A Virtual Tour of the NMNH:  Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Exhibit Hall

Welcome to our "Jurassic Park," where you can see--and in one case touch--the bones of dinosaurs. Assembled here are fossils of dinosaurs that lived between 213 and 144 million years ago. Center stage is the 27 m (87 ft) long Diplodocus longus. Sharing the Jurassic stage is Allosaurus, poised to strike. Surrounding them are dinosaurs that roamed during the Cretaceous period, between 144 and 65 million years ago including Edmontosaurus annectens. The Eleventh Hour diorama re-creates the Cretaceous world shortly before dinosaurs disappeared. A skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex leaves no question as to its predatory nature. Most of the fossils here are real, not casts, and seven were startling finds upon which new species were named.

Allosaurus Edmontosaurus annectens The Eleventh Hour
Allosaurus Edmontosaurus annectens The Eleventh Hour

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