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Have questions about sharing your Zune collection? Check here for answers.

Why would I want to share my music, videos, and pictures?
You may have music, videos, and pictures in your Zune collection that you play on your computer, burn to CD, or sync to your Zune. If you also want to play some of them on an Xbox 360 console, you can do so by sharing your media.

What can I share?
Songs or other media in your collection that you want to share must be stored in a folder that Zune monitors. The default folder for ripped songs and Zune Marketplace videos is Music\Zune (you can check which folder the Zune software is using on your computer by clicking Settings, Software, General and looking at the Media folder setting). To be sure you can share the media stored here, you need to add this folder to your monitored folder list. For more about monitored folders, see Add Media to Your Collection.

In addition, the file must be of one of the following types:

  • Music files with the extensions .wma, .mp4, .mp3, .m4a, and .m4b. CDs inserted into your computer can't be shared.
  • Video files with the extension .wmv. Video DVDs inserted into your computer can't be shared.
  • Picture files with the extensions .jpeg and .jpg.
  • Playlists with the extensions .zpl and .m3u.

Why won’t my Xbox 360 console play some of my music or videos?
Some media, like songs you ripped from CDs or videos you downloaded from Zune Marketplace, might be stored in a folder that isn't set up to share with your Xbox 360 console. You can add that folder to those that Zune monitors.

Can I prevent certain categories of items in my Zune collection from being shared?
Yes. Zune lets you decide whether you want to share music, videos, and pictures and pick which Xbox 360 consoles you want to play them on.

For example, you can share music and podcasts but not videos or pictures. For more, see Play Media on Your Xbox 360 Console.

How do I turn on sharing?
For instructions to turn on sharing, see Play Media on Your Xbox 360 Console.

What are the network and firewall requirements?
You can share media on wired or wireless home networks. If your computer is on a domain network (the type of network available in some workplaces), the network administrator can control whether or not you can share media.

You can share only to devices on the same subnet as your computer. Most home networks consist of a single subnet with a single router. If you have multiple routers, be sure the Xbox 360 consoles you want to share to are connected to the same router as your computer.

To share media to Xbox 360 consoles, several firewall ports on your computer must be open. If you are using Windows Firewall, the required ports are opened when you turn on media sharing. If you are using a different software or hardware firewall, you might need to open these ports manually.

The following table shows the firewall ports that must be opened to share media to Xbox 360 consoles:

1900UDP SSDPInbound and outbound on local subnet only; used to send and receive multicast announcements for device and service discovery.
2869TCP SSDP, UPnPInbound on local subnet only; used to retrieve device description and make UPnP method invocations.
10243 (Windows Vista) or 10244 (Windows XP)TCP HTTPInbound on local subnet only; used for HTTP streaming connections.
10285–10289UDP WMDRM-ND registrationInbound and outbound on local subnet only; used to determine RTT between host and client.

Why doesn't media from my network share play on my Xbox 360 console?
If you added a network share to the monitored folders list in the Zune software, the files might not play on your Xbox 360 console. This problem is most likely related to access permissions.

The Zune software uses Zune Network Sharing Service (Zune NSS) to share media. Zune NSS runs under the Network Service account rather than your user account. Therefore, the remote network share may not allow Zune NSS to access the files.

To fix this problem, modify Zune NSS to run under your user account, which will give it the same access you have to the network share.

This change is not recommended if multiple user accounts on the same computer are sharing media from the Zune software, because there is only one Zune NSS for all users on a computer.

Change Zune NSS access

  1. On your computer, click Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. If you are running Windows Vista, you can see Administrative Tools in the Classic View of Control Panel.
  2. Right-click Zune Network Sharing Service, then click Properties.
  3. Click the Log On tab, then type your user name and password in the boxes.
  4. Restart the service.

Why don't I see all of my pictures in a slideshow?
Playing a slideshow through media sharing only shows the pictures in the folder selected. Pictures in subfolders of the selected folder aren't shown.

Why do I need to keep turning on media sharing for my account on my family computer?
Media sharing on a computer used by multiple people works for only one user at a time: the last Windows user account to turn it on.

For example, you turn on media sharing in the Zune software, then log off from the computer. When your sister logs on to the same computer, starts the Zune software, and turns on media sharing, media sharing is turned off for you.