Dual citizenship

What is dual citizenship?

It is the result of the interaction of the laws of two countries. People can become dual citizens automatically, or after successfully applying for the citizenship of another country.

Examples of ways in which people can become dual citizens automatically are:

Examples of circumstances in which people apply for another citizenship are:

Can I become a citizen of another country without losing my Australian citizenship?

Yes, provided the other citizenship is acquired after 4 April 2002.

Prior to 4 April 2002, Section 17 of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 provided that adult Australians who did "any act or thing- the sole or dominant purpose of which, and the effect of which, is to acquire the nationality or citizenship of a foreign country shall upon acquisition cease to be an Australian citizen".

Any children under 18 also lost their citizenship, unless their other parent was an Australian citizen.

Section 17 did not apply to those who acquired another citizenship automatically or simply obtained a passport of a country of which they were already a citizen.

Further information on dual citizenship, Australian passports and consular assistance is available from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
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