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Here are the guests you can see at Dragon*Con this year.  If you are interested in seeing the list of all past guests, click here.

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Due to professional commitments, the following previously confirmed guests will not be able to attend Dragon*Con this year:


Note: Recent additions are marked with a » (within 7 days) or a » (within 14 days).


  • Lynn Abbey
    Lynn is a fantasy writer who is well-known to Dragon*Con fans. Along with Bob Asprin, she was Guest of Honor at the very first Dragon*Con and has attended many since then. In addition to over two dozen novels written in her own name, she is the keeper of the Thieves' World flame

  • Abney Park        Musical
    Evocative of both old-world mystery and futuristic technology, Abney Park is a strong and original musical presence in a genre far too used to formula, creating music and lyrics both dark and mystical.

  • Pete Abrams
    Pete Abrams is the creator of the highly addictive niftiness that is Sluggy Freelance, a daily online comic strip that has been appearing at www.sluggy.com since August 25, 1997. His world with the switchblade-wielding rabbit quickly expanded into uncharted territory and grew into over a decade of alien vampire missile-launching fun.

  • Tracy A. Akers
    Tracy A. Akers is the award-winning author of the Souls of Aredyrah Series. Active in the writing community, she is a frequent speaker at schools, conferences, and fantasy conventions. Her first novel, The Fire and the Light, has received numerous awards and is recommended by the Florida Department of Education.

  • Scott Allie
    Scott Allie writes and edits comics and prose for Dark Horse Comics, Glimmer Train Press, and other publishers. His latest work is the comics series Solomon Kane.

  • Richard L. Altstatt
    Richard "Hawk" Altstatt produces radiation models and performs radiation effects engineering for military and civilian purposes. He has four degrees in "fire" and is widely published on radiation effects topics. He is an Eagle Claw sensei, an excellent swordsman, and one of the leading experts on catching stuff on fire.

  • Chace Ambrose
    Chace Ambrose is an up and coming actor in the low budget film industry. He's acted in Cutting Room (by Pendulum Pictures) and Psycho Holocaust (by Lazarus Entertainment) He also plays Randall Biggens in the upcoming Super Tromette Action Movie Go!, on which he was also assistant director.

  • Kevin J. Anderson
    Kevin J. Anderson is the author of more than 90 novels, 43 of which have appeared on national or international bestseller lists.  He has over 20 million books in print in 30 languages.

  • Ben Armstrong
    Twisted horror show host Ben Armstrong has an Emmy nomination for Tales from 6 Feet Under and a Telly Award for The True NETHERWORLD Story of the Harvestman. In recent years, he has hosted many events and spent his spare time creating evil scenarios and vile experiences for NETHERWORLD Haunted House.

  • Sean Astin
    Sean Astin is most famous for his film roles as Mikey in The Goonies, the title character of Rudy, Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Drew Barrymore's steroid-juiced brother in 50 First Dates.

  • Atlanta Radio Theatre Company        Theatrical
    Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) has been adapting great stories for audio (live and radio performances) since 1984, and has been a popular mainstay at Dragon*Con for many great years.

  • Erick Avari
    Erick Avari's credits include leading roles in films from Kevin Reynold's cult classic The Beast of War, as well as commercial megahits such as Planet of the Apes, Stargate SG-1, Independence Day, and The Mummy. His comedic skills have landed him starring roles in For Love or Money and Woody Allen's only TV film, Don't Drink The Water.

  • Jared Axelrod
    Jared Axelrod is a frequently published short story author, puppeteer, and circus performer, as well as the creator of popular Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet podcasts. Recently, Jared has been using his costume and sculptural expertise designing and building puppets for live shows of AYWM.

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  • Morena Baccarin
    Morena Baccarin starred in the Firefly television show and Serenity film. She has also provided the voice for Black Canary in multiple episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited.

  • Brian Bailie
    Brian Bailie is a senior illustrator for the Defense Dept. and former illustrator for NASA at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. He is involved with the animated segments of the Emmy-winning show, The SCI Files, as well as other freelance credits.

  • Christina Barber
    Christina Barber is an award-winning author of speculative fiction works noted for their dark tones. Recently published books include Seely's Pond (March 2008), Greystone (paranormal romance), Ghosts of Southern Crescent, Georgia (nonfiction, Summer 2008). Christina read her story "Redemption" at Dragon*Con 2007 with Eugie Foster (see Daily Dragon).

  • Mike Baron
    Mike Baron has written numerous mainstream comics, including Marvel's The Punisher and DC's The Flash. He is also the co-creator of Badger, Feud, Spyke, and a number of other renowned titles.

  • C. Kevin Barrett
    C. Kevin Barrett is a Biological Anthropologist and writer. He teaches Cultural and Forensic Anthropology and has assisted law enforcement on a number of cases. His speculative fiction has won numerous contests, most recently the Paradox 2006 Flash Short Fiction and the Eurocon 2007 Short Story contests.

  • Eric Basaldua
    Eric Basaldua has worked on high-profile Top Cow projects like Magdalena, Witchblade/Wolverine, Tomb Raider, and Hunter-Killer. His most recent work can be seen in the Top Cow/Virgin Comics crossover, Witchblade/Devi #1.

  • Peter S. Beagle
    Peter S. Beagle was born in 1939 and raised in the Bronx. Thanks to classic works such as The Last Unicorn, A Fine and Private Place, and Tamsin, he is acknowledged as America's greatest living fantasy author. He won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for his novelette, "Two Hearts."

  • Davey Beauchamp
    Davey Beauchamp is the editor of the Writers for Relief  anthologies, a charity project featuring the works of top science fiction and fantasy authors. He has also written a YA novel, The Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show Starring Mister Adventure, which has been turned into an award nominated podcast.

  • Trace Beaulieu
    Trace Beaulieu was a founding writer/performer on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), playing Dr. Forrester and Crow for the show's first seven seasons as well as the feature film version of MST.

  • Cari Begle
    Cari Begle is Stardock Entertainment's senior game developer. Over the past ten years, she has worked on eight games or expansion packs. She was the lead developer on the acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series and is one of the few female lead developers in the game industry.

  • Michelle Belanger
    An expert on vampires in myth and pop culture, Michelle Belanger has appeared on the History Channel, A&E, and numerous documentaries and radio shows. She is the author of half a dozen books on the paranormal and occult, and she lectures at colleges on topics from vampires to Lovecraft.

  • Joel Laurent Bellucci
    A card-carrying jack-of-all-trades, Joel Laurent Bellucci is a marine scientist, actor, and visual effects artist. He's the visual effects supervisor for Star Trek: New Voyages and has a leading role in its soon-to-be-released spin-off, Star Trek: First Voyages.

  • Erik J Benner
    Eric J. Benner is the Science Track solar scope "guy," has worked as a professional telescope operator, owns an observatory, and has done rocket talks at Dragon*Con in previous years.

  • Christian Alexander Beranek
    Christian Beranek is a best-selling graphic novelist, screenwriter, actor, and producer. His first major success was Dracula vs. King Arthur, soon to be a major motion picture featuring his screenplay. He also wrote the origin of John Doe for the Zenescope/New Line Cinema series, Se7en.

  • Pierre Bernard, Jr.
    Pierre Bernard, Jr., is the graphic artist from Late Night with Conan O'Brien, known for the Recliner of Rage. He was invited and appeared in two episodes of Stargate as well as a special in which he got to interview all the cast members of both Stargate SG1 and Atlantis.

  • Mark F. Berry
    Mark F. Berry is a writer and researcher on the subject of classic creature features and the people who made them. Author of The Dinosaur Filmography, the definitive history of dinosaurs in film, his "monster" retrospectives and personality interviews have been featured in Video Watchdog, Filmfax, HorrorShow, Prehistoric Times, Horror Biz, and CreatureScape.

  • »Laura Bertram
    Laura's credits include the TV series Ready or Not, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Seasons of Love, and Andromeda as Trance Gemini, and the movies Night of the Twisters, and Dear America: So Far From Home. She is now a series regular on Robson Arms.

  • Gina Biggs
    Gina Biggs is the creator of the romance webcomic, Red String, a full color series adapting lesser known fairy tales to comic form, published by Dark Horse Comics and Erstwhile. She has been creating comics for over ten years and runs the all-female comic group, Strawberry Comics. Her latest work is the fairy-tale series, Erstwhile.

  • Tom Biondolillo
    A fantasy digital painter/illustrator, Tom Biondolillo has worked for companies such as WOTC, FASA, AEG, Steve Jackson Games, GT Interactive, Dark Horse, and Caliber where he's painted, illustrated, inked, penciled, written, and designed. He is currently working on White Wolf's many lines, including Vampire V:TES cards,  Mage, and Scion.

  • Dee Bitner
    Dee Bitner is a certified hypnotist, a HypnoBirthing practitioner, an NLP pratictitioner, and a geek from a long line of geeks. She has explored the place hypnosis enjoys in roleplay and loves to explain and demonstrate the fun hypnosis can be to new audiences.

  • Dr. Bob Blackwood
    Dr. Bob Blackwood is the co-author of Future Prime: The Top Ten Science Fiction Films and author of From the Silent Era to The Sopranos: Italian American Gangsters in Trend-Setting Films and Television Shows. He is also writer and web manager for the Cook County College Teachers Union.

  • Linda Blair
    Linda Blair became a household name after her portrayal of the 14-year-old girl in The Exorcist, but her career has also extended to many other roles, including humor and stage plays.

  • Elliot Blake
    Elliot Blake is the Emmy-winning animation writer/producer of ReVisioned: Tomb Raider and the upcoming ReVisioned: Activision 2600 for GameTap.com.

  • Autumn-Skye Boothe
    Autumn-Skye Boothe is a seven-year veteran judge for the Miss Klingon Empire pageant with over 20 years of pageant experience, including certification as a Miss America preliminary judge and the coaching of five national pageant winners since starting her business in 2000. She is also the reigning Mrs. Queen City (NC) United States 2009.

  • Dr. John E. Bradford
    Dr. John E. Bradford is President of SpaceWorks Engineering, an aerospace engineering services firm that is a world leader in concept development and systems analysis for future space systems. Dr. Bradford has served as Project Manager for numerous government sponsored programs with NASA, the Air Force Research Labs, and DARPA.

  • Jennie Breeden
    Jennnie Breeden is the creator of the autobiographical webcomic TheDevilsPanties.com which chronicles her adventures in clubbing, conventions, and pirates.

  • Beau Bridges
    Beau Bridges is an award-winning actor who has portrayed a myriad of characters during his successful career, spanning more than four decades. Part of a preeminent Hollywood acting dynasty, he started at a young age and has worked virtually nonstop in his profession ever since.

  • Bill Bridges
    Bill Bridges is a game designer at CCP/White Wolf. He is the co-creator of Holistic Design's Fading Suns science fiction game universe and was the lead designer of the award-winning Storytelling system rules for White Wolf's World of Darkness games.

  • Avery Brooks
    Avery Brooks is an accomplished stage, television, and film actor best known for his role as Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  He is the only actor to appear in all 173 episodes of the series and has also directed several episodes.  In addition, he played Benny Russell in the episodes "Far Beyond the Stars" and "Shadows and Symbols."  He also voiced Sisko in the games Star Trek: Deep Space Nine � Harbinger and Star Trek: Legacy.

  • Mark Brooks
    Mark Brooks has been a contracted artist for Marvel Comics for the last four years, working on such titles as Marvel Age, Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Cable and Deadpool, Uncanny X-men, and New X-Men.

  • Traci Brooks
    Looking for athletic ability, beauty, ring smarts, and sex appeal all rolled up into one dynamite package? Look no further than Traci Brooks! Traci, the original Knockout in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, is a gorgeous brunette grappler who has captured the attention of wrestling fans all over North America. Of course, it's Traci's glowing good looks and sexy figure that first capture the eye. But when she steps into the ring to display her wrestling skills, that's when heads really start to turn.

  • Fiona Broome
    Author Fiona Broome is the founder of one of the oldest and most respected ghost-related websites, Hollow Hill.  When she's not investigating ghosts or writing books (Weird Hauntings in 2006, Ghosts of Austin, Texas in 2007, and Weird Encounters in 2008), she's podcasting (about ghosts and faeries) and creating art.

  • Lori Lipman Brown
    Lori Lipman Brown is a lawyer, an educator, and a former Nevada State Senator who now directs The Secular Coalition for America. In this position, she is the first congressional lobbyist explicitly representing nontheistic Americans (atheists, humanists, naturalists, skeptics, agnostics, etc.)

