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Caylee Marie Anthony Disappearance Timeline

Thursday, August 21, 2008 7:46:30 PM
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The Anthonys: (clockwise from left) Casey; Caylee, Casey's missing 2-year-old daughter; Lee, Casey's brother; Cindy, Casey's mother


Aug. 21: Casey Anthony is released from prison at 10:30 a.m. after being fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

Aug. 20: Leonard and Tony Padilla post bond necessary for Casey's release.

Aug. 17: Leonard Padilla arrives in Orlando.

Aug. 16: California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla announces he and his nephew, bail bondsman Tony Padilla, will fly to Orlando and post Casey's $500,000 bond. Padilla says they are doing this to "find the baby."

Aug. 15: Two private invesigators meet with Casey. Investigators were identified as Edward Phlegar and Casey Dominic, both investigators for Casey's attorney, Jose Baez.

Aug. 12: George Anthony says that he believes Caylee was kidnapped and that the kidnappers are being watched.

Aug. 10: Casey cancels a scheduled meeting with her parents, the second time in three days she has refused to meet with her family.

Aug. 9: Caylee's third birthday comes and goes with no new leads on the missing girl's whereabouts.

Aug. 8: Casey refuses to see her brother, Lee, for a scheduled meeting. Lee's visit is rescheduled for Tuesday.

Aug. 7: Investigators serve a search warrant at the Anthony home and remove a number of clothing items belonging to Casey, which her mother said had been in Casey's car. Some of them has been washed by Cindy Anthony because they had a foul odor.

Aug. 7: Deputies confirm that the last time Caylee was seen by anybody other than Casey was on June 15. There is video from that day and investigators found pictures from Father's Day on Casey's computer.

Aug. 7: Investigators say a call Casey said she got on July 15 in which Caylee talked to her probably didn't happen. Phone records show ther was no call to Casey's cell phone at the time the call was supposed to have taken place.

Aug. 1: The Orange County Sheriff's Office take several bags of evidence from the Anthony home.

July 31: George and Cindy Anthony are interviewed by the FBI.

July 30: The Fifth District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach deny Baez's appeal of the $500,000 bond, asking that it be reduced to $10,000. That appeal was denied.

July 29: Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, asks a judge to bar the release of jail house recorded conversations, 911 tapes and visitor logs to the media. That request was denied.

July 22: A bond hearing is held for Casey Anthony. Her mother, father, brother and a detective in the case all testify. The judge sets bail at $500,000.

July 17: Casey Anthony is officially charged with child neglect, lying to investigators and interfering with a criminal investigation. The judge denies bond because she showed a "woeful disregard for the welfare of her child."

July 17: The Sheriff's office starts to search the backyard of the Anthony house.

July 17: The Sheriff's Office takes possession of the car and finds evidence of possible human decomposition. The car is sent to the forensics bank.

July 16: Casey Anthony is arrested.

July 16: The car found abandoned is picked up by the Anthony family from the wrecker company

July 16: Police talk to Zenaida Gonzalez who says she does not know Casey Anthony. Police also take Casey to Universal Studios where she said she worked. After leading them to a building, she admitted she was no longer employed there.

July 15: The Sheriff's Office is notified that Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9.

July 12: After they had not seen Caylee for some time, the girl's grandparents got concerned and confronted Casey, convincing her to go to the sheriff's office.

June 30: The car Casey had been using is towed from the Amscot store on Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive.

June 24 or June 25: Detective Corp. Yuri Melich testified during Casey Anthony's bond hearing that a witness came forward who said he had talked to Casey on the phone on either June 24 or June 25 and that he heard Caylee in the background. The witness said that at one point in the conversation Casey told Caylee to get down from the table.

June 9 - July 12: Casey Anthony tells her parents that she had been going to work every day and that Caylee had been staying with friends or nannies.

June 15: Caylee's grandmother, Cindy Anthony, revised her estimate to this date as the last time she saw the girl in her testimony in Casey's bond hearing in July. Cindy Anthony said video of Caylee reading a book helped her remember that Caylee went with her to visit her father at an assisted living facility on Father's Day.

June 12: George Anthony says Caylee was spotted by friends of the Anthony family in a shopping area near the Orange-Seminole county lines. She was wearing a pink and blue outfit and white-rimmed sunglasses.

June 9: Casey Anthony said that on June 9, she dropped Caylee off at a babysitter who lived at the Sawgrass Apartments. She said the babysitter's name was Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.

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