Ill.
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Championship, European Championship

After five years away, D-Lo Brown has returned to WWE, and in spite of his past achievements as a four-time European Champion and former Intercontinental Champion, the returning Superstar knows that the best things in his career are yet to come.

Brown made his WWE debut in 1997 as a member of the powerful Nation of Domination alongside such powerful allies as The Rock and Ron Simmons. He eventually turned away from the overly militant behavior of the Nation, forming a successful tag team with Mark Henry. Eventually, Brown would go on to join another stable, Theodore Long’s Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Enterprises, before leaving WWE in 2003.

While away, the agile and powerful Brown performed in multiple wrestling promotions, honing new techniques and maneuvers in multiple highly regarded Japanese promotions. Brown spent five years refining his in-ring ability, and is prepared to face the best of the best in WWE.

Though he’s sure to rise to higher heights, one of Brown’s most phenomenal achievements was holding the European and Intercontinental Championships simultaneously. The only three other men to do so have gone on to become World Heavyweight Champions, and now that he’s back and performing on Raw, D-Lo Brown plans on doing the same.