  • Matthew J Brown
    Matthew J. Brown is a philosopher and professional comics scholar, with a chapter forthcoming in Watchmen and Philosophy, who has presented at the Comic Arts Conference at San Diego Comic-Con, and is interested in something similar at Dragon*Con. He has written about retcons, Crisis on Infinite Earth, Watchmen, and vigilantism.

  • Tobias S. Buckell
    Tobias S. Buckell is a Caribbean-born speculative fiction writer. He has published over 30 short stories in various magazines and anthologies. His first two novels, Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin, were published by Tor Books, his third is coming summer, 2008.

  • Robert Buettner
    Robert Buettner's bestselling Orphanage was nominated for the Quill Award as best SF/Fantasy/Horror novel of 2004. Critics called it Heinlein's Starship Troopers for the post-9/11 generation. Little Brown Orbit releases book 3 of the series, Orphan's Journey, in April, 2008. The former military intelligence officer lives in Georgia.

  • Jeremy Bulloch
    Jeremy Bulloch portrays the bounty hunter Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and has also appeared in everything from Doctor Who to James Bond films.

  • Bob Burden
    Bob Burden is an American comic book artist and writer, best known as the creator of Flaming Carrot Comics and the Mysterymen.

  • »Chesya Burke
    Chesya?s work has appeared in AANB, published by Harvard University and Oxford University Press, and in a variety of distinguished magazines and anthologies.

  • Erik S Burnham
    The short and varied career of writer/artist Erik S. Burnham has seen his Nick Landime stories published by Shooting Star Comics, work with the Gene Simmons line at IDW, adaptation work through Elfin Kids (a division of Kalyani Publishing), and various small-time projects in other media.

  • James Burns
    Illustrator/graphic designer James Burns has drawn the Grumbles comic strip (seen in Atlanta's Sunday Paper) for nearly four years, as well as working on comics such as Detached and Daemon Process and has also been a frequent contributor to the Not My Small Diary 'zines.

  • Laura A Burns
    Laura A. Burns has been an engineer on NASA's James Webb Space Telescope project since 1998, most recently for the Space Telescope Science Institute. She spent the summer of 2007 in Beijing, China, at the International Space University. She is an avid science fiction and fantasy fan and has contributed to several podcasts.

  • Patrick Burns
    Patrick Burns is one of the most respected names in paranormal research today, starring in Tru TV's (formerly Court TV) Haunting Evidence, and the founder of Ghost Hounds, the largest paranormal network in the South.

  • Yancy Butler
    Yancy Butler is best known for her starring role on the television series Witchblade.

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  • Rachel Caine
    Rachel Caine is the author of the bestselling Weather Warden series and Morganville Vampires series. Her first YA novel, Glass Houses, was recently named to the prestigious 2008/2009 Tayshas Reading List by the Texas Library Association, and she has been nominated for two RT Booklovers awards.

  • James Callis
    James Callis has acted in many productions in movies, TV, and theater. His most recent role is Dr. Gaius Baltar in The Sci-Fi Channel's new version of Battlestar Galactica.

  • Ginger Campbell, MD
    Dr. Ginger Campbell has been practicing emergency medicine since 1992. In 2006, she began sharing her passion for neuroscience with a worldwide audience via the Brain Science Podcast. Her highly regarded podcast shares how recent discoveries are unraveling how our brains make us who we are.

  • Michael Capps
    Dr. Michael Capps is the president of Epic Games, the studio behind the award-winning Unreal series and 2006 Game of the Year, Gears of War. He shares his experiences on how games are made and getting into the games industry, and he might do a demonstration of the upcoming Gears of War 2.

  • Pat Carlucci
    Pat Carlucci is a comic book artist whose recent projects include cards for Marvel Masterpieces 2007 and 2008, Series 1 and 2, work on Image Comic's WildGuard No. 1, coming out in May, 2008. Other projects have included cover and interior art for Trailer Park of Terror from Imperium Comics.

  • Greg Carter
    Greg Carter is the creator of the epic action-romance-horror online graphic novel series, Abandon, which began in 2003. The origin story, Abandon: Borrowed Tale, is currently being serialized online.

  • Corey Castellano
    Corey Castellano is a professional makeup artist whose credits include 8 Legged Freaks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, War of the Worlds, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Prestige, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the upcoming Quarantine and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

  • Tommy Castillo
    Tommy Castillo is a master artist of the twisted and the macabre. He has put paint and pencil to such titles as Batman Detective; Legends of the Dark Knight; Toetags, with Horror legend George Romero; Evil Ernie; Tales From the Crypt; Alice in Wonderland; King Kong; Dragons, Myths, and Mayhem; various storyboards and designs for films; and many more of the macabre based literature.

  • Catt Ninetails        DJ
    DJ Catt Ninetails has spun at The Labyrinth Ball, Mobicon, Frolicon, The NOBLE New Years Fetish ball, and several other southern events.

  • James Cawley
    James Cawley is an executive producer and actor, known for his role as Captain Kirk in the fan series Star Trek: New Voyages—now Star Trek: Phase II. He worked with Costume Designer William Ware Theiss on Star Trek: TNG and appears in J.J. Abrams's upcoming Star Trek XI.

  • Cemetery Surfers        Musical
    Formed by a group of parapsychologists and ghost hunters, the Cemetery Surfers spend as much time in haunted locations as they do onstage.

  • Jamie Chambers
    Jamie Chambers created and wrote the Serenity role playing game and was the lead designer for the Dragonlance game line, the Battlestar Galactica RPG, and the Supernatural RPG. He has been published in fiction anthologies and game industry magazines. Jamie currently serves as Vice President of Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.

  • A. C. Charania
    A.C. Charania is President of SpaceWorks Commercial. He is a strategist and technical analyst in space systems design, commercialization, planetary defense issues, and far-term technology assessment. He holds an M.S. and B.S. in Aerospace Engineering (Georgia Tech) and a B.A. in Economics/Mathematics (Emory University).

  • Sandra Anglin Chastain
    Sandra Anglin Chastain is the author of more than 47 novels plus six collective novels, three novella anthologies, and three short story anthologies.

  • Hollywood Art Chick
    The career of Sue Bielenberg, The Hollywood Art Chick, began with seven seasons of The Simpsons. She directed Virtual Springfield, storyboarded Rugrats, assistant directed Dilbert, and did boards/ layout for King of the Hill, Mission Hill, The Oblongs, Duckman, Dragon Tales, and Mr. Show, Acceptable TV.

  • John Christopher
    John Christopher has worked as a commercial artist over the past several years. He has worked in a variety of mediums, including print, multimedia, broadcast, and video games. He recently became the newest member at Studio Revolver.

  • Freddy Clements
    Freddy Clements is currently a Professor of Drama/Faculty Costume Designer at Jacksonville State University. He has designed in theaters all over America. At the university level, he has taught courses in costume design, costume construction, stage make-up, and advanced stage make-up.

  • John Cmar
    John Cmar, MD, is an Instructor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and an Infectious Diseases specialist at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, where he helps direct the Internal Medicine residency program and teaches evidence-based medicine. He also contributes to several podcast projects, including Mur Lafferty's The Takeover.

  • Julie Cochrane
    Julie Cochrane has written Cally's War and Sister Time with John Ringo in his popular Aldenata Universe. The third and final book in the sub-series, Honor of the Clan, is forthcoming from Baen Books.

  • Frank Conniff
    Frank Conniff is a comedy writer and performer who began his TV career writing for the Peabody Award-winning Comedy Central series, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), where he also played TV's Frank, the bumbling yet lovable mad scientist.

  • Dave Cook
    Dave Cook is a local artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. He is also the creator of Splatter Comix, a retro horror magazine featuring gory thrills, sly humor, and “a bucket of blood in every issue—guaranteed.” Splatter Comix has been picked up by Diamond Distributors, and the first brain-crushing issue will be splattering stores in early October.

  • Bob Coughlin
    Bob Coughlin is currently working on two projects: a graphic novel of D. Scott Schmid's sci-fi thriller, Fractions of Being, and a series of articles chronicling the Hearst syndicate's Puck Sunday funnies in the '40s, '50s, and '60s. Bob spent 2007 working behind-the-scenes on an unannounced film project.

  • Hunter Cressall
    Best known for his Mac switch parody video, Crash Different, Hunter Cressall is an HD filmmaker. Hunter spent nine years in LA as a Prop Master and Production Designer working for such giants as Charles Band, Roger Corman, and David DeCoteau. Hunter currently owns an HD Video and Post company in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Ann C. Crispin
    Ann C. Crispin is the bestselling author of books ranging from V and Trek adaptations to Andre Norton's Witch World.  She's also an accomplished writing instructor, as numerous writers workshop attendees can attest.

  • C. Martin Croker
    C. Martin Croker (aka Clay Croker) has been in the animation field for over 22 years now, working with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block for much of that time. He helped create Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast, as well as supplying numerous voices, including regulars Zorak and Moltar.

  • Crossed Swords       Swashbucklers
    Longtime friends and guests of Dragon*Con, Crossed Swords, the swashbuckling duo of Mike Sakuta and Nicole Harsch, bring hand-to-hand combat back to the noble era of the sword.

  • Joe Crowe
    Joe Crowe is writer and editor for the online science fiction magazine, RevolutionSF.com. He hosts and writes RevolutionSF Newsblast, a Daily Show-style look at science fiction news. He is one of the writers of Assembled: Five Decades of Earth's Mightiest, a history of Marvel Comics superheroes the Avengers.

  • Cruxshadows        Musical
    From humble origins in a Northern Florida town, the Cruxshadows have risen to become internationally recognized as one of the most popular darkwave bands of all time.

  • Carl Cunningham
    Carl Cunningham is a published writer who has been particularly involved with covering the Star Wars saga for several years. He is also the co-author of two soon-to-be published travel guides and has various potential film, TV, and graphic novel projects in the works.

  • Larry D. Curtis
    Larry D. Curtis, known as MrCere at TheOneRing.net, is an organizer and advocate for fans of books, film, and games, especially those involved in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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  • Kathleen O'Shea David
    Kathleen O'Shea David has a long history with Dragon*Con. Professionally, she has adapted anime with her husband, Peter David, written for Big Finish, edited more books than she can count, and has puppets and masks in collections all over the world.

  • Peter David
    Peter David is a prolific author whose career, and continued popularity, spans nearly two decades. He has worked in every conceivable media: television, film, books (fiction, nonfiction, and audio), short stories, and comic books and acquired followings in all of them.

  • Roger Dean
    Roger Dean is an internationally recognized artist and designer whose evocative and visionary images with associated graphics, logos, and lettering created a new genre of work.

  • Keith R.A. DeCandido
    Keith R.A. DeCandido has written several billion novels, most in the media universes of Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, CSI, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Serenity, Supernatural, Farscape, Andromeda, Xena, and many more. He is also the percussionist for the parody band the Boogie Knights.

  • Robb Demarest
    As the lead investigator of the Ghost Hunters International team, Robb Demarest hopes to push the boundaries of current knowledge in the field and approach these enigmas with the open minded skepticism for which his TAPS counterparts are known.

  • Kaz DeWinter
    Kaz DeWinter has a short story in the Dragon*Con Anthology. She is also a historian who has recently written a nonfiction article that will appear in Men at War.

  • Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo
    Paul and Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing together since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band, DaVinci’s Notebook, for about 12 years.

  • Tony DiGerolamo
    Tony DiGerolamo is a writer for the Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books. He is the creator of the Super Frat webcomic and Complete Mafia for d20. He's written for Hero Envy, Kenzer & Co., Space Ghost, and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He now writes for Zombie Country.

  • Debra Dixon
    Debra Dixon, creator of the writer's bible, GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict, has worked with major New York publishers and small presses. Her latest work, "Coyote Run," is a young adult fantasy for an upcoming DAW anthology. She's the President of a respected Southern regional press, BelleBooks, Inc.

  • DJ Nemesis        DJ
    DJ Nemesis has played for bands such as Planet Psycho, Fusebox, and the Glitterdome Allstar Band in Atlanta over the past few years.

  • Ami Dolenz
    Ami Dolenz, daughter of Monkees' Micky Dolenz, has appered in a variety of TV and movies, including Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, Witchboard 2: The Devils Doorway, TICKS, Superboy, and Stepmonsters.

  • Micky Dolenz
    Micky Dolenz become an international phenomenon, selling over 60 million records, as lead singer and drummer of The Monkees. The Monkees were featured on TV from 1966-1968 in 58 episodes. In 2007, he played Derek Allen in Rob Zombie's movie, Halloween. Other TV credits include Circus Boy, The Tick, and the Batman animated TV series.

