Eleanor Rigby
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Eleanor Rigby Statue in Stanley Street. The plaque behind Eleanor reads

"Eleanor Rigby
dedicated to
'All the lonely people.....'
This statue was sculptured and donated to the City of Liverpool
by Tommy Steele as a tribute to the Beatles.
The casting was sponsored by the Liverpool Echo.
December 1982"

The statue contains

a four leaf clover to represent nature,
a page of the Bible to represent spiritual things,
a football sock to represent leisure,
the childrens comics Beano and Dandy to represent comedy,
four sonnets to represent romance.

The name Eleanor is taken from that of the actress, Eleanor Bron.
A Bristol shop front supplied the 'Rigby' part of the name when Paul McCartney, now Sir Paul McCartney, saw it on a visit to that town. Here is another explaination.
Another view of the statue.