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Airbus saw continued success with their A320 Family of aircraft at the 2007 Dubai Airshow
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16 November 2007

Industrial accident at Airbus facility
15 November 2007

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14 November 2007

A320 Flight Deck
The A320 Family pioneered the new-generation Airbus flight deck, which introduced full fly-by-wire controls, an efficient and uncluttered instrument panel and the side-sticks that have become the preferred means of flight control for pilots.

The A320 Family’s advanced cockpit is virtually identical to that of the A330 and A340 widebody aircraft, and it will retain a high degree of similarity with the new 555-seat A380. A single type rating enables pilots to fly the A318, A319, A320 and A321, while transition to the larger A330, A340 and A380 is facilitated by the commonality that exists between all Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft.

Six interchangeable liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on the main instrument panel replace the multitude of dials and gauges on older-generation aircraft, providing easy to assimilate information and ensuring a low workload for the two-member crew. The fly-by-wire controls allow the pilot freedom within the aircraft’s operating envelope, which protects against overspeeding, stalling and maintaining operation well within the aircraft’s structural limits. Side-stick controllers eliminate the bulky centre-mounted control columns on other aircraft, opening an unobstructed view of the instrument panel and providing for the best use of fly-by-wire flight controls.
...instrument panel: Real-time flight and systems data are relayed to the pilots on six identical and interchangeable liquid crystal displays. The Electronic Flight Instrument System provides key flight information including navigation displays, while the Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor details engine instrumentation and warnings as well as information about aircraft systems. These systems, along with the LCDs, lead to lower spares costs, enhanced safety and reliability, and less workload for the crew.
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