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Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
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A green Bird's Nest

Updated: 2008-05-22 19:49:37

(BEIJING, May 22) -- With natural cooling and lighting capabilities, the Bird's Nest is energy efficient, satisfying green energy consumption requirements.

The National Stadium's floor is covered by an 8,000 square meter grassy football field, under which pipelines using advanced technology can absorb heat from the soil in the winter and coolness from the soil in the summer, helping to cycle a natural heating and air cooling system throughout the stadium.

Rainwater can also be collected for further use by the Bird's Nest, with its technologically advanced water drainage system. The mechanism effectively rids the stadium of water, and even has a capability of melting snow and ice during the colder months so that after the frozen stuff is melted, it can be channeled off.

After the rainwater is drained from the rooftop and collected in designated areas, it will go through a treatment process which will render it suitable for recycled use. For example, the rainwater may be used for irrigation purposes, or for restroom water, further satisfying the "Green Olympics" concept advocated by BOCOG.

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