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Xbox 360™ Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows®
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Xbox 360™ Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows®

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Xbox 360™ Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows®

Category: Accessories

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The Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows lets you take your quality, wireless gaming experiences that you enjoy on your console and experience them on your Windows gaming platform.


  • Will work with future Xbox 360 Wireless Accessories.

  • Provides up to a 30-foot range for complete wireless freedom.

  • Use up to four Wireless Controllers and four Wireless Headsets simultaneously with one Wireless Gaming Receiver.

  • Easily integrates with PC gaming scenarios and utilizes the same binding technology as Xbox 360.

  • Provides a great value by eliminating the need for additional accessories for Windows-based gaming at an attractive price point.

  • Plugs into a PC USB port and has a six foot cable. (NOTE: The Wireless Gaming Receiver requires a powered USB port to operate. If you're using the Wireless Gaming Receiver with a USB hub, the USB hub must have an external power source.)

  • Future drivers available for Windows Vista™ and Force Feedback for the Wireless Racing Wheel.

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