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MidiBag consists of many useful plugins for hosts that can use VST MIDI plugins or can
at least send MIDI events to effect plugins and receive and route VST event data!


Arpimedes is a funky little VST arpeggiator
plugin with adjustable pattern rhythm and
speed. You can define the number of octaves
it should use and the step length of the
current pattern. Of course several different
arp modes are included. And you can even
sync the arpeggiator to your host
sequencer's tempo!


CC-Control consists of two X-Y control pads
that can send user-defined MIDI CCs based
on your mouse actions


Chordator turns incoming notes into full
chords of up to 6 notes. Now you can play
bombastic power chords and complex
harmonies with just one key press :-)


Harmonisator is a plugin that "harmonizes"
an audio stream according to MIDI notes.
You feed audio into the plugin, hold down a
chord on your keyboard and the audio data
is duplicated and pitched according to the

It is definitely not a high-class harmonizing
algorithm, but useful for creating choirs
quickly or for manipulating drum loops
 in strange ways.



Humanisator is a really great little plugin!
It works as some kind of "anti-quantizer",
bringing more human feel into sequenced

You can define how much and in what
range Humanisator should alter the timing,
velocity, pitch and modulation of the MIDI
stream, allowing very natural sounding and
interesting phrases to be created easily!


MetroGnome is a little metronome plugin
that plays 2 WAV samples, the "hi" sound
on each first beat, the "lo" sound on all the
other beats of the time signature.

You can of course exchange the WAV
samples, define your own tempo and time
signature and can even send the timing
information back to the host to sync other
plugins (although only Plogue Bidule
supports this at the moment) 


MicroTuner is yet another revolutionary
plugin: It adds microtuning capabilities to
every VSTi and external synthesizer module,
as long as the target synth supports
receiving pitchbend on all MIDI channels.
I am not talking about changing a note
some cents up or down in pitch, no, you can
completely redefine the whole tuning scale,
allowing you to set an arbitrary frequency
separately for each MIDI note!
And it gets even better, it already has a
loader built in (with drag and drop GUI)
that can load the widely used Scala, VAZ
and Anamark tuning files directly!


MIDI-Mirror does what it says:
it mirrors all incoming MIDI notes relative to
one (users-definable) "mirror note" on the
MIDI scale. Just play your favorite melody
through this plugin and you will be surprised 
how it sounds now :-)


N2CC converts the velocity or pitch of MIDI
notes in a certain range to MIDI CC controller
values within a pre-defined range. This allows
you to create some unconventional MIDI
effects very easily.


PeakFreak is a plugin that converts audio
input that falls into a certain frequency and
amplitude range into midi notes of a certain
length. This can for example be useful if you
want to trigger the bass drum from your sound
expander via MIDI automatically by the bass
drum from an audio track.


Stepper is a little step sequencer that outputs
MIDI notes periodically in 16 steps. You can
of course synchronize playback to the host
tempo and output 2 additional CCs to control
for example cutoff and resonance. External
transposing by MIDI notes is also possible.


QuicKeys is a plugin that does not produce
any sound by itself. It is rather intended to be
used as a piano GUI to control other VSTis
within your sequencer: You load it up as a
regular VSTi or as an effect, then click on any
track in the arrange window that is routed
to another synth/VSTi and now you can play
this synth by clicking on QuicKeys' virtual
keyboard (or with your own computer
MIDI processing/converting options are
included as well as sending CCs, a MIDI LFO 
and an auto-chord feature.

Note: functionality of this plugin is largely
dependent upon your host!


VSTNETMID is a suite of experimental MIDI
network plugins and programs:

MID2VST: This is a VST plugin that takes MIDI input
from a system MIDI port and sends the events as
VST MIDI data to the host.
VST2MID: This VST plugin receives VST MIDI data
form the host and sends it as regular MIDI data to
a Windows MIDI out port.
VST2NET: This VST plugin sends all VST MIDI data
it receives from the host to another computer in
the network or the internet.
NET2VST: This VST plugin listens to a port on the
local computer for incoming MIDI data. When it
receives something, it is sent as VST MIDI data to the host.
MID2NET: This is a standalone application that
takes MIDI data from any Windows MIDI input port
and sends it over the network just like VST2NET.
NET2MID: This standalone program listens to
incoming MIDI network data on a certain port and
sends this data to a Windows MIDI out port of your choice.





Download MidiBag (donationware)

MidiBag is donationware, which means the plugins are totally unrestricted, but if
you find yourself using them regularly, any donation or other sign of appreciation is
certainly welcome. Look
here for more info.



MP3 demo


Kerrydan did a strange version of a christmas song by sending it through MIDIMirror:
Download MIDIMirror MP3 demo "Samx Lil Yrrem" by Kerrydan


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