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Global competence in logistics

On land, on sea or in the air

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DB Schenker combines all transport and logistic activities of Deutsche Bahn employing over 88,000 staff spread across about 2,000 locations in about 130 countries. With turnover of some 18 billion Euros, we are a leading company – both in Europe and worldwide.

DB Schenker is one of the leading globally integrated logistic service providers and has a leading goods transport rail network at its disposal. DB Schenker stands apart with its dense network of locations in the world’s most important economic regions, in air and sea transport, in European land transport, in contract logistics as well as in supply chain management. With this very special combination, we can provide quick and efficient solutions for the most varying of client requirements both with regard to trade and industry.

International markets grow together and outsourcing of complete service packages gains ground. As a result of such trends, not only does the requirement for transport increase, but also the demands placed upon partners. The liberalisation of European rail goods transport market has led to a rapid comeback, especially for transport providers.

DB Schenker is for many companies a strong partner*:

  • No. 1 in European rail freight
  • No. 1 in European land transport
  • No. 2 in global air freight
  • No. 3 in global sea freight
  • No. 3 in integrated heavyweight freight in North America
  • No. 6 in global contract logistics

With top positions in all important markets, DB Schenker offers a solid presence on the world market. Extensions to the portfolio, for example by integration of the  logistic company BAX Global and the formation of new strategic alliances, for instance with respect to cross-border rail goods-transport, DB is in a position to carry on pushing the boundaries.

*Source: Business Report 2007 and Market Ranking US Heavyweight "The Colography Group“

Last modified: 07/29/2008

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Relevant contact

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DB Mobility Logistics AG

Dr. Antje Lüssenhop

Spokesperson for Transportation and Logistics

Leipziger Platz 9

D-10117 Berlin

Tel.:  +49 30 297-54021
Fax:  +49 30 297-54029

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