Grow Your Own

Acclaimed British Writer Pairs With New Filmmaker to Make £2.5million Feature on Merseyside

Jobs and Unique Training Opportunities Provided for Local People
Feature film industry professionals and aspiring talent on Merseyside have been given a major boost as one of the UK’s leading screenwriters, Frank Cottrell Boyce, makes his latest production in the city.

’24 Hour Party People’ creator Frank, has paired with up-and-coming Merseyside filmmaker Carl Hunter and Warp Films to pen a charming story titled, ‘Grow Your Own’, which explores multi-ethnic tensions and friendships and working class territorialism on an allotment in Merseyside.

Supported by North West Vision through it’s Merseyside Film and TV Fund (MFTVF), the six week shoot (which commenced on the 14th August) is not only generating jobs for Merseyside based film professionals, but also creating unique opportunities for a select group of trainees from Merseyside based community group Art in Action.

Starring Benedict Wong, John Henshaw, Eddie Marsan, Pierce Quigley, Omid Djalili, Alan Williams and Philip Jackson ‘Grow Your Own’ (which is also supported by BBC Films and the UK Film Council) is an idea developed by Carl Hunter born out of his involvement with Art in Action and a number of refugees who have settled on Merseyside. The refugees had been given allotments as part of a Liverpool City Council scheme and Carl’s involvement led him to make an acclaimed series of short documentaries about their stories, entitled ‘Putting Down Roots’, which aired on Channel 4 in their 3-minute wonder slot.

Carl’s friend Frank Cottrell Boyce saw potential in the real-life stories and suggested they work the theme into a full-length feature. The script was developed and enthusiasm for the project grew as partners North West Vision, BBC Films and the UK Film Council joined forces to get the project off the ground.

Carl Hunter, Producer and Co-Writer said:

“Frank and I are overjoyed that after three years of development our pro refugee film has got off the ground. We have received fantastic support from North West Vision and are delighted that they are co-financing the film. We are also pleased that ‘Grow Your Own’ is setting a precedent in Liverpool by bringing a community arts group (Arts in Action) on board as co-producers and getting them to co-ordinate all the extra footage that will be used on the DVD.”

Download the full press release below:

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Grow Your Own