  • Elizabeth Donald
    Elizabeth Donald is a writer fond of things that go chomp in the night. Author of the award-winning Nocturnal Urges vampire mystery series and horror collection Setting Suns, by day she is a newspaper reporter, which provides her with an endless source of material.

  • Danny Donovan
    Writer at large and shameless self-promoter, Danny Donovan has worn many hats in the indie comic field: writer, public relations officer, distribution manager, and king of corraling cats. He has done work for Shooting Star Comics, Marvel Comics, iHero Entertainment, and Platinum Studios.

  • Michael Dorn
    Michael Dorn donned mounds of facial makeup for what was to be his signature role: the U.S.S. Enterprise's Klingon officer Lt. Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994). Michael reprised his role of "Worf" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1995-1999). He also contributed behind the scenes, directing several episodes of DS9.

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas was born in and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he stars in the critically acclaimed sci-fi television series Battlestar Galactica as Chief Galen Tyrol.

  • Carole Nelson Douglas
    Douglas's 52 genre-crossing novels include bestsellers in SF/F, mystery, and romance. Her numerous writing awards include a NYT Notable Book of the Year citation and her latest books include her Irene Adler Sherlockian and Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series, as well as her Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator urban fantasy series. 

  • Brad Dourif
    Dourif's acting credits include One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Dune, Blue Velvet, Alien Resurrection, Babylon 5, Trek: Voyager, Child's Play (as Chucky), and the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. 

  • Jerry Doyle
    Jerry Doyle is well known for his portrayal of Michael Garibaldi on the hit SF series Babylon 5. His other credits include voice-over work and hit television shows such as JAG and Sliders. Jerry is also a nationally syndicated radio talk show host with affiliates in every major radio market.

  • Dekker Dreyer
    Dekker Dreyer is the founder of Illusion on Demand, Resonance Features, and Transmitter Magazine. He has been profiled as a filmmaker, writer, and producer in Sci-Fi Wire, Slice of Sci-Fi, and Starlog. As Illusion's creative director, he brought the classic Doctor Who back to US television.

  • Elonka Dunin
    Elonka Dunin, author of "The Mammoth Book of Secret Codes and Cryptograms," and creator of the "Famous Unsolved Codes" and "Kryptos" websites, is also a Wikipedia administrator, and General Manager of Online Community at Simutronics Corporation, creators of the legendary online game GemStone and several others.

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  • Claire M. Eddy
    Claire Eddy is a Senior Editor with Tor Books. With over 20 years in the business, she has worked with such authors as Orson Scott Card, Jack Vance, Jacqueline Carey and Sara Douglass.

  • Gigi Edgley
    Gigi Edgley is an Australian actress who stole the hearts of American sci-fi enthusiasts with her role as Chiana on Farscape, a cult science fiction TV show by the Jim Henson Company. Edgley brings a unique personal commitment to every project.

  • Casey Edwards
    Part of the Atlanta based Studio Revolver, Casey Edwards is a graphic designer/illustrator as well as creative director for Mowie, Inc.

  • Ego Likeness        Musical
    Ego Likeness are a darkwave, gothic rock band from Baltimore created in 1999 by Steven Archer and Donna Lynch.

  • Darryl Elliott
    Darryl Elliott is a regular contributor to Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog, and Ellery Queen magazines. He has also provided cover and interior illustrations for dozens of role playing games for White Wolf Game Studios, R. Talsorian Games, Steve Jackson Games, Holistic Design, Chameleon Eclectic, and many others.

  • Jeffrey J Ello
    Jeff Ello is an authority on the latest in digital technologies and techniques that are shaping media production and distribution. His career spans the technical and creative sides of IT, news, advertising, web, and film content development. 

  • Larry Elmore
    One of the world's leading fantasy artists, Larry Elmore's works have graced the covers of National Lampoon, Heavy Metal, and Dragon magazine, among others. He is best known for his covers for the original Dragonlance novels.

  • Emerald Rose        Musical
    Emerald Rose is a high energy Celtic folk band from the North Georgia mountains. Their enthusiastic fusion of traditional Celtic and original music creates an exuberant, exciting, and fun performance. These guys rock Celtic!

  • Robert Englund
    Robert Englund is a leading American actor of a number of horror films, probably best known as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) and all of its sequels.

  • John Everson
    John Everson is the author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel Covenant, which debuts in mass market paperback during Dragon*Con 2008, and the dark fantasy/horror short story collection, Needles & Sins

  • Doc Ezra
    Doc Ezra is a senior writer for Needcoffee.com, a premiere pop culture news and reviews website now celebrating its 10th year serving the entertainment needs of over-caffeinated insomniacs the world over.

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  • Bill Fawcett
    A writer, editor, game-designer, and publishing entrepreneur, Bill Fawcett has "packaged" over 200 novels, including Wing Commander, Magic: The Gathering, Ultima, and Ultima Underworld, for every major publisher in the industry. 

  • Ken Feinberg
    Kenneth Feinberg is known to millions of television viewers around the world for his role as the Chaos Demon in the richly acclaimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played impressive characters on other hit series including Alias, Charmed, Star Trek: Enterprise, and the popular network series, The District.

  • Tom Feister
    Tom Feister inks WildStorm's Ex-Machina and Marvel's Iron Man. He has been a member of Jolly Roger Studio since 2001.

  • Lou Ferrigno
    A world-renowned bodybuilder and actor, Lou Ferrigno has played many roles calling for someone really big, but none as famous as The Incredible Hulk

  • »Nathan Fillion
    Yes, it's Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds of Firefly and the new film Serenity. He was also Caleb in the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Glenda Finkelstein
    Glenda Finkelstein is the author of Nemesis Rising and screenwriter for the film, Perfect Copy, based on her short story. Glenda also stars in the film, and she voices six characters in the audio version of Nemesis Rising

  • G.W. Fisher
    G.W. Fisher is an artist on Marvel Comics' trading cards and an inker on Image Comics' Intimidators and ShadowHawk. He also inks for several Digital Webbing Presents series and for Big City Comics.

  • Rob Fitz
    Rob Fitz is a make-up FX artist and film director. He recently has worked with KNB FX group for the upcoming film The Surrogates, based on the graphic novel. Rob also directed and produced God of Vampires.

  • Stephen Fleming
    Stephen Fleming runs the technology commercialization function at Georgia Tech and is also an active venture capital investor.  He's involved in three aerospace startup companies related to space, GT labs, hydrogen power, and more.

  • Tom Fleming
    Tom Fleming has been featured as a cover artist for Marvel Comics, DC comics, White-Wolf, Vampirella, Heavy Metal Magazine, and many more. He has also done work for World of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, Fox Atomic, and major movies and TV shows.

  • Eric Flint
    Eric Flint is a science fiction and fantasy author as well as an editor. As an author, he has published about thirty novels. As an editor, he has issued about as many anthologies. 

  • Rev. Suzie the Floozie
    Suzie is a SubGenius Voodoo Priestess, a go-go dancer, pokes model, graphic designer, comics letterer, editor, writer, and general "live wire."

  • John L. Flynn
    Dr. John L. Flynn is a three-time Hugo-nominated author and long-time science fiction fan and critic who has written 13 books, two screenplays, and hundreds of short stories, articles, and reviews. 

  • Bill Fogarty
    Bill Fogarty works with Netherworld Haunted House and is a Director at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in Tampa, FL.  He has published two games and a collection of plays through Stone Press and has written for the stage and for television. 

  • Eugie Foster
    Eugie Foster's publications include stories in Realms of Fantasy, Interzone, Cricket, InterGalactic Medicine Show, Baen's Universe, and anthologies Best New Fantasy (Prime Books), Heroes in Training (DAW),  and Best New Romantic Fantasy 2 (Juno Books). Her short story collection, Returning My Sister's Face and Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice, is due out March, 2009, from Norilana Books.

  • Francesco Francavilla
    Francesco Francavilla is probably best known as the artist of the Zorro comics series with writer Matt Wagner. He is also the artist of Sorrow and the upcoming Dracula Meets the Wolfman.

  • »Rainbow Sun Francks
    Rainbow starred in Stargate Atlantis Season 1 as US Marine Lieutenant Aiden Ford.

  • David Franklin
    David Franklin is best known to SF/fantasy fans as the consummate peacekeeping officer, Captain Braca, on Farscape, as well as his role as Brutus in seasons four and five of Xena Warrior Princess.

  • Peter H. Friedman
    Peter H. Friedman runs a firm that specializes in e-commerce and indirect taxation. He has lectured at Dragon*Con on indirect taxation of e-commerce and nexus since 2003.

  • Michael A. Furno
    Michael Furno is an award winning filmmaker whose works include the acclaimed horror convention documentary, UnConventional. Michael is pleased to be releasing his first graphic novel, The Minions of Ka, at Dragon*Con.

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  • S.L. Gallant
    S.L. Gallant's work can be seen in IDW's Mack Bolan, Titan's Torchwood, and Dreamworks Tales: Shrek/Bee Movie. Previously he worked on Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, Dark Horse's adaptations of Cross and Jonny Quest, DC's Showcase, and Eric Powell's The Goon.

  • »Bob Garcia
    Robert Garcia has been working as an editor, writer, and graphic designer in the sf/fantasy/horror field for over twenty years. He now works for one of the nation's largest Hollywood collectibles companies, Reel Art. Current publishing projects include a book of Lovecraftiana featuring the artwork of Bob Eggleton and text by Stephen Jones which is looking for a publisher and the design for OTHER WORLDS, BETTER LIVES recently published by Old Earth Books.

  • Dr. Pamela L. Gay
    Pamela produces the popular science podcast, Astronomy Cast, with Fraser Cain. Each week, they take their international audience on an educational journey through the cosmos. As a professional astronomer, Pamela's research focuses on variable stars and public outreach.

  • Huck Gee
    Huck has released numerous production toys through Kidrobot, including figures for The Standard, DJ Qbert and a series of figures for Barney's New York. His Hello My Name Is design was accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

  • Anderson Gentry
    Anderson Gentry is the author of The Crider Chronicles, Barrett's Privateers, and Sky of Diamonds. Born and raised in the Midwest, Anderson Gentry's life has been shaped by his wartime service as a US Army officer.

  • The Ghosts Project        Musical
    The Ghosts Project is a new breed of sonic surrealists founded by Changelings member Paul Mercer and DP3 percussionist Davis Petterson. Their music blurs boundaries between classical, Hindustani, dub, and many other styles. 

  • Bob Giadrosich
    Bob Giadrosich has been drawing professionally in the SF/f genres since 1987. He illustrated and designed A Life of Ravens by Alex Ness, and 15 years of his monochrome art were collected in Ink: Images and Essays from Bob Giadrosich

  • Stephanie Gladden
    Stephanie Gladden has been drawing comics professionally since 1993, including such licensed books as The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, Looney Tunes, The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and many more. 

  • Brian Glass
    Brian Glass is a graphic designer who has worked in the RPG industry for over ten years at White Wolf Publishing. He is currently the art director of the popular Exalted role-playing game. 

  • Shane Glines
    Shane Glines is an illustrator, animator, and character designer. He is the founder and president of CartoonRetro.com, a website devoted to preserving the work of the great cartoonists and illustrators of the past.

  • Basil Gogos
    Basil is the well known cover artist for the famous monster magazines, Monsterscene and Monsters

  • »Dr. Frank Gordon
    Frank Gordon is a clinical psychologist with an interest in mind-body interactions. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Divinity, Counseling, and Clinical Psychology. He has presented at professional conferences about various topics including religious practice and hypnosis, and changes in brain activity during meditation and chi gung.

  • Liz Lauren Gorinsky
    Liz Gorinsky is an associate editor at Tor Books, where she edits a portfolio of acclaimed speculative fiction authors, including Ben Bova, Dave Duncan, A.J. Hartley, Cherie Priest, Brian Slattery, and Jeff VanderMeer.

  • Mitchell Graham
    Mitchell Graham is the author of five novels including the Fifth Ring trilogy that has recently been optioned for a movie. He participated in Dragon*Con writers' panels for the last five years.

  • Stephen Granade
    Dr. Stephen Granade is a senior scientist specializing in outer space sensors. He worked with NASA on the Advanced Video Guidance Sensor (AVGS), and he is currently working on a video-based sensor to measure Hubble's location. 

