The Brian KendrickStats
Height: 5 foot 8
Weight: 175 pounds
From: Olympia, Wash.
Signature Move: Sliced Bread No. 2; Dr. Smoothe’s Secret Recipe (Corner Backflip Dropkick)
Career Highlights: WWE Tag Team Championship w/ Paul London
Associates: Ezekiel
Entrance Video: WATCH

The Brian Kendrick is one of the more unusual and eccentric young Superstars on SmackDown.

Kendrick has been working to make it in wrestling since he enrolled in the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy in the summer of 1999.

Since Kendrick was the smallest trainee at HBK’s school, he tried to catch on with a company in Mexico or Japan, where size isn't necessarily as important as it is in the U.S. He also didn't have the standout amateur background that WWE officials covet. But Shawn Michaels — himself known for overcoming the odds — saw potential. With Michaels as a teacher (and unlimited amounts of fortitude and hard work), Kendrick gained momentum.

In 2004 he put his WWE dreams on hold to hone his skills. By doing so, he ensured that when he returned to competition he would be stronger, quicker and more fierce than before.

He again began to perfect his craft by travelling all over the world.  By learning the strict Japenese wrestling dojos he continued to gain more experience.

Now, Kendrick will use that same determination to distinguish himself from WWE’s other high-flying Superstars.

Kendrick holds the distinction of being the first Superstar to switch brands in successive years as a result of the WWE Supplemental Draft.