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Pembroke College, Cambridge

A tradition of success

Pembroke College, founded in 1347 by Marie de St Pol, Countess of Pembroke, is the third oldest of the Cambridge colleges and the first to have its own Chapel. Despite being located in the middle of the city, Pembroke presents a tranquil environment with varied architectural styles framing open courts and beautiful gardens.

Pembroke is medium-sized by Cambridge standards, with approximately 70 Fellows, 430 undergraduates and about 190 graduate students. The College is an intimate yet diverse community, committed to welcoming students of exceptional talent regardless of their social, cultural or educational background. We pride ourselves on our strong tutorial system, offering support in whatever way we can - academic, practical and financial - to our students as they pursue their chosen academic path and develop their intellectual potential to the full. But it is not all about work at Pembroke, and students enjoy extracurricular pursuits such as music, drama and sport as well as actively engaging in numerous charitable activities.

This website aims to provide information, news and resources for current and former members of the College, and potential applicants to study at Cambridge as well as for companies interested in working with the University, and for the public at large keen to glean more information about Pembroke. We hope it provides an insight into the rich and exciting life of the College, acting as a contact point for anyone interested in the many aspects of the College's history and activities.

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Latest news

Pembroke Women Regain Head of River

Thursday 19 June

Pembroke Women Regain Head of River

Fantastic year for PCBC culminates in the Women's 1st VIII regaining Head of the River from Jesus College >>>

Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture 2008

Tuesday 17 June

Professor Sir Roger Penrose will give the lecture, entitled: "Deep Questions of Cosmology: Did Something Happen Before the Big Bang?" >>>

Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert

Tuesday 17 June

The second annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert will be given by internationally renowned organist Simon Preston. >>>

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