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Get programming tips and free downloads from Sun's developer portal.


Access Sun earnings announcements, annual reports, and company information.

System Administrators

Find online articles and participate in community forums on the BigAdmin portal.


Sun's partner network delivers innovation and value to customers around the world.

Sun Advisory Panel

Participate in the Sun Advisory Panel and help chart the future of Sun products and services.


Find out about Sun programs, software, and systems for students and educators.


See the latest news from Sun, and hear what the industry is saying.


Stay connected to Sun's business and thought leaders through Sun programs.

Java Technology

Find out what's happening with the Java programming language -- in mobile devices, smart cards, and data centers.


Success stories about business problems solved through collaboration with Sun.

Java Technology Training
Java Technology Training
Sun has Java Technology Training & Certification for everyone - from the individual developer to the largest organisations' in the world.
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