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An online tool to guide clinicians in the appraisal and application of evidence into their everyday practice.

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Based on the popular Users’ Guides series in JAMA come state-of-the-art products on evidence-based clinical practice, edited by Drs Gordon Guyatt, Drummond Rennie, and Robert Hayward with contributions from more than fifty of the most renowned evidence-based medicine (EBM) educators and practitioners in the world.

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Users' Guides Interactive Learner Web site:
ACP Journal Club. 2002 Jul-Aug;137:A14.

Textbooks and CD-ROM:
ACP Journal Club. 2002 Mar-Apr;136:A14.
The Medical Journal of Australia
Archives of Ophthalmology
Archives of Dermatology

A second edition of the Users' Guides to the Medical Literature is in the works. If you would like to provide commentary or feedback on plans for the new edition, send your comments to Dr. Gordon Guyatt ().

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