"A four-man cast of remarkable perception, strength, and delicacy ... Max Wright’s performance is magnificently layered, deeply humane ... his Spooner is funny, desperate, and real.” –Boston Globe


by Harold Pinter
directed by David Wheeler

May 12 - June 10, 2007
at the Loeb Drama Center

YouTube Video: On Making No Man's Land

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Spooner and Hirst are two aging writers, locked in the no man's land of late middle age. They meet on Hampstead Heath and return to Hirst's home for a late-night session of witty banter, sinister power games, and the worship of alcohol. Harold Pinter's elegant, haunting play is part mystery drama, part homage to the ghosts of the past and the fiction of memory. David Wheeler returns to the A.R.T. to direct this tragicomic gem from Britain's Nobel Prize-winning playwright.

Hirst ... Paul Benedict
Spooner ... Max Wright
Foster ... Henry David Clarke
Briggs ... Lewis D. Wheeler
set design ... J. Michael Griggs
costume design ... David Reynoso
lighting design ... Kenneth Helvig
sound design ... David Remedios

Cast pictured clockwise from upper right. All photos: T. Charles Erickson.

Related event: Harold Pinter: Stage to Screen at the Harvard Film Archive, May 13-30.

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An aging writer named Hirst finds himself in "the last lap of a race" he has "long forgotten to run." He brings home Spooner, a down-at-heel poet he has encountered in a pub. The older men reminisce about their pasts, which may or may not intersect. Another pair of men burst in and claim to be Hirst's young servants; but who is really the master here? Who is trapped and who is free? The booze flows, the facts get slippery, and nothing is exactly what it seems. Hirst is caught between the peril of old age and a youth that may have been a lie, in a "no man's land ... forever silent."


Order the poster by designer Burt Sun via the zazzle.com website.

The painting Charon, Study for Dante's Inferno (1991-92) by Michael Mazur appears on the set of No Man's Land courtesy of the artist and Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston.


Fooded Plain, a painting by A.R.T. staff member and fine artist Sarah Leon, appears in the hallway (stage right) on the set of No Man's Land. To learn more about Sarah's work visit her website artofsarahleon.com.

Director’s Sponsor Joel and Lisa Alvord
Production Sponsor Paul and Katie Buttenwieser

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