  • Erin Gray
    Erin Gray is best known to SF audiences as "Colonel Wilma Deering" from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, but her credits span everything from Silver Spoons and The Hitchhiker to Baywatch

  • Kevin R. Grazier
    Dr. Kevin Grazier is a planetary scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and he is currently the science advisor for the SCI FI channel series, Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, and the PBS animated series The Zula Patrol

  • The Great Luke Ski        Musical
    The Great Luke Ski writes, records, and performs comedy music on a variety of pop culture subjects ranging from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars to Spider-Man and Keanu Reeves.

  • »Matt Green
    Matt has been a working professional in the Atlanta film business for over 24 years as both a Special Effects coordinator on over 30 films as well as having just Directed his sixth feature film. He has also taught animatronics for three years at the Tom Savini school of Makeup FX.

  • Andrew Greenberg
    Andrew Greenberg was one of the original developers of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. His computer game credits include Dracula Unleashed, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation, Mall Tycoon, and more.

  • Sanford Greene
    Sanford Green worked professionally in comics for four years. His credits include Neon Cyber, Lady Pendragon, and Spyboy

  • Hugh S. Gregory
    Hugh S. Gregory is an avid spaceflight historian based in Vancouver Canada. His latest research includes the conceptual theory for the ELDSRR space reactor and Project MOSS for the Musk Observatory.

  • Eric Griffin
    Eric Griffin is the best-selling author of the Tremere Trilogy (White Wolf Publishing): Widow's Walk, Widow's Weeds, and Widow's Might. His publishing experience includes working as an editor, a fiction developer, and a game designer.

  • D.J. Grothe
    D.J. Grothe hosts Point of Inquiry, discussing science and skepticism with the world's intellectual leaders. He is the vice president of the Center for Inquiry and the associate editor of Free Inquiry.

  • Rosemary Ellen Guiley
    Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a leading expert on the paranormal with 32 books in print, including eight single-volume encyclopedias. Since 1983, she has worked full-time in paranormal research, investigation, and writing.

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  • Dean Haglund
    Haglund is probably best known for his nine seasons playing Langly, one of the computer geeks known as "The Lone Gunmen" from the hit FOX television series, The X-Files, as well as from the spin-off series, The Lone Gunmen

  • Stacy Hague-Hill
    Stacy Hague-Hill is an assistant editor at Tor Books, where she works with numerous fantasy, science fiction, and horror/thriller authors, including L.E. Modesitt, Jr., David Farland, Kage Baker, F. Paul Wilson, Charles Stross, and many others.

  • Beverly Hale
    Beverly Hale has published numerous novels, short stories, comics, and gaming modules. Her work has appeared in Dark Horse Comics, Mayfair Games, and Yard Dog Press. Her first novel is The Essence of Stone

  • Laurell K. Hamilton
    Laurell Hamilton is the best-selling author of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series; her new fantasy series is being released by Ballantine.

  • Doc Hammer
    Doc Hammer writes, voices, and does other crap for The Venture Bros (a show you can watch on cable TV).

  • Cully Hamner
    Cully Hamner is mainly known as the artist behind DC Comics' new Blue Beetle series with writers Keith Giffen and John Rogers and the four-issue crime miniseries, Down, for Top Cow/Image. 

  • Lori Handeland
    Lori Handeland is an award winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of her highly acclaimed paranormal werewolf Nightcreature series. Her new urban fantasy, Any Given Doomsday, will be released in November, 2008. 

  • David Harmer
    David Harmer's newest gaming books are The Aftermath! Survivors Guide, due September 2008, and Aftermath! Technology! 2.0, releasing in Jan 2008. David is spearheading the rebirth of Fantasy Games Unlimited.

  • Nicole Harsch       Swashbucklers
    Nicole Harsch and Mike Sakuta are the Crossed Swords. For over 20 years, their Crossed Swords Stage Combat shows have been seen across the continental U.S. and Canada at renaissance festivals, science fiction conventions and, of course, previous Dragon*Cons. 

  • Raven Hart
    Raven Hart writes the Savannah Vampire Chronicles series from Ballantine books. The series started with The Vampire's Seduction, and the latest book in the series, The Vampire's Betrayal, was released in April, 2008. 

  • Tariq Hassan
    Tariq Hassan has been published in Girls of Ninja High School 93, Daemonstorm, and Pinup Legendlore.  He is the artist behind Arkadian: No Witness.

  • Richard Hatch
    Actor Richard Hatch won a Golden Globe for his role in the classic Battlestar Galactica as Captain Apollo. He currently plays Tom Zarek on the current BSG series. His new Great War of Magellan novel will debut this Spring. 

  • Jason Hawes
    Jason Hawes is one of the main stars of SCI FI Channel's hit show Ghost Hunters. It is filming its 4th season now, set to air in March, 2008. 

  • Gary Kim Hayes
    Gary Hayes is a multiple award winning writer of short fiction who also a senior master of various martial arts. He is currently finishing the final draft of his fantasy novel, Sleag's Quest.

  • Jennifer Heddle
    Jennifer Heddle is a senior editor at Pocket Books and MTV Books, Simon & Schuster, who specializes in fantasy, pop culture and media tie-ins, and teen fiction.

  • Heidi Anne Heiner
    Heidi Anne Heiner is the creator and keeper of one of the world's top folklore websites, the SurLaLune Fairy Tale pages at www.surlalunefairytales.com.

  • Tom Heintjes
    Tom Heintjes is the co-publisher and senior editor of Hogan's Alley, and he was managing editor of The Comics Journal, where he helped spearhead the battle to help Jack Kirby obtain his original art from Marvel Comics. 

  • Hellblinki Sextet        Musical
    Hellblinki combines European and American folk music, with punk rock experimentation, and guerrilla operatics. Hellblinki ushers the audience into a grinningly sinister world. 

  • Christy Hemme
    In 2004, Christy won the first ever WWE Diva Search contest and walked away with $250,000 and a year contract with WWE. She is now a TNA Knockout and is seen each week by millions on SPIKE TV. 

  • Carrie Henn
    Caroline Marie Henn is a Saturn Award-winning former child actress who became famous as Newt, the little girl brought under the protection of Sigourney Weaver's character, Ellen Ripley, in the film, Aliens, the second installment of the Alien series.

  • Lance Henriksen
    Lance Henriksen is perhaps best known for portraying the android Bishop, an artificial life-form, in Aliens (1986) and Alien 3 (1992). He also played the main character, Frank Black, in the TV series, Millennium

  • Diana Tixier Herald
    Diana is well known in the library field where her books, reviews, and articles are standards for helping guide readers to the next book he or she will really enjoy.

  • Rita Herron
    Rita Herron has sold over 45 books and currently writes romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue and paranormal romantic suspense for Grand Central Publishing. 

  • Virginia Hey
    Award nominated Australian actress Virginia Hey is known for her major TV role a an alien priest, Zhaan, on the award winning international blockbuster, Farscape. 

  • Stephen Hickman
    Stephen Hickman's illustrations have been used as cover work for many contemporary writers, such as Stephen Brust, Gordon Dickson, David Drake, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, and Steve Stirling. 

  • »Torri Higginson
    Torri is best know for her role as Dr. Elizabeth Weir on Stargate: Atlantis.

  • Sandra Hill
    Sandra Hill is an award winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than 34 novels, including over a dozen paranormal time travels with a twist. 

  • Kathryn Hinds
    Kathryn Hinds is an award-winning poet, co-author of Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses, and the author of more than 30 young adult books on the cultures of the ancient and medieval worlds. 

  • Joel Hodgson
    Joel Hodgson created MST3K, which he also hosted for five seasons. He has also written several movies, including Disney's Honey We Shrunk Ourselves with Nell Scovell.

  • Michael Hogan
    Michael Hogan currently portrays Colonel Saul Tigh on the SCI FI Channel TV show, Battlestar Gallactica

  • Bill Holbrook
    Bill Holbrook has been an internationally syndicated comic strip artist since 1984 and a pioneering webcomic creator. His three daily strips, Kevin & Kell, On the Fastrack, and Safe Havens are seen by miilions of readers worldwide.

  • Hollowboy        Musical
    Once a solo remix production in the vein of electro-rock, Hollowboy has evolved into a full live band. 

  • James Hong
    James Hong has entertained millions as Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China and as the voice of Chi Fu in Mulan, and he has appeared opposite popular stars like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner.

  • »Eva Hopkins
    Eva Hopkins is the art assistant and office goddess for Joseph Michael Linsner and Dawn.

  • Scott Houle
    Scott Houle, President of Coastal Studios, has done dialog replacement career on numerous high profile films in the US and has dubbed such Japanese anime classics as Ah! My Goddess and Blue Submarine No.6.

  • George Hrab        Musical
    George Hrab has written and produced five independent CDs, published one book, and traveled across the country as a drummer for the nationally recognized Philadelphia Funk Authority.

  • John Hudgens
    John Hudgens is a filmmaker, animator, and artist who created several award winning Star Wars parody films and has also worked on such varied properties as Babylon 5, Crimson Skies, MechWarrior, and the Star Wars PocketModel TCG

  • Matt Hughes
    Matt Hughes' ethereal visions deliver a novel approach he calls "Gothic Art Nouveau." Matt was awarded the prestigious "Best in Show" award at Dragon*Con 2007. 

  • J. C. Hutchins
    J.C. Hutchins is the author of the SF thriller trilogy 7th Son, the most popular podcast novel series to date. Two of Hutchins' thriller novels—ncluding book one in the trilogy, Descent—will be published by St. Martin's Press in 2009. 

  • Hyperdrive        Musical
    Hyperdrive has gone through a number of member changes, but the one thing that hasn't changed is their music of choice: fun rock 'n' roll with science fiction, fantasy, and horror twist! 

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  • Richard Jakiel
    Richard Jakiel has written nearly 60 articles for a wide variety of professional and popular publications, including such mainstream magazines as Astronomy and Sky and Telescope. He recently co-authored Galaxies: How to Observe Them (2006) and is currently working on a number of related projects.

  • Georges Jeanty
    With such titles as Bishop the Last X-Man, Gambit, Weapon X, and Deadpool for Marvel and Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern for DC in his portfolio, Georges Jeanty is a comics veteran with a bright future. 

  • Les Johnson
    Les Johnson is deputy manager for Advanced Concepts at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. He has been awarded NASA's Exceptional Achievement Medal on two occasions, and he has three patents. 

  • »Mike Jones
    Hall of Fame inductee: for the Dragon Con Wrestling Hall Of Fame. Credits; 21 years of Pro-Wrestling, with The World Wrestling Federation(WWF), and World Champion Wrestlling(WCW). Large part of World Champion Wrestling(WCW) was NWO, which I(Virgil) was a large part of.

  • Joe Jusko
    Joe Jusko is undoubtedly one of the best known fantasy, pin-up, and comics artists in the world today. His career has spanned almost 30 years, starting with the sale of his very first cover for Heavy Metal Magazine in 1977 at the age of 17.

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  • Lloyd Kaufman
    Lloyd Kaufman is the president and founder of Troma Entertainment, currently celebreating its 35th year as the world's longest running independent film company. He has directed such classsics as The Toxic Avenger and Tromeo and Juliet.

  • Susan Kearney
    Susan Kearney is is well known for her USA Today best selling series, The Challenge, The Dare, The Ultimatum, and The Quest.

  • Dominic Keating
    Dominic Keating's starred in the feature film Jungle 2 Jungle opposite Tim Allen and Martin Short. Dominic is widely known for his role as Malcolm Reed in Star Trek: Enterprise

  • Bill Keel
    Astronomer Bill Keel, author of The Sky at Einstein's Feet and The Road to Galaxy Formation, has appeared at Dragon*Con since 2004.

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Sherrilyn Kenyon is an international phenomenon and the New York Times best selling author of several series, including The Dark-Hunters, The League, Brotherhood of the Sword, Lords of Avalon, and Nevermore. She has over 11 millions copies of her books in print in 33 countries.

  • Gail Kim
    Gail is one of the greatest female athletes to ever grace a professional wrestling ring. In her debut televised match with WWE in 2003, she won the women's championship. Now, a current TNA Wrestling Knockout and 1st ever TNA women's champion, she is seen by millions weekly on TV.

  • James P Kinney III
    James Kinney is a professional Linux administrator, beer snob and brewer, physicist, and former astronomy and physics instructor. James has been a homebrew enthusiast for over a decade and sees beer as the first indicator of human agricultural achievement.

  • Caitlin Kittredge
    Caitlin Kittredge is the author of the Nocturne City series of urban fantasy novels from St. Martin's Press and also the author of the forthcoming Black London series. Her short fiction appeared in the NYT-bestselling anthology My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon. She collects comics and lives in Washington.

