Contradictions Collapse - 1991

Fredrik Thordendal: Guitar, lead vocals
Peter Nordin: Bass, vocals
Jens Kidman: Guitar, lead vocals
Tomas Haake: Drums, vocals

NB 049 LP 08-29981 (Nuclear Blast Europe)
NB 049 CD 84-29982 (Nuclear Blast Europe)
NB 049 MC 08-29984 (Nuclear Blast Europe)
VICP-5660 (Victor). Japanese version with bonus tracks: Sickening, Gods of Rapture, Aztec Two-step.
There's also an early promotion cassette called "All this Because of Greed". It contains "Qualms of Reality" and "We'll Never See the Day". Label: Nuclear Blast.

"Cadaverous Mastication" is a remake of the same song on the previous album known as "Psykisk Testbild". This song is not included on the vinyl version (LP) or the cassette version (MC).
At first, the album was meant to be called "(All this because of) Greed".