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America's Universities Are Living a Diversity Lie

Black Warmongers and Pseudo-conservatives

Free speech still struggles to survive,
in Europe and in the USA

Commentary Archive

Remember Waco - Neither the Left nor the Right
defended these peaceful religious separatists

Immigration: Betrayal by Black Elites

Bob Barr: OK, scrap the Bill of Rights - Nobody's paying
attention and nobody cares anyway

Alienation as Self-Medication -- Review of John McWhorter's Winning the Race:
Beyond the Crisis in Black America,

by Elizabeth Wright

William S. Lind on "The Other": The multiculturalist French learn
a lesson in "diversity"

John Leo: Free Speech on the Run in the West
40 Years of Lies: Kay Hymowitz's excellent rendering of the
Moynihan Report, and what might have been

An on-the-money account of more "civil rights" extortion.
Walter Williams on freedom of association.
Remember that?

John McWhorter on the hip-hop plague
Mercer on illegal aliens, and the jobs blacks used to do
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Last words on Don Imus; Another stupid law in the making;
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Welcome to the online edition of Issues & Views. The hard copy edition of this newsletter was founded in 1985 by black Americans who advocate self-help and business enterprise and the protection of constitutional rights. It is a forum for dissidents, genuine conservatives, and plain old mavericks -- all those who are concerned about liberties lost, especially through the ongoing exploitation of race.

As Americans have learned over recent decades, there are endless, inventive ways in which cynical opportunists abuse the notion of "civil rights," and government capitulation to their demands has only emboldened them. This stark truth was never more clearly demonstrated than by the bureaucrats in charge of the country's education system, who flagrantly cast aside traditional academic goals, while substituting their own specious crusades.


The bad old days

Long before it was decided that America's former slaves were cripples in need of the state's largesse, black men proved their mettle. They developed capital, created banks, thousands of businesses, owned property worth millions of dollars, established schools, and uplifted communities. They did all this during the period now looked back on as "the worst of times."
Banking Pioneers S.B. Fuller Charles Smiley Philip Payton Charles Douglass

Should blacks join political parties?

Leaving the world of racial politics behind, blacks should pay attention to the meanings beneath the platitudes and propaganda.
more . . .

The overzealous integrationist court - Thomas dissents

The Pollyanna Supreme Court just can't mind its business.
more . . .

Never enough blacks

Although there appears to be an abundance of black faces on TV, in film, in commercials, and just about everywhere else in entertainment, the NAACP is still hard at work coercing and intimidating Hollywood's moguls to hire more.
more . . .

White Pride denied

The fears engendered during the 1960s-70s race riot crises, and years of multicultural indoctrination, has programmed the typical white to avoid anything that smacks of conscious endorsement of his own race.
more . . .

Besieged with P.C. from the left and right

Will conservatives continue the censorship practiced by the left, or have the past several decades taught an important lesson?
more . . .

Shaking down NASCAR

Another "urgent" need for blacks to intrude themselves into yet another white institution.
more . . .

Understanding "Hate Crime" Laws

There's more to them than meets the eye. Stop thinking "protection" for minorities and gays. These laws are the first move towards doing away with the First Amendment, in incremental steps. A proposed federal law would bring about greater government censorship. Should we repeat the mistakes of Europe and Canada? Here are links for more information.
more . . .

The Dutch wake up to a nightmare

Mass immigration rocks the Netherlands, and a naive people begin to face the facts of life.
more . . .

The insidious chilling of debate

Europe's atrocious abuses of civil liberties.
more . . .

Liberated from Jackson

After years of coercing millions of dollars from cowed corporate executives, Jesse Jackson is dealt a sobering blow.
more . . .

The rap/hip-hop contagion

The poisonous "culture" continues to spread.
more . . .

Jackie Mason versus the "gasbag"

The great comedian gets serious and takes on the mountebank Foxman.
more . . .

Not a penny, but a prison term for your thoughts

It is hard to believe that in the United States, of all places, lobbyists have succeeded in getting laws passed that punish citizens for the thoughts in their heads. Two legal writers challenge "hate crime" laws.
more . . .

FIRE fights to revive that fading First Amendment

From universities with peculiar "speech codes," to colleges where free speech is quarantined to certain parts of the campus, to administrative demands for political conformity, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education stays on top of it all. Over just a few years, FIRE has become an influential force in tearing down the barriers to free speech.
more . . .

The tables turned

Liberals, through their "speech codes" and "hate speech" mandates, have ushered in policies that now restrict advocacy from the left.
more . . .

Cross-burning and lies

Does an act of folly, that harms no one, deserve 10 years in prison?
The all-purpose smear The cross-burning decision A law for every distasteful thought Law as thought control

Failure as ennoblement

Subverted by their own elites, blacks turned away from pragmatically countering racism with economic initiatives. They chose, instead, to play the "victim" and remain sidetracked in an ideological swampland.
Keeping the Spotlight on Failure

Life in the overcriminalized society

When a law is inconsistent or capricious, how do you know if you've broken it?
Jailing the innocent There ought not to be a law

Controlling black dissent

The "Uncle Tom" smear still doing its job of shutting down dissent among blacks.
more . . .

