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Berlin's international city relations

The federal state of Berlin maintains city partnerships with Beijing, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Tashkent, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Windhoek.

Berlin is also currently working with the cities of Chengdu, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Seoul, and Vienna on various joint projects.

In addition, Berlin participates in events and projects organized by international city associations and transnational networks, including the Union of Capitals of the European Union (UCUE)(Externer Link), the Network of European Cities of Culture, Eurocities(Externer Link), the Baltic Metropoles Network (BaltMet)(Externer Link), Metropolis(Externer Link) (UCLG), the UN Global Compact Cities Programme(Externer Link), XARXA(Externer Link), POLIS(Externer Link), IMPACTS(Externer Link), International EUPOS(Externer Link) Steering Commitee, and Mayors for Peace(Externer Link), particularly when the issues under discussion may prove useful to Berlin’s own development.

Berlin's partner cities

City Partner since
LOS ANGELES 27 June 1967
PARIS 02 July 1987
MADRID 04 November 1988
ISTANBUL 17 November 1989
MOSCOW 12 November 1990
WARSAW 12 August 1991
BUDAPEST 14 December 1991
BRUSSELS 01 June 1992
JAKARTA 22 April 1993
TASHKENT 30 April 1993
MEXICO CITY 01 September 1993
BEIJING 05 April 1994
TOKYO 14 May 1994
BUENOS AIRES 19 May 1994
PRAGUE 10 June 1995
WINDHOEK 06 July 2000
LONDON 10 October 2000


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International City Relations

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