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More U1 buses for you on weekends

U1A Services call at ASDA, in the city centre.

Uni-link is pleased to announce that from 1st of October 2007 it will be operating more buses on the popular U1 route.

George Fair, Operations Manager for the Uni-link network said 'Passenger numbers on our services continue to rise. To meet this demand we have invested in extra vehicles on our busiest route; the U1 from Southampton Airport (Parkway) Station to central Southampton and the waterfront.In addition to our 15-20 minute frequency on weekdays,, on both Saturday and Sunday from 09:00, there will now be a bus every 20 minutes throughout the main part of the day and night in to the evening until 22:00. Full details can be found in our free timetables, which will be available on the buses as we approach 1st of October.'