Nobel Lectures

Nobel Lectures is an English-language series of all the Nobel Lectures from 1901, along with related biographical notes, prize citations and presentation speeches. The official Nobel Lectures are given by the Nobel Laureates in the days leading to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony held each December in Stockholm.

Since 1901 the Nobel Foundation has annually published Les Prix Nobel, containing reports from the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo, as well as the biographies and Nobel Lectures of the Nobel Laureates. Up to 1988, the texts were published in the language in which they were presented. Since then the material in Les Prix Nobel has been mostly in English.

In order to make the lectures available to people with special interests in the different prize fields, the Nobel Foundation granted Elsevier Publishing Company the right to publish in English the lectures for 1901-1970 as well as other material from Les Prix Nobel. The following volumes were published during the years 1964-1970.

Physics 1901-1970 4 vols.
Chemistry 1901-1970 4 vols.
Physiology or Medicine 1901-1970 4 vols.
Literature 1901-1967 1 vol.
Peace 1901-1970 3 vols.

Elsevier was responsible for all translations into English, while the Nobel Foundation remained the copyright holder for all material in the original languages from Les Prix Nobel. However, the biographies were revised and/or expanded by Elsevier even if they were written in English.

After 1970 Elsevier decided not to continue the series.

In 1991 the Nobel Foundation granted World Scientific Publishing Co. in Singapore the right to bring the series up to date from 1971 in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Peace; and from 1968 in Literature. The series also includes the lectures of the Laureates of the Sveriges RiksbankPrize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel from 1969 and onward. Because the Elsevier series was out of print, World Scientific was also granted permission to start its series from 1901, including re-publication of material from the original 1901-1970/1967 Elsevier series in order to ensure the availability of a complete series. To date, the following volumes have been published:

Physics 1901-2000 8 vols.
Chemistry 1901-2000 8 vols.
Physiology or Medicine 1901-2000 8 vols.
Literature 1901-2000 5 vols.
Peace 1901-1995 6 vols.
Economics 1969-2000 4 vols.

Between 1971/1968 respectively and 1988, if the texts were originally available in languages other than English, translations were supplied by World Scientific Publishing Co. In some cases, biographies have been revised and/or expanded by World Scientific Publishing; some of the autobiographies have an addendum.

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The Nobel Lectures are also available on the web site. You will find links to the Nobel Lectures from the respective pages of the Nobel Laureates.


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