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The issue before us today is not simply whether civil liberties should be curtailed, but whether executive officials should be given increased power without increased accountability. Institutions, and in particular government institutions, have inherent incentives to try to increase their authority while decreasing their accountability.

Power without accountability leads to arrogance and corruption, and these lead to errors of judgment. Government officials are agents of the people, and like all those who wield power on behalf of others, they have natural incentives to abuse their authority if there are not sufficient checks and monitoring devices.

When government officials act in secret, when they arrest individuals without disclosing their identities or hold them indefinitely and deny their right to an attorney or to judicial review, they make it easier to cover up their mistakes. And when government officials are utterly convinced of their rectitude and view others as mere hindrances to the pursuit of the nation's interests, they are more likely to succumb to the perils of groupthink, self-delusion, and hubris.

A government untethered from the checks and balances that individual rights and democracy provide may make serious errors of judgment that lead to more deaths and more human suffering, both for our own people and for people in other lands.

--Jack M. Balkin, Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment, Yale Univ., from The Truth About Our Institutions


The natural, free market way to help low income Americans is to increase their value by making them rarer commodities. How do you do this? You guessed it, by severely curtailing (a moratorium would be ideal) immigration. Do that and America becomes more of a worker's market, forcing businesses to offer more money to attract applicants.

-- Selwyn Duke, excerpt from "What Jobs Americans Won't Do?," NewsWithViews (4/3/06)


There are 8.3 million native-born workers 18 years of age or older working full-time who have not completed high school. In addition, there are 3.4 million adult native-born Americans who lack a high school education working part-time. There is a good deal of evidence that these workers are in direct competition with Mexican immigrants. ... In a comparison across cities, Cordelia Reimers found that the impact of immigration falls heaviest on African-American and white high school dropouts. Other research has come to a similar conclusion. Because immigration in general and Mexican immigration in particular increases the supply of high school dropouts, it should come as no surprise that it reduces wages for unskilled workers.

-- Excerpt from "Impact of Mexican Immigration on Wages and Prices in the United States," Center for Immigration Studies.

Right after the sixties' civil-rights victories came what I believe to be the greatest miscalculation in black American history. Others had oppressed us, but this was to be the first "fall" to come by our own hand. We allowed ourselves to see a greater power in America's liability for our oppression than we saw in ourselves. Thus, we were faithless with ourselves just when we had given ourselves reason to have such faith. We couldn't have made a worse mistake. We have not been the same since.

To go after America's liability we had to locate real transformative power outside ourselves. Worse, we had to see our fate as contingent on America's paying off that liability. We have been a contingent people ever since, arguing our weakness and white racism in order to ignite the engine of white liability. And this has mired us in a protest-group identity that mistrusts individualism because free individuals might jeopardize the group's effort to activate this [white] liability.

-- Shelby Steele, "The Age of White Guilt, and the Disappearance of the Black Individual," Harper's magazine, November 2002.

From the Biweekly Archive

# Even wrong ideas have a contribution to make, when they provoke open discussions and investigations that end up with our knowing and understanding more than we knew or understood before. What contribution has the enforced silence of censorship ever made?

-- Thomas Sowell

A scoundrel's refuge

"Emboldening the enemy" is a scoundrel's refuge that makes sacred the status quo, no matter how bad it may be. When there is no other rationale for a failed foreign policy, there is always the claim that changing policy will embolden our enemies. Since we can neither prove nor disprove that our enemies have been either emboldened or chastened, this argument is a political wonder-weapon, turning rational (and democratic) decision-making from a virtue into a vice.

-- Russell A. Burgos

# I once wrote that if reparations are paid to African-Americans, every cent of that money would be back in the hands of the white and Asian communities inside a week. I got called "Uncle Tom," I got called "Sambo," I got called "traitor," and everything else. A short time later, Louis Farrakhan comes to Baltimore and says the exact same thing, practically verbatim. He got a standing ovation. Go figure!

-- Gregory Kane, Baltimore Sun journalist

"The pursuit of integration has cost African-Americans too much," says Kenny Gamble. A well-known music composer and producer, and now a land developer, Gamble speaks of the thriving black communities where people once came to "enjoy black food, music and clubs." Reciting a fact acknowledged by so many regretful blacks before him, Gamble says, "We created a community for ourselves. That's the reason why I think the integration movement was not well-thought out, because you devastated the black community."

-- Doing it the old-fashioned way

An African's view of the film "Adanggaman":

After having seen the film, we would embarrass ourselves to ask for reparations. We've just seen how slavery was not caused only by white traders, but that it existed even before the arrival of the whites. The Negro kings, who enslaved other black people, made the bondage of their own sons possible in the New World. Who is it we can compensate today?

-- Some truth about slavery

Roman Wisdom:

Ever since we ventured beyond our native soil, crossed the water, set foot on many islands and continents, and filled the whole sea and the whole earth with our name and power, we have experienced nothing but ill fortune.

-- Maecenas, adviser to Augustus Caesar

Do we need leaders who, for decades, misled the black masses away from economic strategies into corrupting social programs, any more than we need a former U.S. President who, during his Presidency, publicly gloated that he looked forward to the day when other races in this country outnumber his own? What kind of leaders offer demoralization in place of uplift, or encourage self-annihilation?

Think. It's patriotic.

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