Welcome to Kedama

Welcome to Kedama!

We're delighted to annouce the inclusion of "Kedama" as part of the latest Squeak Etoy system. If you have downloaded and are running the "Squeakland 3.8-05" release you will have access to Kedama -- a scriptable particle system created by Squeakland colleague, Yoshiki Ohshima.

Kedama can be used to create simulations involving 10s to 10,000s of particles (objects) that might represent atoms, ants, bacteria, or systems of human interaction and allow us to study random and/or organized behavior.

For example, you could make the particles represent molecules of gas within a tank and examine issues of pressure and equilibrium, with hundreds of particles programmed to move within the Kedama world. You could choose to simulate an epidemic, determining how dense the population should be and examining the relationship between the number of people and the spread of the disease. Or, as illustrated at left, you could use Kedama to represent an ant colony gathering food. Sound interesting? Choose one of the links below to learn more about Kedama and to see some sample projects!