Loser of the Week (Week 10)

    POSTED BY Robert Reid, 05 November 2007


    Yes, Navy finally beat Notre Dame — after, what, 43 straight loses — but it’s hard to consider a triple-overtime win to the Water-splashing Irish much of a win these days. Not only did Navy have to endure a questionable potentially game-ending pass-interference call in overtime, but also the ridiculous CBS broadcast with audience feed on mute and sandpaper-dry Pat Haden putting in his take with all the gusto of a dentist describing his new stationary (not to mention the NFL-style TV ad before and after a kick-off). Flipping over to the Alabama/LSU game (even in the first quarter, with Lousiana State up quickly 17-3) you could feel the Tuscaloosa energy distorting your TV speakers. But Navy quarterback Kaipo-Noa Kakeaku-Enhada, who threw the winning two-point conversion, found enough in South Bend to get the win: "The crowd was pumped up, and when they get pumped up, we get pumped up, too." I'd like that gem on a laminated card.

    Navy won 46-44, and is 1-43 vs the Irish since 1963.

    The last three minutes.
    Louisiana State coach Les Miles saved a bit of his big-game reputation with 'Bama's freak-fumble and a couple TDs in the last three minutes versus a seriously outmatched Crimson Tide. A week ago, QB Matt Ryan of BC apparently saw his Heisman stock rise (before it fell this week) for 57 horrible minutes versus Virginia Tech, and three good minutes in the unlikely win. This week, Loser of the Week asks college football to play 57-minute games.


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