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In the far and distant past, the people searched for a place that they could gather with others of like mind.  A Place where they could discuss their dreams, their hopes, and most importantly, those innumerable things which they had in common.  Individuals all, they were quite aware of many of the differences that made them so.  What they sought was a place free from the every-day confrontations and denigration to which all have been subjected.

As a free people they had gathered together and formed an association to allow themselves and others to have a more courteous and open environment which might foster serious and light-hearted discussion on topics that might otherwise be termed as sensitive or confrontational.  These people networked together and the association slowly grew to encompass a world-wide community inter-connected by a growing group of BBSs.

And then came the internet.
Many abandoned this network to flirt with the new kid on the block, the internet.  And why not?  It promised more rapid communications and a broader range of discussion;  most importantly, toll calls need not be made.  Besides, they could still keep in touch with all their aquaintances by e-mail couldn't they?

A year or so found many of these people returning back to the network fashioned of old.  They found that they had missed the "homey-ness" and non-confrontational atmosphere.  Where the exchange of ideas, rather than an exchange of insults, was the norm.  The super-highway , they had found, was not quite the coffee-house they had supposed; so they took the off-ramp that they might tour the backroads, to find that one place and to return.  Return once again to thier First Home, their original Safe Haven.

If you, too, would like to sample a less confrontational communication stlye, if you would like to meet people who would be friends rather than just names on a mailling list; then may I suggest that you take the nearest off-ramp yourself?  See and experiance the more relaxed pace of a community of like minds - those who prefer to discuss what they are for, more so than what they are against.  While you are on the internet and reading this page, please take the time to follow one of the our links for further information about PodsNet.  You too may find PodsNet to be what you are looking for.  A place that may very well be; your First Home, your Safe Haven.

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