  • Kittyhawk
    Kittyhawk's award-winning Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is the tale of a well-endowed transgendered valkyrie and her epic battle against the forces of the fire giant Surt. The webcomic is only the first step in Kittyhawk's plan to bring her brand of sexy fun to the world at large.

  • Nancy Knight
    Nancy Knight is the award-winning author of novels, short stories, and plays and a partner in BelleBooks. Knight teaches creative writing and has taught writing workshops across the country. Her screenplay, Insanity du Jour, produced in 2007, was a finalist in the Women in Film/More Magazine Film Competition.

  • Walter Koenig
    Walter Koenig is best known for his role as Chekov on the original Star Trek series and has recently revised the role on the Internet series New Voyages.

  • Alethea Kontis
    Alethea Kontis is an essayist, editor, publisher, and New York Times bestselling author. Her works include Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Companion, Beauty & Dynamite, and AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First.

  • »Edward E. Kramer
    Editor, agent, author, medical professional, spelunker, art collector and - definitely not least - Dragon*Con's former chairman and founder.

  • George Krstic
    George Krstic is an award-winning screenwriter known for his science fiction, comic book, and animation work. Co-creator of Megas XLR, Krstic is currently writing on Lucasfilm's new Clone Wars series and has been tapped by horror director Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Midnight Meat Train) to script Kitamura's next feature.

  • Bonnie Kunzel
    Bonnie Kunzel is a young adult librarian and the author of several books on science fiction and fantasy, including Fluent in Fantasy: The Next Generation with Diana Tixier Herald and Tamora Pierce with Susan Fichtelberg. She presents programs nationally on science fiction and fantasy and the best books for young adults.

  • Katherine Kurtz
    An outstanding writer of high fantasy, Katherine Kurtz is best-known for her epic, ground-breaking Chronicles of the Deryni.

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  • »Jessica Lackey
    Jessica Lackey is a singer, artist, model, stage performer, and dancer best known for her role in the band the Cruxshadows.

  • Stephen & Suzie Lackey
    Stephen and Suzie Lackey's first film production was the feature-length documentary film Fans and Freaks: The Culture of Comics and Conventions.  The film covers sci-fi, fantasy, horror, anime, comic book, and furry fans throughout the Southeast.

  • Mur Lafferty
    Mur Lafferty is a hall-of-fame podcaster, writer, and game professional.

  • Cheralyn Lambeth
    Cheralyn Lambeth is a professional prop, costume, and puppet builder/peformer whose work includes multiple feature films (The Muppet Christmas Carol, Leatherheads), TV shows (Dinosaurs!) and various interactive properties (Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton). She also writes nonfiction "ghost story" books with Schiffer Publishing.

  • Michael N. Langford
    Mike Langford is a writer and actor of bizarre twists best known for creating Professor Satyre's Sci-Fried Sideshow, staging the wildest parodies of SF classics in captivity since 1999. Mike's weirdness has appeared in print, on stage, in films, and especially on radio for over a fortieth of a millennium.

  • Rich Larson
    As penciler in the Fastner & Larson art team, Rich Larson has had a claw in provocative illustrated fantasy since 1976. F&L's work has been collected into a dozen volumes, the latest of which are Tricks & Treats, Bed & Bondage 2, and the graphic novel Alien @ Large.

  • James Kyson Lee
    James Kyson Lee currently stars as Ando on NBC's critically acclaimed hit drama Heroes.

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee is a novelist, scriptwriter, and game designer best known for his highly popular Darkblade fantasy novels, cowritten by bestselling author Dan Abnett. He has also written scripts for Funcom's highly anticipated Age of Conan MMO and Ubisoft Entertainment's Blazing Angels: Secret Missions of World War II.

  • Rob Levy
    Rob Levy has been published in several Doctor Who fanzines and is president of the STL CIA Doctor Who fan club. He serves as managing editor for the Time Lord Times, pop culture writer for St. Louis Magazine, film editor for Ink19.com, and columnist for the music forum for Needcoffee.com.

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis started acting at age nine and had a three and a half year stint playing Marc Reynolds on the popular British soap opera Emmerdale.

  • J F Lewis
    J. F. Lewis is the author of Staked, an urban fantasy novel published by Pocket Books in March 2008. Jeremy is a member of both the SFWA and HWA. In his spare time, he maintains the SFWA Pressbook.

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis is the actor who portrays Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films.

  • Joseph Michael Linsner
    Michael Linsner has become one of the comic book industry's most celebrated artists; Cry for Dawn Volume I, published in 1989, marked his debut.

  • Lips Down on Dixie        Theatrical
    Lips Down On Dixie is an Atlanta based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast troupe which performs weekly midnight shows.

  • Todd Livingston
    Todd Livingston is a filmmaker and comic book creator. His webcomic America Jr. was recently voted Best Comic Strip on DrunkDuck.com and is currently collected in two trade paperbacks published by Image Comics.

  • Robert Llewellyn
    Robert played Kryten in the Emmy award winning BBC series Red Dwarf from 1989 to 1998. He has appeared on many other TV shows, including Junkyard Wars on Discovery.

  • Gareth David Lloyd
    Gareth David-Lloyd is a Welsh actor best known for his role as Ianto Jones in the British science fiction television program Torchwood.

  • Jake Lloyd
    Jake Lloyd is an American actor who gained worldwide fame when he was chosen by George Lucas to play the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, the first film in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

  • Kelly Lockhart
    Kelly Lockhart is well-known as the overseer of the long-running and very popular Robot Battles. He is also a very experienced voice actor who has lent his voice talents to over 150 infomercials and corporate training films as well as over 2,000 radio and television commercials in the past two decades.

  • Cirroc Lofton
    Cirroc Lofton played the regular role of Jake Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine beginning in 1993.  Although he watched the original Star Trek series and was a fan, Lofton prefers The Twilight Zone.  He made his first acting appearance in the 1992 hit film Beethoven.  He was cast as Jake Sisko later that year.  Filming DS9 kept him busy, but he made his first guest appearance in an 1996 episode of Moesha.  He later made two guest appearances in Smart Guy as two different characters.  Soon after DS9 ended, he was a main cast member on The Hoop Life.

  • Daniel Logan
    Daniel Logan's most recent project was starring in The Legend of Johnny Lingo. At the top of this young actor's growing resume sits Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones with the coveted role of Boba Fett, winning the part, out of thousands who tried out, after just one audition!

  • John Lotshaw
    John Lotshaw is a cartoonist, animator, and the owner of Moonbase LLC, the publishers of Kevin & Kell by Bill Holbrook, among other webcomics.

  • George Lowe
    Cartoon Network's wildly popular Adult Swim block was built on the cult hit Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which ran for a decade with legions of fans responsible for its success. George Lowe is the ad-libbing madman behind Space Ghost and it's his honor to visit Atlanta for Dragon*Con.

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  • Jonathan Maberry
    Jonathan Maberry is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of 20 books.

  • David Mack
    David Mack is the writer, creator, and artist of the acclaimed Kabuki and writes the best-selling comic Daredevil.

  • Scott MacMillan
    Scott MacMillan (occasionally known as Mr. Katherine Kurtz) was educated at the University of Southern California and the American Film Institute. He has been a filmmaker, an award-winning editor of Western fiction, a world-class black-powder shootist, a mounted police officer, a novelist, a screenwriter, a reserve army officer, a vintage car enthusiast, an expert on antique arms and armour, and an avid student of heraldry, military history, crumbling castles, chivalry, and Scottish and Irish heritage.

  • Mark Donald Maddox
    Mark Maddox is an illustrator, working for such publishers as Airship27 Books, Adamant Entertainment, and White Rocket Books. He has done covers for Ron Fortier's Captain Hazzard series, Thrilling Tales magazine, and Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine. He lives in South Georgia with his wife and two children.

  • Don Maitz
    Don Maitz has produced outstanding work in fantastic realism. For 25 years, he has produced narrative paintings containing fantasy, science fiction, and historical images.

  • Racheline Maltese
    Racheline Maltese is the author of The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias and Particularities, a three-volume series published by Sterling & Ross. She is also the SF/F literature correspondent for Gather.com and a blogger for Illusion TV. She is a regular program participant at conventions.

  • Marrus
    Marrus, an award-winning artist, is currently writing an illustrated autobiography. She began inking for Valiant and ElfQuest, but has since created book and album covers, illustrated for magazines and RPGs, and body painted for fashion shows and music videos. In her spare time, she storyboards for the film industry.

  • James Marsters
    James Marsters may best be known around the world for his ever-popular cult character Spike, the punk-goth vampire he played on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  A fan favorite, Marsters has received and been nominated for numerous awards worldwide.

  • Anya Martin
    Anya Martin is an author/journalist specializing in SF/F, horror, comics, rock music, and hauntings. A former Marvel Age staff correspondent, her best-known works include "Rockin the Midnight Hour" in Splatterpunks II and "The Devil's March" in Dark Destiny III: Children of Dracula. She also is PR codirector for Mythic Imagination Institute.

  • Gail Z. Martin
    Gail Z. Martin is the author of The Chronicles of the Necromancer fantasy adventure series, including The Summoner (2007), The Blood King (2008), and Dark Haven (forthcoming 2009).

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin is a colorist. She is currently the colorist on Astonishing X-Men and Thor. She will be coloring Adam Hughes on All Star Wonder Woman and Cully Hamner on Black Lightning, and has colored UltimatesAuthority Planetary, and Ruse (just to name a few). She's won multiple awards for her work as a colorist including the Eisner, Harvey, Eagle, Squidy, and Wizard fan awards.

  • William C. Martin
    William C. Martin, Ph.D., is a longstanding member of First Fandom and the Science Fiction Research Association who began reading SF in 1934. He has taught SF honors seminars at Georgia State University and penned numerous professional papers on SF's history and development as the literature of the 20th century.

  • Lee Martindale
    Lee Martindale's short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including Turn the Other Chick, Catopolis, LowPort, Outside the Box, A Time to..., Sword & Sorceress, several Bubbas of the Apocalypse anthos, and three collections from Yard Dog Press. She also edited the groundbreaking Such a Pretty Face.

  • Nathan Massengill
    Nathan Massengill is an inker for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. His upcoming work includes Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods and Marvel Adventures: Hulk. He has recently completed a Wonder Girl miniseries for DC comics. 

  • Peter Mayhew
    Peter Mayhew made Star Wars's Chewbacca an enduring and endearing character without the use of facial expressions - which was no mean feat!

  • Anne McCaffrey
    Anne McCaffrey is best known for her series The Dragonriders of Pern.

  • Todd McCaffrey
    New York Times bestselling author Todd Johnson McCaffrey is most noted for his books in the Dragonriders of Pern series, both solo and in collaboration with his mother, Anne McCaffrey. Visit his website at www.toddmccaffrey.org.

  • M. Sean McManus
    M. Sean McManus is a writer of comic books and graphic novels and a director and editor of TV shows and commercials.

  • »R.H. McRoberts
    R.H. McRoberts worked as Executive Producer on both "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men" and "Inalienable."

  • Paul Mercer        Musical
    A self-taught musician and composer who has been performing for over twenty years, Paul Mercer has appeared at Dragon*Con for nearly a decade, as violinist for The Changelings and as a consummate solo violinist.

  • Travis Scott Merrill
    Travis has been working with theatrical costumes professionally since the middle 90's. He is a highly experienced mask maker, creature creator, and armor constructor for the stage. Travis is currently in his fourth season at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

  • Tanya Michna
    Award-winning author Tanya Michna writes short stories (included in Fantastical Visions: Short Fantasy Fiction), nonfiction essays (in the upcoming Supernatural anthology from BenBella Books), and novels. Under the pseudonym Tanya Michaels, she's also published 20 romances. A frequent speaker, Tanya enjoys meeting others who love fiction and storytelling.

  • Mighty Rassilon Art Players        Theatrical
    For over 20 years The Mighty Rassilon Art Players have shown audiences their own unique view of many TV series and movies popular with SF fans, including Star Trek, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  and Harry Potter.

  • Vic Mignogna
    Vic is a professional music composer/producer and veteran actor most well known as the voice of Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Broly in Dragonball Z, and Ikkaku in Bleach. Vic has voiced characters in more than 100 shows and many video games.

  • Kara Mikos
    Kara Mikos was first published in Vampire: The Masquerade. She works in the legal profession helping injured parties fight for their rights. She spoke at Dragon*Con 2006 about First Amendment rights and pornography and returned last year to speak about the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments with the movie Busted!

