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BP turns on Georgia gas taps

News wires

BP has resumed gas exports from Azerbaijan to Turkey via Georgia after halting flows two days ago due to the military conflict between Russia and Georgia.

The UK supermajor shut in the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline and the gas pipeline to Turkey early on Tuesday because of the military conflict in Georgia.

BP has reopened the gas pipeline, which turns south towards Turkey just west of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi but it is keeping the oil pipeline which continues west to Supsa closed.

US President George W. Bush said yesterday he was concerned about reports that Russian forces were blocking access to the port of Poti and blowing up Georgian vessels. Poti is about 15 kilometres north of Supsa.

"The oil pipeline is still currently under review," a spokeswoman for BP told Reuters.

The Baku-Supsa pipeline closure further limits BP's export options from the land-locked Caspian Sea after a fire damaged its key Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) link to Turkey last week.

A senior source from Turkish energy company Botas said repair work to the BTC link had begun but gave no estimate of how long it would take to reopen the 1 million barrel per day line.

Turkey boosted its natural gas imports from Iran yesterday to make up for a cut in Azeri supplies.

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