  • Trish Milburn
    Trish Milburn writes contemporary romance for Harlequin American under her own name and young adult novels under the name Tricia Mills for Razorbill, part of the Penguin Young Readers Group. She's also a contributor to BenBella Books' nonfiction anthology on the show Supernatural.

  • David Millians
    David Millians has spent the last two decades promoting games as educational tools, working with the Game Manufacturer's Association, and developing materials with game companies ranging from Wizards of the Coast to Looney Labs. He speaks at national conferences on the subject and leads workshops for writers and publishers.

  • Mindless Self Indulgence        Musical
    Mindless Self Indulgence (commonly referred to as MSI) is a New York based band with elements of EDM, punk, and industrial rock in their music.

  • Rebecca Moesta
    Rebecca Moesta (pronounced MESS-tuh) has authored or coauthored more than 30 books, including the Crystal Doors series for Young Adults, the award-winning Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights series, and two graphic novels with husband Kevin J. Anderson. Her short fiction has appeared in Analog magazine as well as numerous anthologies.

  • Charles D. Moisant
    Artist, writer, and publisher Charles D. Moisant is currently publishing a comic book adaptation of Myth Told Tales, Mystery Manor (an EC horror-like anthology comic book), and Montana Briggs (a western) and will soon release Bane of the Ware Wolf. He is also an advocate for people with Huntington's Disease.

  • Sharon Morgan
    Sharon Morgan is a corset maker for Romantasy Corsets, one of the world's oldest custom corset companies. She has worked in theaters across the country, including the Tony Award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. She is currently Assistant Costume Shop Manager at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • Phil Morris
    Morris portrayed the DC Comics superhero The Martian Manhunter in the January 25, 2007, episode of the CW television series Smallville, which is a recurring but small character in the series so far. He reprised that role on the show's sixth season finale on May 17, 2007, as well as the episodes "Bizarro" and "Cure" in the seventh season. He voiced the villain Imperiex on Legion of Superheroes.

  • Tee Morris
    Tee Morris is an award-nominated author, award-nominated podcaster, and cofounder of Podiobooks.com

  • Dean Motter
    Dean Motter authored the award-winning 'film-noir' graphic novel Batman: Nine Lives and is currently writing/ illustrating Mister X: Condemned for Dark Horse and scripting Dominic Fortune for Marvel. He is most notorious as the creator of the 80's comic book sensation Mister X and his graphic novel The Prisoner: Shattered Visage for DC Comics. His two acclaimed Vertigo miniseries, Terminal City and Aerial Graffiti, were nominated for Eisner and Kurtzman Awards.

  • Chris Mueller
    Chris Mueller has an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in costume design. He recently was the assistant designer to Tony Award nominated costume designer Toni-Leslie James for an off-Broadway production.

  • Sabutai Musashi
    Subatai Musashi began his training as a young boy in 1966 under Grandmaster Yoshiaki Musashi, from whom he inherited the title of Grandmaster and the Ninkage ryu bujutsu style. Undefeated in bare knuckle, full-contact fighting, he was inducted into the United States Karate Alliance (USKA) Hall of Fame in July 1992.

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  • Ted Naifeh
    Comics creator Ted Naifeh is responsible for many dark, delicious worlds. These include the gothic romance Gloomcookie (with Serena Valentino), Courtney Crumrin (optioned for a movie by DreamWorks in 2007), and the all-ages Polly and the Pirates. Currently, he is illustrating a graphic novel trilogy by bestselling author Holly Black.

  • Bobby Nash
    Bobby Nash writes comics (Life in the Faster Lane, Fuzzy Bunnies from Hell, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, Demonslayer, Jungle Fantasy, Yin Yang) and prose (Evil Ways, Fantastix, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Startling Stories, Domino Lady, Sentinels Widescreen Special Edition). www.bobbynash.com

  • Ingrid Neilson
    Ingrid Neilson is an award-winning artist. Her work has appeared in Vampirella and she has inked for the comics Space Ark, MythAdventures, and Elfquest. Ingrid oversees nominations for ASFA's Chesley Awards (now in its 23rd year) and she was a consultant for the Hugo-winning book The Chesley Awards: A Retrospective.

  • Philip Nutman
    Philip Nutman is an award nominated author (Wet Work), screenwriter (Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door), and producer (the forthcoming Nightmare on Wheels, among other projects). He's also written and edited comics and worked extensively in TV.

  • Jody Lynn Nye
    Jody Lynn Nye describes her career as "spoiling cats." When not so engaged, she writes SF and fantasy novels and short stories, including several with Anne McCaffrey, and penned The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern. She collaborates with Robert Asprin on his MythAdventures series. Her newest novel is An Unexpected Apprentice.

  • David Nykl
    David Nykl is known to science fiction fans as the recurring Stargate: Atlantis character of Dr. Radek Zelenka, a Czech scientist on Earth's expedition to the "lost city" of Atlantis. His character often provides a foil to the main scientists, who forget the limits of their situation.

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  • Kathie Olivas
    Kathie Olivas is a multimedia artist who resides with her husband and fellow artist, Brandt Peters, in Tampa, FL and Albuquerque, NM. At 31, she has been featured in numerous galleries across the globe and is represented in the permanent collection at the Tampa Museum of Art. She received her bachelor's degree in visual arts from the University of South Florida.

  • Jana Oliver
    Jana G. Oliver, best known for her Time Rovers series, loves to play in the back alleys of Jack the Ripper's London and in the "utopia" of 2057. A multiaward-winning author, she's most at home when conducting "research" in London's Victorian pubs.

  • Edward James Olmos
    In the years since Miami Vice, Edward James Olmos has built an amazing career in Hollywood and across America. He directed his first movie, American Me. He won numerous acting and humanitarian awards. He has become involved in dozens of worthy causes with a variety of groups and organizations. He is tireless in his efforts to improve the human condition. One would be hard pressed to find a man more dedicated to his family, his work, his concerns and causes, and the people who look to him for a voice in their own lives. 

  • Sket One
    Designer Sket One is a visual artist with skills that go back to before most of y'all were born. A Connecticut-based graffiti artist, Sket has produced toys for such heavyweights as Kidrobot, Kaching/Mindstlyle, Red Magic, Circus Punks, and basically so many more that if we listed them all, you'd be reading a book.

  • Nils Onsager
    Nils has been a part of Dragon*Con as Hank Reinhartd's fight partner for years. He filled in for Hank last year (2007). Nils is a professional martial artist, stunt coordinator, and swordsman. He was one of the knights of Pendragon in the 80's at the con (full armour fights).

  • Terri Osborne
    Terri Osborne took us from the back streets of New York City to the Gamma Quadrant in her forays into Star Trek's universe. This year, it's off to ancient England alongside Doctor Who. Now, it's the Ireland of yesterday, New York of tomorrow, and everywhere (and everywhen) in between.

  • Jan Osburg
    Dr. Jan Osburg works for a national think tank, focusing on projects related to security policy, aerospace and communications technology, and emergency preparedness.

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  • Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer is an illustrator working in the entertainment industry with a variety of properties such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Battlestar Galactica. He may be best known for his licensed series of Firefly/Serenity art.

  • Hayden Panettiere
    Hayden Panettiere appears as Claire Bennet in the NBC series Heroes as a high school cheerleader with regenerative healing powers.

  • Dustin Pari
    After years of amateur investigation, Dustin Pari became a member of TAPS and became involved in the Ghost Hunters television program.

  • Ray Park
    Ray Park portrayed the taciturn but nimble villain Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; he's also done stunt-double work in Sleepy Hollow and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

  • Buzz Parker
    Buzz Parker is now the illustrator of Emily The Strange comic books and lends his talents to the clothing line, hardcover books, and upcoming juvenile fiction series. 

  • D.M. Paul
    D.M. Paul is the author of the One Wizard Place series of books--a fantasy trilogy geared to young adult readers. He has a graduate degree in aerospace engineering and has recently opened a book and graphic novel publishing company intended to get new authors into the field.

  • Paul and Storm        Musical
    Paul and Storm are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing as a duo since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band Da Vinci's Notebook for about 12 years.

  • Lars Pearson
    Lars Pearson is one of the foremost experts on Doctor Who in North America, having authored or edited 11 books on the topic. His publishing company, Mad Norwegian Press, specializes in reference guides to SF series, including Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Garrett Peck
    Garrett Peck has authored short stories, nonfiction articles, and book reviews for such publications as Cemetery Dance, Gauntlet, Flesh & Blood, and Hellnotes Newsletter. He has co-edited four published anthologies. He chaired the HWA's Bram Stoker Awards Additions Jury for three terms and has twice been a finalist.

  • Carlos Pedraza
    Carlos Pedraza is a writer-producer of Star Trek: New Voyages, Star Trek: First Voyages, and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. David Gerrold authorized Carlos to rewrite and produce his controversial TNG script "Blood and Fire." Carlos's work was featured in Variety, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the BBC, and NY Times.

  • Peelander-Z        Musical
    The Japanese action comic punk band Peelander-Z has been appearing at major music festivals and on televisions since 1998!

  • Bob Pendarvis
    Bob Pendarvis taught the very first comics class at the Savannah College of Art and Design and cofounded its Sequential Art BFA and MFA programs. In addition to producing music CDs, Bob has recently been involved with a number of upcoming film and book projects in various stages of development.

  • Tahmoh Penikett
    Tahmoh Penikett stars as Lieutenant Karl "Helo" Agathon on the Emmy nominated Sci Fi series Battlestar Galactica and has recently received a starring role in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

  • Brandt Peters
    The subject of Brandt's paintings is a world of creepy sideshow icons, deviant Animalia, and "masked" glorified cartoon alter egos. Brandt is currently working on several designer toy projects with MINDstyle and Wheaty Wheat Studios as well as developing his own animation projects, including his well known Slap-Happy! property.

  • Anne C. Petty
    Writer Anne Petty has published three books on J.R.R. Tolkien, a dark fantasy novel, and numerous articles on fantasy lit and mythology. She gives seminars on Tolkien and pop culture, fantasy writing in general, and publishing. Anne is the owner of the small press Kitsune Books.

  • Ethan Phillips
    Phillips has been on several popular TV shows and movies, including five seasons on Benson, and seven seasons on Star Trek: Voyager. He has been a guest star on scores of other television shows. Ethan has appeared in many feature films and awardiwinning shorts and has an active voice-over career. Phillips is also a playwright and an author.

  • Robert Picardo
    An accomplished actor and Yale graduate, Robert Picardo starred as the Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager and can boast of dozens of other appearances in film, TV, and the stage.

  • Tamora Pierce
    Tamora Pierce is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and has written 25 books, including her latest, Melting Stones, released by Full Cast Audio in fall of 2007. Also recently released: White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion, the Marvel Comics series she cowrote with her husband, Timothy Liebe.

  • Phil Plait
    Phil Plait is a professional astronomer and writer. On his blog, Bad Astronomy (the 2007 Weblog Best Science Blog winner) he debunks myths about astronomy, and defends science against attack both political and religious. His latest book, Death from the Skies!, is about astronomical events wiping out life on Earth.

  • Van Allen Plexico
    Comics commentator, editor, professor, and pulp writer Van Plexico created and edited Assembled! Five Decades of Earth's Mightiest and its sequel. His Sentinels superhero novels are being published by Swarm Press, and numerous other works have been published by White Rocket, Airship 27, RevolutionSF.com, and A Thousand Faces quarterly magazine.

  • Ken Plume
    Ken is the Editor-in-Chief of Kevin Smith's Quick Stop Entertainment and a contributor at Needcoffee.com (where he's known by the pseudonym "Tobias Clutch"). He’s the co-host of the award-winning Ken P.D. Snydecast (with Adult Swim star Dana Snyder) and Nuts On The Road (with Needcoffee.com’s Widgett Walls).

  • Michelle Poche
    Michelle Poche is an author in the Dragon*Con anthology. She is a screenwriter and former international model.

  • Eric Powell
    Eric Powell has worked in is the comics field since 1995, but his true success came with the launch of his critically-acclaimed dark comedy series, The Goon.

  • Jeff Preston
    A mixed breed of designer, musician (if 5-string banjo counts), educator, haunted attraction designer, and aging weightlifter. Above all Jeff Preston is an illustrator; simply put, it was a destiny almost from birth.

  • Andy Price
    Andy Price is a penciler, inker, painter, and all-around slave to his art table. Currently in the works is a book for Image Comics. He has also recently appeared in Image's Negative Burn and SLG Publishing's Disney's Haunted Mansion. In the past, he has worked for various advertising, comics, and gaming companies, including Innovation Comics' Quantum Leap, based on the TV series.

  • Cherie Priest
    Cherie Priest is the author of four novels: Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Wings to the Kingdom, Not Flesh nor Feathers (all from Tor), and Dreadful Skin (Subterranean Press). She also contributes stories and articles for magazines and websites, including Weird Tales, Subterranean Magazine, Noctem Aeternus, and Apex Digest.

  • The Protomen        Musical
    Screaming their stories through layer upon layer of robot rock, The Protomen hunger to be heard.

  • David Prowse
    David Prowse has played many roles, but we'll always know him best as the man behind Darth Vader's sinister mask.

  • PsychoCharger        Musical
    PsychoCharger delivers an ultra-horrific death-march through the rotting graveyard that's been described as "Horror rawkillbilly"!

  • »Jackson Publick
    Drawing on the powers and influence of his amazing Bilderberg Group superpals, Jackson made up The Venture Bros.

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  • Benjamin Radford
    Benjamin Radford is an investigator and editor of two science magazines, author of three books, and columnist for Skeptical Inquirer and LiveScience.com. Radford has scientifically investigated the paranormal and "unexplained" for a decade. Radford has appeared on CNN, History Channel, Learning Channel, BBC, and other outlets. His website is www.RadfordBooks.com.

  • Gary Raisor
    Gary Raisor wrote the quirky, Bram-Stoker-nominated, cult-classic cowboy vampire novel, Less Than Human, with introduction by Joe Lansdale. Gary also wrote the novels Graven Images and Sinister Purposes, and edited Obsessions, which contained the Bram Stoker winning short story for that year, "Lady Madonna," by Nancy Holder.

  • James Randi
    A former professional magician, James "The Amazing" Randi is one of the major figures in the international skeptics community, a founder of the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (now known as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry) and president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Trina Ray
    Trina started her career at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory with a bang. Her first and still favorite experience was working on the Voyager Neptune Encounter in August of 1989. Her current position is Science System Engineer for the Project Scientist on Cassini and the co-chair of the Titan Orbiter Science Team (TOST) where she coordinates the targeted Titan science opportunities, which is very exciting.

  • Thomas Reed
    A writer for Toon magazine, one of the Cartoon Geeks, with podcasts and web site discussions of animation, comics, anime, and geek culture, Tom will soon be performing in one of the DC Universe radio shows from Pendant Audio.

  • Rob Reger
    Rob Reger is the creator of Emily the Strange.  

  • Mike Resnick
    Mike Resnick is, according to Locus, the all-time leading award winner for short fiction, and 4th on the all-time list when you add in novels and nonfiction. He has 5 Hugos, and a handful of bestsellers.

  • The Right Reverend Andy        DJ
    The Ordained Minister of Atlanta's rock 'n' roll scene, The Right Reverend Andy has been spinning rockabilly and rock music on the Atlanta airwaves for the last several years.

  • John D. Ringo
    John Ringo is a multiple bestselling author of science fiction, fiction, and military fiction. He is a world traveller and a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division.

  • »Rogue
    Rogue is the lead singer, song writer, front-man, and founder of the band the Cruxshadows.

  • Scott Rorie
    Scott is a freelance, award-winning, sci-fi/fantasy/pin-up artist from Cary, North Carolina. His work includes celebrity portraits as well as pinups of seductive yet strong women.

  • Don Rosa
    Don Rosa is a freelance writer and illustrator of stories about Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, and other Disney characters.

  • Selina Rosen
    Selina Rosen's stories have appeared in several magazines and anthologies.  Some of her 14 published novels include Queen of Denial, Chains of Freedom, Strange Robby, Fire & Ice, Bad Lands (with Laura J. Underwood), and Sword Masters. She owns Yard Dog Press and created its Bubbas of the Apocalypse universe.

  • Michael Rosenbaum
    Michael Rosenbaum has displayed his versatility as an actor by tackling diverse roles. Equally adept at comedy and drama, Rosenbaum has played characters ranging from a transvestite to a crazed fraternity boy to the intriguing Lex Luthor. 

  • Patrick Rothfuss
    Patrick Rothfuss's fantasy novel, The Name Of The Wind, is a recent New York Times bestseller. The London Times review says "I was reminded of Ursula LeGuin, George R. R. Martin, and J. R. R. Tolkien, but never felt that Rothfuss was imitating anyone. His voice is his own."

  • Steve Rude
    Steve Rude is widely known for his comic book series, Nexus, created with co-author Mike Baron.

  • The Rum Runners        Musical
    Prepare y'selves landlubbers! The Rum Runners have been terrorizing and entertaining the nine seas with the sounds of the pounding drum, the picking guitar, and the obnoxious yet beautiful kazoo!

  • Andy Runton
    Andy is the creator of the breakout all-ages series of graphic novels, Owly, starring a little owl who's always searching for new friends. Relying on a mixture of symbols and expressions to tell his silent stories, Runton's heartwarming style has made him a favorite of both fans and critics alike.

  • Tim Russ
    Fans of Star Trek know Tim best as Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Tim currently plays Frank on the hit TV show Samantha Who. He was also recently seen in Hannah Montana, iCarly, Without a Trace, and Live Free or Die Hard.

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  • Paul Sabourin
    Paul Sabourin and Storm are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing as a duo since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band Da Vinci's Notebook for about 12 years.

  • Mike Sakuta
    Mike Sakuta and Nicole Harsch are the Crossed Swords. For over 20 years, their Crossed Swords Stage Combat Shows have been seen across the continental U.S. and Canada at Renaissance festivals and science fiction conventions and, of course, at previous Dragon*Cons.

  • Brandon Winn Sanderson
    Brandon Sanderson writes epic fantasy books for Tor Books and children's fantasy books for Scholastic Press. In 2007, it was announced that he would be completing Robert Jordan's epic masterpiece, The Wheel Of Time. Brandon is a two-time Campbell award nominee; his books have been published in 14 languages.

  • Steve Sansweet
    Steve Sansweet is the author or co-author of 14 books (12 of them on the Star Wars saga), writes columns and feature articles for magazines, and travels the world as Lucasfilm's liaison to Star Wars fans everywhere.

  • Richard Saunders
    Richard Saunders is one of Australia's media commentators on claims of the paranormal and supernatural. A regular on TV and radio, Richard brings a skeptical approach to such claims. Richard is also the host and producer of the TANK Vodcast, the world's only skeptical YouTube Vodcast.

  • John Scalzi
    John Scalzi is the John W. Campbell Award-winning author of the Old Man's War novels and founder of the popular weblog, the "Whatever."

  • Jason Schneiderman
    Dr. Jason Schneiderman is a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School who has worked for NASA, the National Space Biomedical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health.

  • Edmund Schubert
    Edmund Schubert has over 30 published short stories, and his novel, Dreaming Creek, is due out in the fall of 2008. Besides writing, Schubert is editor of the quarterly magazine, Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show. An anthology of IGMS stories, co-edited by Schubert and Card, will be out in August of 2008 (Tor).

  • Randal L. Schwartz
    Randal L. Schwartz is a professional computer author (10 books, 255 magazine articles), podcaster (FLOSS Weekly, Insight Cruises News). and speaker (open source, programming, and web development conferences). He has been a Dragon*Con guest for five consecutive years.

  • Steve Scott
    You no doubt have seen the work of Smallville artist Steve Scott if you are a fan of the hit TV show. Steve is one of those rare creators who has had the opportunity to transcend the print media, with his work now seen on episodes of the runaway blockbuster.

  • ScottC
    ScottC is a long-time contributor to Needcoffee.com, a premiere pop culture news and reviews website now celebrating its 10th year serving the entertainment needs of over-caffeinated insomniacs the world over.

  • Stephen H Segal
    The new editorial & creative director of Weird Tales, the legendary fantasy magazine that gave birth to Cthulhu, Conan, and Solomon Kane, Stephen H. Segal is the architect of the current Weird Tales revival, including a wide array of 85th anniversary celebrations throughout 2008.

  • Tony Shasteen
    Tony Shasteen is currently illustrating Image Comics' Occult Crimes Taskforce (the O.C.T.), co-created by David Atchison and Rosario Dawson.

  • Josepha Sherman
    Josepha Sherman is a fantasy and science fiction writer/editor and folklorist who has written everything from Star Trek to a bio of Bill Gates. Current titles: Star Trek: Vulcan's Soul with Susan Shwartz, and Mythology For Storytellers. See sff.net/people/Josepha.Sherman.com or www.shermaneditorial.biz.

  • Dr. Michael Shermer
    Dr. Michael Shermer is the Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, the host of the Skeptics Distinguished Science Lecture Series at Caltech, and Adjunct Professor of Economics at Claremont Graduate University.

  • Mike Shoemaker
    Mike has been writing professionally for nearly 20 years. He has numerous comics to his credit, several featuring such well-known characters as Razor, Galaxina, Stryke, Tommi Gunn, and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. His work has been published by Malibu Comics, Conscape magazine, and London Night Studios, among others.

  • Scott Sigler
    Scott's first major hardcover release, Infected, a horror/thriller, is out from Crown Publishing as of April 1, 2008. After building a huge online following by podcasting his novels, Scott hit #1 on Amazon.com with his scifi/thriller Ancestor. Infected been optioned for a movie by Rogue Pictures (Shawn of the Dead).

  • Cliff Simon
    Cliff is best known for the role of Ba'al on Stargate SG-1. Cliff's combination of charming bad guy charisma and wicked sense of humor made him a viewer favorite antagonist, keeping his character recurring for five seasons.

  • Bradley H Sinor
    Brad Sinor has published more than 60 science fiction and fantasy stories in antholgies from DAW and Ace Books, among other publishers. He has three short story collections, In The Shadows, Playing With Secrets, and Dark and Stormy Nights. He has also written for Starlog and other magazines.

  • Susan Sizemore
    New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy vampire fiction, Susan Sizemore is the author of the vampire series, Laws of the Blood.

  • Fr. Bryan Small
    A Catholic priest of six years, Fr. Bryan is known for extensive use of science fiction and pop culture references in his preaching.

  • Alison Michelle Smith
    Alison Smith is the Founder of Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society and a research assistant for the James Randi Educational Foundation, where she helps develop initial protocols for the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

  • Deborah Smith
    Deborah Smith is the New York Times-bestselling author of more than 40 novels including fantasy and women's fiction.

  • John C. Snider
    John C. Snider is the editor of the online science fiction magazine www.scifidimensions.com, published since February 2000. He's also the co-host, along with David Driscoll, of the new skeptical podcast www.AmericanFreethought.com.

  • Dana Snyder
    Actor / comedian / raconteur Dana Snyder is Aqua Teen Hunger Force's "Master Shake," Squidbillies' "Granny," and Minoriteam's "Dr. Wang."

  • Kevin Sorbo
    Kevin Sorbo rose to international stardom in the title role of the hit series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, but has become equally well known as "Dylan Hunt" in the science fiction series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

  • Jennifer St. Giles
    Award-winning USA Today-bestselling Author, Jennifer St. Giles writes contemporary paranormal fiction for Pocket Books and Gothic-paranormal historicals for Berkley Publishing.

  • Michael Stackpole
    Michael Stackpole is a New York Times-bestelling author of over 40 books, a game and computer game designer, podcaster, screenwriter, graphic novelist, and gamer.

  • Jewel Staite
    Jewel Staite recently joined the cast of the SciFi Channel hit Stargate: Atlantis as "Dr. Keller," in addition to shooting the lead role in the feature The Tribe, which depicts the story of five young adults shipwrecked on a deserted island off the coast of Latin America where they encounter a lost tribe of savages.

  • Toni Stauffer
    Toni Stauffer's mind works in dark and mysterious ways to produce numerous works of short fiction that have been published in the horror genre. She is now finishing her first novel.

  • Jeanne C. Stein
    In the last 18 months, national bestselling author Jeanne C. Stein has had three novels and two short stories published. The novels are part of the popular Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles, of which the fourth, The Legacy, is scheduled for a September release.

  • Brian Stelfreeze
    Brian Stelfreeze has the distinction of painting over 50 consecutive Batman: Shadow Of The Bat covers. His other covers for DC, Marvel, and various other publishers are beyond the ability of most people to count.

  • Paul Stevens
    Paul Stevens is an Associate Editor with Tor Books. He acquires a wide range of books, specializing in science fiction and fantasy. Some of his recent books are The Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez and Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge.

  • Kevin Stokes
    Kevin Stokes is the artist of Image Comics' Shut Up and Die and the upcoming Desperado series, Extinction.

  • Karen Stollznow
    Karen Stollznow is an Academic, Author, and Associate Editor of The Skeptic magazine. Karen is a paranormal investigator (of the skeptical kind) and writes insatiably for her websites Bad Language and the Skepbitch blog.

  • Eric James Stone
    Eric James Stone is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author whose professional credits include venues such as Analog, Baen's Universe, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Writers of the Future, and Kevin J. Anderson's Blood Lite anthology of humorous horror.

  • William Stout
    William Stout is America's leading dinosaur illustrator. His one-man show, Dinosaurs, Penguins and Whales—The Wildlife of Antarctica, has toured the art galleries of the world.

  • Gillian Summers
    Gillian Summers's young adult fantasy novel The Tree Shepherd's Daughter debuted last year at Dragon*Con and was quickly optioned for film. This year book two in the Faire Folk Trilogy, Into The Wildewood, continues the adventure. Gillian Summers is the pseudonym of authors Berta Platas and Michelle Roper.

  • Swank Sinatra        Musical
    At the end of the day, Swank Sinatra is just three guys who like to have a good time and play Rock n' Roll.

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  • George Takei
    Among George's many credits is the one that time itself will never diminish: he portrayed Lieutenant Sulu in the Star Trek that started it all!

  • Dave Tango
    Dave Tango started out on season two of Ghost Hunters and has grown to be a very well-known and liked investigative member of the TAPS family.

  • Jonathan Tarbox
    Jonathan Tarbox is the Senior Editor of Raijin Comics and Group Editor of CMX manga.

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor is managing editor of the Elfin Kids graphic novels, which are based on literature and historical biographies. He is the writer of Gene Simmons Dominatrix by IDW Publishing, and Shan: Be My Hero for VLE Comics, Last Chance School for Girls for Arcana Comics, and The Veil for Rogue Wolf Entertainment.

  • Evo Terra
    Evo Terra is the founder of Podiobooks.com, which provides over 200 free seralized audiobooks, many of speculative fiction.

  • Mark Texeira
    Mark Texeira is a comics artist who has illustrated Ghost Rider and Moon Knight. His client list also includes New York magazine, Scholastic, MCI, Def Jam, Marvel, DC, Harris Publications, Wizards Of The Coast, Wizard magazine, Image, Black Bull Entertainment, Continuity, and Fleer/Skybox. You may know him currently from Maxim magazine covers, showcasing his fine-art style, as well as his continuing movie and comics work.

  • Greg Theakston
    Greg Theakston is the publisher of Pure Imagination. He has also worked for all of the major comics publishers, and has written extensively on the topic. He also published The Betty Pages and Tease! magazine.

  • Three Quarter Ale        Musical
    Named Best New Band at the 2002 Georgia Renaissance Festival, Three Quarter Ale combines the best of 17th-century madrigals with the high-energy impact and tongue-in-cheek wit of modern "folk-funk" for a truly arresting sound.

  • Toy Baroness
    The Toy Baroness is Kidrobot's promotions queen and event planner.

  • »Alan Tudyk
    Alan Tudyk has appeared in many of your favorite movis, most recently as Wash in Serenity and Firefly, Sonny in I, Robot, Oscar/Dab the Dodo (voice) in Ice Age, and Wat Falhurst in A Knight's Tale .

  • J.M. Tuffley
    J.M. Tuffley writes about pop culture for needcoffee.com, where he contributes assorted news and rants, and co-moderates the site's music forum. He also runs his own media experiments on the aptly titled randomwerks.com.

  • Clifton Tunnell
    Cliff Tunnell is a registered patent attorney, who is licensed to practice law in Alabama and Georgia. His legal specialty is in the field of intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

  • Harry Turtledove
    Harry Turtledove is an American historian and prolific novelist who has written historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction works. He is probably the best-known and most popular author of the genre of alternate history.

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  • Laura J. Underwood
    Laura J. Underwood is the author of such novels as Dragon's Tongue, Hounds Of Ardagh, Bad Lands (with Selina Rosen), and the forthcoming Angels Of Mercy.

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  • Jim Van Verth
    Jim Van Verth is an 11-year veteran of the computer games industry and co-author of Essential Math for Games and Interactive Applications. He is currently working at NVIDIA on performance for games and workstation applications. He also hosts the Parsec-nominated podcast The Vintage Gamer, about older games of all genres.

  • Wayne Vansant
    For more than 20 years, Wayne Vansant has been a writer and artist of historically-accurate comic books and graphic novels about historical and military subjects. He is the primary artist for Marvel's The 'Nam for over five years.

  • Andy Vetromile
    Andy Vetromile writes, reviews, and edits games and fiction. He edited GURPS Britannica-6 and Spaceships 2 and co-authored Margaret Weis Productions' Demon Hunters RPG. He has fiction in Flying Pen's Of Dice and Pen, and he's editing HARP's AfterWorlds and a raft of Steve Jackson's e23 releases.

  • Dexter Vines
    Atlanta native and 13-year comics vet Dexter has inked them all and at most companies in the biz. Dex is part of that other Atlanta Studio, Studio Revolver, so stop by the booth and say hi. Current projects include Wolverine "Old Man Logan,"and The Hulk for Marvel Comics.

  • »Voltaire        Musical
    Voltaire is often described as a modern day Renaissance man. He is a singer/ performer, and a creator of comic books, animation, and toys,

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  • Jeffrey Joseph Wagg
    General Manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation, Jeff spoke at several events at Dragon*Con last year in support of science and skepticism.

  • Doug Wagner
    Doug Wagner is the author of 12 Gauge Comics' The Ride, Gun Candy, and this year's The Ride: Die Valkyrie.

  • Lamar Waldron
    Lamar Waldron is a noted author of both non-fiction and graphic novels, as well as a past winner of the Georgia Fandom Award.

  • Widgett Walls
    Widgett Walls is the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Needcoffee.com, which is celebrating its tenth year of…whatever it is they do over there.  He’s the moderator/zookeeper of Needcoffee’s Weekend Justice bi-weekly podcast/madhouse.  He’s also co-presenter of the Nuts on the Road podcast with Ken Plume.

  • Jean Marie Ward
    Jean Marie Ward's resume spans government public relations, local access cable, features for SciFi.com, Romance Writers Report, and eight years as editor of the respected web magazine Crescent Blues. With Nine You Get Vanyr, the fantasy novel she wrote with the late Teri Smith, was published in 2007.

  • Chris Warner
    Chris Warner's work can be seen displayed at "Alcove," his south Buckhead gallery/studio, as well as at restaurants, nightclubs, and design houses throughout Atlanta. Alcove produces a monthly show which brings a nationwide array of artists of diversified media to show in Atlanta.

  • Jon Waterhouse
    Writer, actor, musician, rasslin' manager and all-around jerk of all trades, Jon is ADD personified. By day, he's an entertainment journalist. His work appears regularly in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper and pops up in national publications including Esquire, BlackBook, Paste. and Boy's Life. He's also the exclusive publicity writer for legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act Van Halen and helped promote the band's 2007-2008 North American Tour, which grossed $93 million.

  • »Graham Watkins
    Graham Watkins, a former researcher at J.B. Rhine's parapsychology laboratory in Durham, NC, published his first novel, Dark Winds, in 1989. His works are available in six languages. He is again associated with the Rhine Parapsychology laboratory, now known as the Rhine Center. See http://www.rhine.org

  • Margaret Weis
    Margaret Weis has written the Star of the Guardians space epic and has co-authored over two dozen bestselling fantasy novels, including DragonLance, one of the most popular fantasy series of all time.

  • Toni Weisskopf
    Toni Weisskopf succeeded Jim Baen as publisher of Baen Books, a leading publisher of science fiction and fantasy and an innovator in ebooks, in 2006. For Baen she's edited three original hard science fiction anthologies, most recently Transhuman, with sf author Mark L. Van Name.

  • Phaedra Weldon
    Phaedra Weldon is the author of the urban fantasy series, Zoë Martinique Investigations, published by Berkley and set in Atlanta. She has been published by Pocket Books in its Star Trek: Corps of Engineers e-book line and in the miniseries Slings and Arrows, edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Her work can also be read in several DAW anthologies.

  • Adam West
    After seven years in Tinseltown, Adam West achieved fame in 1966 in his signature role as Batman in the wildly popular ABC television series. Though he has over 60 movie and over 80 TV guest appearance credits, Batman is what the fans remember him for. The Batman (1966) TV series, which lasted three seasons, made him famous not just nationally, but internationally.

  • Mark I. West
    Mark I. West is a Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he teaches courses on children's and young adult literature. He has published numerous books and articles on fantasy literature.

  • M. B. Weston
    M. B. Weston is the author of The Elysian Chronicles, a fantasy series about guardian angel warfare, and is currently working on the third book in the series. A gifted orator, Weston often speaks at writers' conferences and fantasy conventions about the craft of writing and getting published.

  • Chris Wiese
    Chris Wiese, a partner at Holistic Design Incorporated (HDI), is the developer for HDI's miniatures products (Noble Armada, Carnage, Fantasy Encounters), having authored or co-authored many of HDI's titles. He is also in charge of production, marketing, sales, and licensing for HDI's Fading Suns, Real Life Roleplaying (RLR), and all of the company's miniatures games.

  • C.L. Wilson
    C.L. Wilson is a New York Times-bestselling author of the romantic fantasy novels Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady Of Light And Shadows. She won the Pearl award for Best New Author of 2007, and was awarded Best Paranormal Debut of 2007 by Lifetime Television's "Romance B(u)y the Book."

  • Grant Wilson
    Grant is one of the hosts of the SciFi Channel's hit show Ghost Hunters, and is one of the founders of TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. He is also a musician, artist, and writer.

  • Renee Witterstaetter
    Writer, editor. publisher in comics, film, and art book publishing. Worked at Marvel, DC, Topps, Image, and worked on feature films "Rush Hour 2," "Red Dragon." New book "Excess: The Art of Michael Golden," just released, and the upcoming fantasty art bookk on Mark Texeira out by Dragon Con '08.

  • Michael Wolff
    For over 20 years Michael Wolff has been a book critic and correspondent for Starlog magazine, as well as a freelance writer. Among his notable works, he has had a handful of comic book scripts published by DC, Comico, and Misc!MAYHEM.

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood is an employee of Skywalker Sound. He is more famous as the voice of General Grievous in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

  • Bernie Wrightson
    Bernie Wrightson is best known for co-creating Swamp Thing. He also illustrated Shelley's Frankenstein and collaborated with Stephen King (illustrating The Stand and Cycle of the Werewolf). He has worked on Spider-Man, Batman, The Punisher, and City of Others with Steve Niles. He has done film design for Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest, Spider-Man, and The Mist.

  • Janny Wurts
    Artist and author, Janny Wurts painted the covers to her 15 novels and story collections. Her works have been translated into 13 languages, and one of her paintings hangs in the Delaware Art Museum. She co-wrote the Empire trilogy with Raymond E. Feist.

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  • Derek Yaniger
    Derek Yaniger is a toothless hillbilly. Born in the backwoods of Arkansas, he was raised on little more than pork rinds and corn squeezin's. Derek still resides in the South, in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
    A professional writer for forty years, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has sold 85 books and more than 90 works of short fiction, essays, and reviews. She also composes serious music. She lives in her hometown of Berkeley, California with three autocratic cats. In 2003, the World Horror Association presented her with a Grand Master award; the International Horror Guild honored her as a Living Legend in 2006.

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Theatrical, Musical, & Radio Performances

Dragon*Con has had a long tradition of providing a wide variety of performances for the enjoyment of our attendees. Each year we host at least a dozen performances from bands, theatrical troops, Combat Demonstrations, and DJs.

Musical acts from the past have ranged from light pop (Apollo Smile) to Goth and world-music (The Cruxshadows, Voltaire, The Changelings) to the heavy (The Misfits, Godhead).

Theatrical troops like the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company and the Mighty Rassilon Art Players have taken to the stage with their own brands of SCIFI entertainment.

Swashbucklers like The Crossed Swords have provided sword play performances and combat demonstrations with Sci-Fi and Renaissance flare.

Some of the best local and national DJ's provided music to get your body moving in our late night DJ'd dances.

The items below show which of the names on this page are performers and what type of performance they fall under.

  •  Musical  - Musical Acts & Performances
  •  Theatrical  - Theatrical Performances
  •  Swashbucklers  - Combat Performances and Demonstrations
  •  DJ  - DJ Dances

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